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josephine whitnall

does anybody know whatever became of Josephine ? she worked in the LEB offices in Lant St in the early 60s. I worked there wiring computer suite but was to shy to speak to her.

Tue May 15

any of you oldies remember living in Boyfield St. I lived at number 35 and walked to work at J Oakey, westminster Bdge rd, long time ago...1952 Now live in Oz

Thu Jan 13

Does anyone know a reliable Seamstress/Tailor


I'm looking for a local seamstress or tailor to do a little invisible mending and replace a zip on a dress.

If anyone could recommend one I'd be very grateful.

Please post here or let me know on

Sun Jun 14

Life Drawing in Borough

60 yards from Tower Bridge station there is a place where you can Draw, Draw and draw for about £5 a head for 3 hours. As long as I bring a few friends sometime and nothing else because we share the cost. Yesterday the model was a formidable Brazilian curvy and flexible model, the music was so relaxing, tony was so attentive and helpful, people so friendly, poses amazing and beer on the tap, I simply wonder if It wasn't a dream. Today I went to meetup.com/lifedrawingsociety and it wasn't they do it everywhere in London in absolutely perfect locations.

I had to let you know, let's bring our pencils and change the world to a better one.

Mon Jan 19

Freedomtrust Childcare service ltd

Freedomtrust childcare provide quality, enjoyable and affordable childcare services for children, families and schools. We have qualified and experienced childcare practitioners who provide the following services:






We promote positive development for all children and a supportng hand for parents and nurseries.

Call now for bookings/enquires on ********0

Tue Dec 09


We need a spacious flat/house on the 7th, 8th and 9th of November 2008. It can be a loft, a warehouse or a spacious flat. It doesn’t need more than one bedroom, but the open space or the living room should be spacious.

Due to low budget we are only able to offer £100 for the the three days and a copy of the film once completed.

If interested, get in touch for further information.

Wed Sep 17

Hollies childrens home reunion

The Hollies childrens home are holding a reunion in sidcup on 13th sept please contact Martin

Thu Aug 21

South East London Folklore Society

South East London Folklore Society

The Old King's Head

King's Head Yar

45-49 Borough High Street




Folklore, magic & forteana lectures start at 8 pm on every second Thursday of the month. Admission fees apply.

Wed Aug 20

South East London Folklore Society

South East London Folklore Society

meet every second Thursday of the month at

The Old King's Head public house

Kings Head Yard

45-49 Borough High Street




Talks start at 8 pm. Admission £2-50. All welcome.


Thu May 15

Secured/gated underground parking to let

I have a secure allocated underground parking available to rent in a newer development. Operated with a fob. This is within 5minutes walking distance from Borough tube station. If you require to rent this contact me

Sun Feb 10

Fri Nov 09

tooting, sajnas.£2-3 eyebrow threading.

Sun Oct 21

living in Borough

Borough is great, i'm a female and have never felt threatened. I live in Lant Street (since March 07) and previously near the tate modern for 5 years, I have never had a problem.

caryn (Except that our bikes have been knicked twice now!)

Fri Oct 12

Feng Sushi not that great...

A rip off price wise, not very authentic, definitely been to far better japanese restaurants in London and of course Japan!

Wed Sep 19


Riots by sad case Milwall supporters, theft is quite prominent too, but other than that, we love it.

Wed Sep 19

cornwall 2 london house exchange

hi there, i have a a small 2 bed ha house in penryn cornwall , i am looking for a mutual exchange to london . i need a 2 bedroom property house or flat is fine . no large estates. if anyone is interested please email me at

Tue Aug 07


is a great place. It's extremley central and is so close to everything. I dont live there but i work in Eelphant and Castle ( live near Angel) but i socilise after work and have friends that live nearby.

If would have no hesitation about buying or renting near Borogh. The loal authorty, LB Sothwark is spending millions on regenerating the E&C including parts of Borough. But like any part of London you just need to have your wits about you and be careful.

Thu Jul 12

absolutely safe

I moved to a flat on Long Lane 2 months ago and feel just as safe as i did in a leafy bit of north london. more police walking around and people walking to/from work until late in the evening so you're never on your own. Enjoy living there - i'm loving it so far.

Tue May 08

Meeting room for nature group


We are a not-for-profit environmental, nature and lifestyle (not activist, illegal or anything like that!!!) and looking for a meeting room (once or twice a month) for 5-15 people anywhere in Central London.

We cannot pay rent as we don't have membership fees, will provide references and are 100% honest, reliable and tidy. Please

Sun Apr 01

Mon Feb 19


The best person to go for eyebrow threading is neha her saloon is in knightsbridge london .


Wed Feb 07

recommended decorator/handyman

I am pleased to recommend the very professional and friendly team at initial interiors.they totally transformed my 3 bed house with minimal fuss and disruption. the no is ********3.

Tue Feb 06

City worker seeking one bed flat in Borough

City worker seeking one bed flat to rent in Borough for region of £500-550 pcm if anyone knows of anything or has a flat please

Fri Jan 26

blockbuster video ...walworth road or pinkies tower bridge road

Sat Oct 07

dr mizra borough medical center borough high street ( near police station)

Sat Oct 07

you could try lynn boxing club (burgess park) on the bus route through to peckham ...or alternatively you could try fisher downside near tower bridge

Sat Oct 07

safe living

Borough is one of the few place that I see young female walking around on thier own on a night time. I live near the tube station. I hope you will be safe. If you are looking to boarden your socail life plaese contact me.

Fri Jul 21

Is Borough safe?

Hi I am thinking of moving to Borough soon close to the tube station. Is it safe to walk around this area at night? Any other pointers good or bad about living in this area? (Lant street in particular). Cheers.

Mon Jul 10

Wu Shu Kwan In or around Borough

Looking 4 a Wu Shu Kwan class week time preferably

anyone know of any if u could email me please!!

Fri Feb 10

hi, anyone knows about any gym arround harlesden

Sat Jan 21

eyebrow waxing

does anyone know of a place i can get my eyebrows waxed in west croydon. thanks

Sun Dec 18

Tue Nov 22

Princess St is great

But they have a very small catchment area. However,they will be able to give you a list of doctors if they will not be able to accept you.

Mon Oct 10


Hi does, anyone know of a decent gym that's not too expensive in the Hackey area.....???

Wed Sep 21

gym in Bermondsey

Hi - Anyone know of a gym that allows circuit training in Bermondsey and is not too dodge or expensive?



Wed Aug 10


the borough is great i was born in guy's and lived in that area for most of my life it is an area that is so full of life. it has history, nite life, great food, great people what more could you ask for. i come back most weekends as all my family still live there. one of the only areas left in london that still knows what community means.

Mon Jul 11

Fri Jul 08

Only bin here a month

....but have to agree with Peter. So far I have discovered Borough Market, the dried fruit and choccy things in London Bridge Station, walked a million hot miles from bridge to bridge, but have still to find new friends. I love this London Forum, but, does anyone answer anyone? Remember, nation shall speak unto nation! Jacqui.

Mon Jun 27


I am aslo looking for a team in southwark/borough...i am looking 5 a side...nothing too serious.... email me if you hear anything.....

Wed Jun 01

Living in Borough

Great for students, near good night life & night buses, good transport (Borough & London Bridge), close to supermarkets (Old Kent Road & Elephant and Castle). Near King's College, LSE & Southbank unis.

Wed Jun 01

fitness club/gym

is there any borough gym near South Kensington tube station?

Tue May 24

Borough train st is packed during the weekday stay away if you can dont forget its the next stop to elephant and castle and london bridge

Fri Apr 01

yes - if you are able to register (ie in the right postcode) the Princess St Group Practice on Princess st at the Elephant is second to none. They have a lot of services offered and the staff are v.helpful

Mon Jan 24

Princes Street

Group Practice in Princes Street near to Elephant and Castle - < 10 min walk from Borough tube - friendly staff, I have always been seen immediately by a doctor the 5 or so times i have been.

Tue Dec 07


Hi - does anyone know a good doctor around SE1? Thanks

Fri Sep 17


Does anyone know where I can get threading (not waxing!) done at a decent price?

Wed Sep 08

La Cave

Very good indeed.

Mon Aug 02


Excellent Modern Banglashi restaurant directly under Borough Market. Small & well cooked menu - much better than a bog standard Indian restaurant

Fri Jul 23

try the library

which is very close to borough tube.

average selection of dvds and video tapes available.

alternatively if you do have dvd player and rent over 6 movies per month try the new webbased service called lovefilm.com

Mon Jun 14


Is there a good gym near to Borough Tube? I know of Fitness First and Fitness Exchange up nr London Bridge but am looking for something closer to the tube station - pref near Gt Dover St. Tks!

Wed May 26

Can anyone tell me where the closest video store is to Borough High Street?

Tue May 18


Incredibally close and conveniant to the city and central London but still very local feeling. Greatest place in the world IMHO.

Wed Mar 24

Falmouth Road Practice

Weird opening times and as are most NHS practices in London full of completely batty, incredibally rude and down right scary receptionists. But v. v. good doctors and nice converted wigwam hut feel.

Wed Mar 24

Fitness First

Is just up the street to the station. Or if you've got a bit more to spend, a 5 min walk will talk you to City Cannons just across Blackfriars Bridge. £80 a month will get three pools, sauna, steam room, free towels, and a very attractive converted warehouse interior to sweat away in. Watch your valuables though the staff have been know to have itchy fingers. (So keep those iPods in visible distance, and always lock your locker).

Wed Mar 24

Sainsburys Local

Use to be a problem this until end of 2003 when the good old Orange's converted an office block into a very well stocked supermarket. More humous than scrambeled egg, and far more tagiatelli than bubble and squeak, but hey. I noticed people tend to go here particularly during heat waves because they've got the best publically accessible air conditioning on the street (Borough High Street that is just after the Blue Maid).

Wed Mar 24

Nope. Neartest is in Bermondsey

Hope on the Jubilee line and get out at Bermondsey. 5 min walk down MD Dental. V. good dentist. Extremmly well equipped.

Wed Mar 24

The Wheatsheaf

… on Stoney St. Full of yocal farmers from the market!

Wed Mar 24

Just right

Not too posh like some places up North, not too scummy like some places down South. Not too artsy like Hoxton, but plenty of culture. Specifics include: Menier Theatre, The Wheatsheaf, The George, The Globe, The Market Porter, Neal's Yard, Monmouth Coffee and a fantastic new French place near Southwark Cathedral… anyone prompt me on the name? (And of course the Borough Market… heaving on Saturdays but paradise on Fridays)

Wed Mar 24

Feng Shushi

Fish so fresh you could slap em! (And they're not paying me to say it)

Wed Mar 24

It depends which direction you are traveling in. Northbound - quite busy, can be packed. Southbound - generally quiet. Can get a seat most of the time.

Sun Mar 07

Ive never had problems with Southwark Cars

I use them every day sometimes twice a day and they are always on time and courteous. 0207 394 0000

Thu Feb 05

Borough Market

Tue Feb 04

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