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Looking for IAN

I realise this is a long shot but I am looking for a chap called Ian.

I have very little information to go on, his surname may have been Dean, Deans, Deene, or something like that1n 1966/ 67 I know he lived in Balham and that his dad was a policeman. The only other information I have is that Ian and some of his friends went on holiday to Ostend in either 1966 or 67 when he would have been eighteen or nineteen approximately.

Any information, lues etc., would be most gratefully received.

Thanks, Roger

Thu Nov 21


Hi my name is Gloria and Stanley is my dad. Mum and Dad Sheila and Stan emigrated to California in 1980 and are now living in Texas close to my sister. Aunt Edie lives in Stretham unfortunately Ted is in a care home, suffering with dementia. Alfie and Barbara have both passed and I am not sure about Dickie, he was at Alfies funeral but have not heard of him since. Will be meeting with Edie tomorrow as Mum and Dad are over on a visit.I will take my tablet and show them this site x

Thu Aug 22

Kendalls number 46

Hi my name is Gloria. Father lived in 46 Zennor Road

With his mother and father and brothers and sisters, we were young we lived with the smiths at number 50 My. Dad is Stanley an my mother is Sheila Kendall. They now live in the USA along with my sister Carol , myself and youngest sister are still in England.

Thu Aug 15

Wh ere?

Sat Mar 09

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Tue Sep 12

Hi I lived at 58 midmoor 1940-1964 I remember a mr Streeter also a couple named Wakelin he was ex navy. my dad was a postman .Regards Alan

Thu Jan 19

Hi I have drawn up a "bomb " map of the area of Balham where I lived 1940-1964 centerd on Midmoor road most bombs fell in 1942 and several V1 Flying bombs mid 1945

Regards Alan

Thu Jan 19



Just read what you had to say about Balham.

Firstly, I have lived in North, South, East and West London. I can honestly say that in each part you get different types of people. South London has always been not a good place to live for many reasons.

If you want to move somewhere nice that has never changed, you can leave your front door open accidentially and your house will be safe, forget to lock your BMW when you wake up in the morning it will still be there not vandalised.

You ask yourselfl where is there a place like this in London, it is a little piece of heaven tucked away, a place where you move and stay forever. It is called WOODSIDE PARK (NOT THE NORTH FINCHLEY SIDE) go to Sussex Ring, carry on up Lullington Garth and you will see all countryside around you, YOU WILL BE AMAZED.

Go and see for yourself.

Sat Dec 10

Streeter Midmoor Road

Hi my Nan's maiden name was Patricia Streeter, her married name is Knight and she has lived at number 42 for many years and lived elsewhere in midmmor road before that She told me her father used to collect the rents for the housing association. I am looking to find out more about the family history please get in touch andywakelin at hotmail . com

Thu Dec 01

Balham is an overrated dump

I lived in Balham for 9 months after living in Sydney. I was told it is 'up and coming' and 'trendy'. I absolutely hated my time there, the high street is basically 4 lanes of heavy traffic constantly with diesel buses pumping out pollution and motorbikes speeding, the pavements are never cleaned by the council and are disgusting, don't walk under the bridge by the station if you don't want to step in vomit or other bodily fluids. You can't get onto the northern line in the morning in rush hour, many times I turned up and would watch 5 or 6 trains go past jam packed. There is absolutely no sense of community there at all. I moved to Richmond and am much happier. Am paying the same rent for a much nicer place!

Sat Nov 26

Low rent wanted in exchange with night babysitting OR tutoring

Hi i am a mature, very serious, very quiet, professional female working as a teaching assistant and a French and Spanish teacher in a primary school looking for a self contained or ensuite double or single room in a family home. I can offer night babysitting OR tutoring in exchange with low rent in Clapham,Balham, Wandsworth, Tooting area

Mon Aug 22

Does Jumbo remember playing centre half ,team all from Zennor Road for Balham Argyle made up mainly of the Jones, Razzells

Tue Jan 19

Zennor Road is now a trading estate and has been for many years

Tue Jan 19

Zennor Road is now a trading estate and has been for many years

Tue Jan 19

corby family

I lived in the Corby household,at the time there was Mr,Mrs,Cathy,Lenny,Daphne, me Albie Pinnock

Mon Jan 04

Sun Sep 27

Hello! Who are you? Lemme was my grandmother and till reeks was my step_ grandfather! ; 'little johnny'.... Lemme s son was my dad! Sadly he passed away 16 and1/2 years ago. Jackie Gray nee Wilson x

Sun Sep 27

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Thu Jun 18

Hi vic

Reg lives in lreland with his wife donot know about dinky , and bobby past away 23th 12 14 in spain .this is bobby sister lily

Sat May 09

my name is lily Wood (Richardson )

Lived in zenner rd for years and my family lived there till it was all pulled down, but the best times was before the war , we lived in 3 potterton

buildings but grow up with the flo , rosie flowers the stockers

, edie knight

Sat May 09

my name is lily Wood (Richardson )

Lived in zenner rd for years and my family lived there till it was all pulled down, but the best times was before the war , we lived in 3 potterton

buildings but grow up with the flo , rosie flowers the stockers

, edie knight

Sat May 09

Bomber Newton

Hi I lived at number 1 and my nan further up near Florrie and Bomber. My name was Sharon Close and my nan and granddad Elise and Jack Finch. I have really fond memories and miss my Zennor Road Days. We should have a reunion of those left and the families to celebrate our wonderful history

Sat May 02


whot seems to be the problem here its been in balham for over a hundred years now its all a round stretham now

Wed Apr 08

HiYa Chris

Only just reached your message. The 211 was a club. It is now the Polish White Eagle Club at 211 Balham High Road. It was a meeting place for 'characters'. Feel free to contact me:-

Fri Nov 28


Would you have the address or phone number of Sydney Flowers (Oldfield) were great mates, trying to find him.

Tue Nov 18

My name is Ray Pearcey I was born in 1937 and lived at 44 Zennor Road next door to the Kendalls. Alf and Edith. They had five children Stanley, Dickie, Eddie, Barbara and Alfie. I know Eddie married a Smith (think he was a taxi driver) When Zennor Road was pulled down think they were rehoused in Brixton near Lyme Road, or a road near the windmill. Tried to find them in the past but without success.

Ray Pearcey email

Tue Aug 19

Hi Ronnie it's les Roffey from balham how are you mate

Sun Aug 10

hi Iam doug thwaites I lived in zennor rd until 1956 I knew joan mary georgie there was a younger girl I cant think of her name also their mum who we called aunt Gertie Ilost touch with them when I emigrated to Australia last I heard Georgie lived inStreatham Rosie in Rose Hill Joanwas going back to America as for Mary Ihave no Idea Iwould like to get into touch with any one who lived there the whole street was rehoused in the mid 70s

Sun Feb 23

Collers Zennor Road

Hi David, I have been researching my family tree and it would seem that your mother and my father, Robert William Coller were brother and sister, both born Zennor Rd Balham. I am one of seven Children Four boys and three girls. I have tried e-mailing you but it seems your addy is not working. Hoping this finds you, regards Chrys.

Fri Jan 24


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My name is Evie. Please contact me by text on 0787 1440 394 or email

Tue Jan 21


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Mon Jan 20

1-3 bedroom house needed urgently

We are looking for 1-3 bedroom house.

This is a clean and friendly family of 3 (no small children) and we want to rent a house, if possible with garden from private landlord.

We are professional, no dss.

The best option would be moving early to mid november, so this is urgent.

Our budget is £1000-£1200 monthly.

Please call me on ********5 to talk about details.

Sun Oct 27

seen your advert i live in watford and was in the same position as you when i wanted some work done around the house and didnt want to get ripped off there is a site called my builder.com all the diff trade persons are recommended by members of the public who have had work done by diff trades people you just pick out what trade person you want tell them what you want and how much you will get a list of trade people offering to do what ever and how much also all the trade people registered with the site have ratings so you can judge for your self who you want to do the work

Wed Oct 23

I remember Johnny and I think Bobby Wilson. I am not sure but I think Mrs Wilson either married or had a partner named Reeks or Rix. He had a daughter named Rennie who I believed married and American soldier and went to live in America. It was believed that Johnny was the idea behind a character in a TV series called "Citizen Smith" which was written by Johnny Sullivan ( of FOOLS AND HORSES fame) who lived in Zennor Road and whose aunt, the Parkers lived next door to the Wilsons

Wed Oct 23

My name is Ray Pearcey and I lived at 44 Zennor Rd and remember Tommy and his brother Bobby well I think at times we even played together. I seem to recall that Tommy had been living in the West Country at the early part of his life ( not sure if he was not evacuated). I used to run errands, mainly to Knights corner shop for his mother. She was a very striking lady always smart and used to wear her hair in a large open hair net. They lived next door to the Fisk on their right and Ada Taylor and her brother Jackie who was a window cleaner on the left. Next to them were the Kendels and their five children then me and my mother and father who was a coalman and kids used to play on his coal lorry. Had a feeling that the boys were friendly to the three Young boys, Tommy, Roy and the. other whose name I have forgotten I moved to Catford when I got married and am 76 years old

Sat Oct 19


Hi I can come to your house and do ironing for you every week or whenever you will need.

I live at Clapham north and do ironing people around this area. I am very reliable and easy going.

My name is Evie.

Pls email me on

Sat Aug 17


Hi I can do ironing for you on weekly basis or whenever you would need it.

I do ironing for people around south London area.

Looking forward to hear from you.


pls text me on 0787 1440 394

Tue Jul 30

Hi device, this is your auntie Cynthia. How you doing? I take it your talking about lemme and till! Good people. Hope your keeping well, all well here. I will tell Jo I've "posted you".

Fri Jul 19

Pilates in Earlsfield

Hi, I teach one-on-one Pilates in Earlsfield if you are still looking for a teacher. I trained with the Pilates Foundation, and have 6 years experience. You can find more about me at www.earlsfieldpilates.co.uk

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Tue Jun 18

Lesley are u related to Daphne or Cathy Corby from Zennor Road?

Sun Jun 02

Hi was just wondering if anybody remembers Daphne and Cathy Corby (Lennys sisters) who lived in Zennor Road, if so does anybody know where Daphne is now.

Sat Jun 01

I must move by Sat 11th

Does anyone know of a good and cheap removal van, from Tooting to Balham.


Wed May 08

zennor rd

Bobby Richardson lives in Spain

Fri May 03

hello david my name carol iam one of bomber forrie daughter

Wed May 01


looking for vespas to restore any condition ********4

Thu Apr 25

hello i use to be friends with your sister was it susan my name carol newton

Sat Apr 06

hello donald i remeber you aunit dollys son use to see you at nanny lous in mitcham

Sat Apr 06

i live right faceing john my mum new his mum and dad my brothers would go to shop for john to get his fags and my uncle was alfie flowers who was in only folls horses

Sat Apr 06

i live right faceing john my mum new his mum and dad my brothers would go to shop for john to get his fags and my uncle was alfie flowers who was in only folls horses

Sat Apr 06

your uncle lennie was a good friend to my mum and dad bomber and flo

Sat Apr 06

ive just got on here seen this i am one one bomber daughters my name carol

Sat Apr 06

Looking for a cleaner


My names Kate from Teddle.com and we are looking for more South London cleaners to join us. We are not an agency we are a site where the customer can find and book an independent cleaner in their area. Take a look at the website www.teddle.com

We are holding interviews today at 3.30pm can you make it?

Ring me if you can or text me your email address and I will send you the details of what to bring etc,


Hope to hear from you,



Wed Feb 27

Zennor RD Balham

My partner is Tom Smith who lived in Zennor rd from 1938 onwards he had a brother Bobby and two sisters (June and Linda who are sadly no longer with us.He is now 74 yrs old and would love to hear from anyone who remembers him - please reply to my e mail address as he is a bit of a technophobe, thanks

Sun Feb 24

brixton school of building

hi trying to trace terry taylor who went to brixton sch of building in the 1950s

Fri Feb 01

Hello, Are you Lenny Corby's sister? I am Tony Finch who lived at number 25 Zennor Road. I used to knock about with Lenny when I was at school. I went the Henry Cavendish Road School and later at Telferscot School. Those were days!

Sun Jan 27

Was your Aunt Cathy married to Alan Higgs , he had two brothers , one named Harry ? If so I worked with your Uncle Lenny and the all the Higgs brothers at one time or another.

Tue Dec 04


Can anyone remember a row of houses built about 1900? They were built by my great grandfather called CUMMINGS. My dad was living at number 112 during WW2 and I know that his nan lived two doors away. My dads mum was called Emily Cummings and she married an Irishman called James Murray. The houses are still there. I know that this a very long shot and whoever would know would be in their late 80's!

i would really love any help.

Fri Nov 02

I many good friend

Mon Oct 22

This is Jean Close (Finch) Lived at 25 Zennor contact

Mon Oct 22

Need a plumber, electrician or handyman?

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Tue Oct 16

Book Club

I am looking for a book club that meets on a weekday evening. I am female and am looking to find a club to discuss books (obviously) also to chat and socialise.

Wed Oct 10

Running Partner

I am a female living adjacent to Tooting Common and am interested in trying to find one or more running partners. I am a very slow runner though (50 minutes to run 5k) so I would understand if that is too slow for you. Please contact me if you are interested. I am looking to run mornings before work or evenings and at the weekend.

Wed Oct 10


I lived in Zennor RD in the 60s 70s,and like any news from the old days

Tue Oct 09


Hi joan, how are you? Just seen the Zennor RD people looking for family and old friends. I am Tony Close, Jean Finch is my wife, Elsie is ok, as we all are.Contact us for your news and ours

Tue Oct 09

like to keep in touch.

all my familylived at 23 zennor rd and my cousins lived at 25zennorrd my name is Joan finch any one who lived there and knew us please email me

Tue Oct 09



Fri Oct 05



Fri Oct 05

Balham plumber

You could try Jason parchment ( Ecoheat plumbing)


Thu Oct 04

Balham plumber

Yes you could try Jason parchment. (Ecoheat plumbing) ********4.

Thu Oct 04

Zennor Road has been a huge and very happy part in my family for nearly 100 years. My grandmothers side living at No 29 and my grandfathers side living at No 10.

Mon Aug 27


Hi guys, my boyfriend Phil & I are looking for 2 people to rent with us in Balham. Gorgeous 4 bedroom flat split on 2 levels. 2x double rooms for rent, £600 each (bargain!) Or a couple can rent both rooms and use one as a bedroom, the other as a spare room/office space/lounge. There is a large communal kitchen/living room/dining room area. 2 bathrooms. You gotta see it! Get in touch if you're interested... avil 7 Sept 2012. Many thanks! x

Tue Jul 17

Tue Jul 10

I have seen your e-mail I am probably your aunt, Michaels wife Brenda

Fri Jul 06

My grandfather was called Michael neville and lived in balham until his death around 1956. Originally from Ireland is this who you are looking for. Had 4 children?

Tue Jul 03

this must mean you are my half brother or sister, please get in touch.

Thu Jun 21


I don't know if you will remember me and the family Ronnie. We used to live at no 2 Zennor road, i am Jackie, and i am the daughter of Brenda Mitchell. Her parents actually lived in the house and they were Hilda and Charlie Mitchell. You would surely remember my aunty Ruby,and nanny Hilda as she was always standing out the front of the house.

Mon Jun 18

hi i am David Richardson we lived at 13 Zennor road.George Finch was my best man at my wedding on October 27 1957. my parents were Lilly and Charle we lived with the Knights. my email is

Wed May 30

hiya leslie my name is vic jones ask pauline if she remembers me we used live above your i am sorry to hear that young lenny passed on if you email add let me know and i wll send a couple snap all all the best vcic

Wed May 09

Midmoor road

Wed May 02

Professional Dog Walker - Balham and Clapham

I am a professional dog walker. My clients are in and around the Balham and Clapham areas.

I am reliable and friendly.

Many thanks



Mon Apr 30


Doug Thwaites.Is my cousin .WEe lived at 23Zennor rd my other cousins next door 25 zennor Elsie nad Jack Finch My dad was George finch and Gert Finch.I am Joan Finch 76yrs now live in usa cailf.would like to get in touch with people from there .

Fri Mar 30


we lived at 23Zennor the Finches also my cousins elsie and je


n Finch would love to email people from there.

Mon Mar 19

There's no such place as Clapham South - it's a tube station. SW12 is Balham.

Mon Mar 12

I'd love to find a group running 1/2 early morns or Eves half hour plus ish. Do you know if this group is still running


Tue Feb 21

jones_albert@sky .co.uk

hiya my name is vic jones and I tried to get onto fb page as regards zennor road but to no avail as i woul like to hear from anyone who lived in zennor road from 1935 to 1956

Thu Feb 16


I have created a FB page for anyone who lived on ZENNOR RD. Please join so we who lived on the road can reconnect. Page name - ZENNOR RD BALHAM

Thu Feb 09

Zennor Rd

I lived at 10 Zennor road, my name was Lesley Corby. Lived with my Nanny, Pauline, 91 living in Shropshire now, and Grandad Lenny, passed away in 71, Corby. My mom was Janet, passed in 94, aunt Daphne, aunt Kathy, passed in 05 and uncle Lenny, passed last year. I remember Mr Tony, didn't he have a monkey and some times have Your free ice cream? I live in America now, Doug you can e-mail me address below. I can ask Daphne if she remembers your friends.

Thu Feb 09

Hi brenda..I remember you i am Susan Stocker we lived at 43 and my nan and aunts lived at 65..Its great to see names i remember..I believe you still have contact with my cousin Debbie (Wilson)////

Thu Feb 02

Did anyone know Molly Allen????

Hello, I've been on this site once before to see if anyone might know of my mother's family in the war years, her maiden name was Allen, she died when I was 15yrs, so really I didn't get much chance to know her or to hear much about her past.

I know she went through the blitz as she once told me she had been bombed out, she also told me about a bomb blowing a great hole in the road where a bus fell in. her name was Molly and it would be great to find someone who may have known her or her family.

If she was still alive she would be 90 yrs old this year.

I know absolutely nothing about her family in Balham and now at the age of 58 I would like to know more about her instead of it being a blank.....Can anyone help?? It would be great if someone could.

My name is Ian Birch and my email address

Sun Dec 25

Tommy Mac senior

Hello Vic, sadly TMC passed a few years ago. His younger brother Paddy also passed .


Mon Dec 12

Fond memories of Zennor

Hello, you must be Ronnie Flowers. We lived opposite you in Zennor at number 35. My nan and grandad were John and Hilda Sullivan and their daughter Maureen was my mum (she died in 2000). Their son was John Sullivan (my uncle) who wrote Only Fools and Horses. He too sadly died back in April. You may vaguely remember me, sometimes I used to play football in the street with Bobby Butler and some of the kids. I'm 52 now and I think you may be a bit older than me by a couple of years? I remember Gothic Lodge, my grandad used to go there a lot. Yes, very happy days indeed. Can't find any photos of Zennor though, and in those days we couldn't afford cameras, so all the memories are in my head. All the best, Tracy

Wed Nov 23

The Salton & Telferscott Road

Does anyone remember Ron and Joan Wales

we lived on Telferscott, I went to Richard Atkins,

My Mum and Dad always went to the Salton with

my Nan, or the Hand in Hand. I remember

dancing at the La Carno ... I loved living in

Balham in the 60's. We always played on Tooting Beck


Wed Nov 23

i worked with your dad in his scrapyard i oldridge rd

i went to shool opposite..im 72 now..ken parsons

Mon Nov 21

Jumbo Parsons

Hi, I knew Jumbo some time ago when he used to visit Scunthorpe, had many a good drink with him in the maple leaf. I would be interested in getting in touch with him. Wondering if you could send him my best or let me have a contact number for him,

Tue Nov 15

Hi We used to live at 23 Zennor rd Finch and wonder what happend to Irene ashford and Kath Sparp and joyce Aldridge .

Thu Nov 03

Balham is not a dump

One would wonder where you live, to assume that Balham is a dump. Starbucks, Waitrose, Cafe Nero and Foxton's Estate Agents, do not locate to areas in which you refer to as "dumps".

Good schools, transport links and a vibrant night life in zone makes this a good choice if you have up to £300k to spend on a 1 bed flat.

Mon Oct 31

Looking to join 1 or more fellow beginner runners in Balham/Tooting...

I'm really keen to get running regularly, locally. I am in Tooting Broadway, so the Tooting Common is perfect for me. I'm Anna, 32, kiwi, beginner runner - on-and-off for 1-2 years, but never fully committed and stuck with it! I run slowly, and though I'm way out of routine now, can generally comfortably run 5km at a slow pace or 30 mins. I would love to have a reason to drag my sorry arse out of bed at 6am on weekdays, but my gosh it's tough without fellow motivation. The times I've been running in morns I've loved it, its just that initially move. So...ideally I'd be running at 6am 2-3 weekday morns pw for 30 minutes, and/or potentially 1-3 weeknights and weekends. Days like today would be lovely to run with company...sunny, cool, fresh. Any takers? Anna **** 990 461 or email:

Sun Oct 16

kipper newton

my grandad is kipper,newton bomber's brother r.i.p

my name is mark....

Thu Oct 13

hi there i am the grand-daughter of man called arthur george smith but also went by the name tom, he was married to irene violet smith my name and they use to live in zennor road in 1950 or 6os. does anyone remember them, if u have any information plz get back to me by calling ********7

Sat Sep 03

zennor road

Hi my name is Vic Jones and I am wondering if there is anyone still living who can remember zennor road in the years 1938 to1956

Fri Aug 19

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