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why is a new posting showing for Deptford ? It's blocking the original postings, surely someone in your company must be monitoring the sites. please correct it otherwise it is a waste of my time to keep logging on to your site.

Mon Aug 11


where has the Deptford postings gone again?

Sun Aug 10


the Deptford page keeps coming up blank suggesting

that we start a new forum, those who like to keep in touch

lose interest when every time they log in they get a blank

page and cannot get to the original postings

Fri Aug 08

This Forum needs an overhaul

How active is this forum? Are these ad actually genuine anymore, this used to be a great forum to meet new people etc.... but now standards have slipped.

Is this Forum even monitored anymore??

Mon Feb 10


I could offer baby sitting, cooking, translating or photography in exchange for housework + ironing. Central London.

Thu Jul 18

Craft Meeting

A good crafting group once a week or month get together to share a few hours and enjoying a craft and Tea.

Sat Jul 13

New friends 60 up

This age group would not only benefit those still working but also retired men and women too.

Sat Jun 22

Sports: Basketball

There is football, dance... why not basketball which is also a common sport.

Thu May 09


Hey guys,

Streetlife is a great local social networking website that connects people who live locally online. You can talk about local issues important to you, give, share skills or belongings with your neighbours, and get trusted recommendations of local businesses. Definitely worth a look at!

Fri Apr 19


Hey guys,

Streetlife is a great local social networking website that connects people who live locally online. You can talk about local issues important to you, give, share skills or belongings with your neighbours, and get trusted recommendations of local businesses. Definitely worth a look at!

Fri Apr 19

Julian - Movethat.com

Can't suggest a new form - just about everything seems to be well covered. However having difficulty posting regular blogs onto a site I have been using for over a year now. Non offensive, not advertising products or anything else, just general chat among regular friends, but can't post!

This occasionally happens to most of us, but never for so long -WHY??? HELP!

Mon Dec 24

Ask a London Question

Someone knows the answer?

Will they or won't they give an answer?

Mon Sep 10

Disabled (Less-Abled) London

A site to help improve London's access: Door width's, ramps etc.

Site locations for Sports and Social with decent access and transport links.

Mon Sep 10

a anime forum!!!XD or new people in london

theres nothig here about anime ...or people who are new in london :D

Tue Jun 19

Year please

I agree about putting the year on the posting - make it much easier to follow a thread.

Wed May 23

Hi, are any of the suggestions noted by admin?

I especially agree with adding the year alongside the date that posts are put up, can get abit confusing if no-one posts to a section after a yr and you guess it might have been posted recently.

I would suggest a depression forum for people experiencing depression to reach out to eachother as I've noticed afew ppl that feel isolated posting in the confessions section..,

maybe a weight-loss/gym buddy forum so individuals could team up to exercise and support eachother,

plus size forum for ladies size 16+

Would also be an idea to add a forum for successful forum suggestions that will be added to the site in the near future.

Wed May 23

health and beauty services

was looking for somewhere to post and realised there's nowhere to advertise hair services which is what i wanted to do so how about a new hair and beaty sevices forum!??

Tue May 08

single people

Hi nothing on here for single people when you click on dating nothing happens

Fri Apr 06

Dieting/very overweight mums group/aerobics class. SW/W Ldn.

Hi. I'd love to either start up (or join) a group with a weekly aerobics class for mums and dads suffering obesity. In other words - our very own "fat club" - offering mutual support and encouragement.

I have currently 6+ stone to shed. I feel too intimidated to join a gym, and don't know of any local aerobics classes catering for my level of fitness (which isn't very high at the mo! :O( )

I'm a devoted mummy to twins and a baby, so time is quite limited, but would be very interested to hear from others in and around South West/West London of a similar mindset.

Genuine replies only please.

Sat Mar 31

Punjabi vegetarian food

Can you cook tasty vegetarian punjabi food and are able to

travel to Isleworth near Hounslow. If yes then pls email or phone ****9 **** /

Sun Feb 05

now uni too £, independent learners

I have an Art School degree, plus two years at Uni for half way to MA, and have had a long career in publishing now I'm at home being an uber-thrifty wife. I'm a published writer but not academically trained. I'm very creative and cluster-minded so I need to learn about realistic goals and focus. I'm trying to work out what I want to study. Without sounding pretentious, I need intellectual content to be happy. There must be others who have had a profession and want/need to expend their knowledge and thinking seriously...?

Thu Dec 15

CeMAP training

Hello there,is their anyone that can spare time being my buddy,I'm trying to study at home and it's quite difficult or has already done this course to help,i would be well chuffed for your help.Contact me on

Wed Nov 30


Forum suggestion: Course, study or work placement buddy/partner. Be good to meet other people interested in or doing the same course or qualification (at college or uni) to study with or apply for work placements together. Myself: female interested in doing youth support work and currently volunteering to get the experience.

Tue Sep 13

Lets talk!

Spanish 22 years old girl living in London for 10 months offered for Spanish speaking lessons with a English native.

It would be a good way to improve ours languages.

I'm also able for private lessons.

Best regards to everybody!

Mon Sep 05

Swingers and Swinging

Would love to see a forum for us swingers who are seeking other swingers

Sat Aug 27

Ladies Chit Chat

A Forum for ladies (young or old) either married or with partner. A support group, meet up group, friendship group, definitely not looking for romance but female friendship.

Wed Jun 08

How do I post an ad? I couldn't find any way of doing that

Thu May 19


I am a Karaoke holic like to sing everyday but find it hard to see where there is one on maybe a monday. There are a lot of singers like me who I can recommend they use your forum

Thu Mar 24

get rid off the BBC cominist show

We are all complaining as to the guvernment cuts Lets start with the red on BBC that are earning fantastic wages we are paying for through our licence feee and they are cuttting all the sports out but giveing the news readers rises about time they opened up the list of the pay they are getting

Tue Mar 15

ref borris

better than red ken geting all you idiots in dept

Tue Mar 15

sudjest a forum for old school freinds

Sun Mar 13

1988 Cranford High School Graduates

Hello there.....i am trying to connect as many people as i can from 1988...It was my last year at Cranford Community High School...I left the country to go oversees...i know of a few school mates but hoping to set up a site where all kids can connect and catch up after 22 years...pls email me if u went to Cranford between 1985 and 1988 at

Sat Oct 02

Hairdressers, Barber and Nail Technicians Wanted

Hairdressers, Barber and Nail Technicians wanted in the Sydenham area for a Hair Salon due to open in Lower Sydenham at the end of August 2010.

Hairdressers must be qualified in Cutting, Colouring and Styling Afro Caribbean hair as well as European hair.

Barbers must be able to cut and style Afro Caribbean as well as European hair.

Nail Technicians must be able to do natural nails as well as Fibre Glass and Acrylic

Thu Jun 17

Au-pair romance/i


Sunt au pair in Londra si as vrea sa cunosc alti romani in Londra.......


Fri May 07

a couple of complaints

1) there's no (obvious) way of contacting the website admin so i have to post this here

2) how about adding YEAR to the post dates? -- atm it's all messed up

other than that a cute site though.

Sat Mar 20


ROYAL CARS ********3.




TEL : ********3.

FREEPHONE : ********3.

Thu Oct 29

Mauritius Holidays

Welcome to mauritius...

Are you looking for a first choice tropical destination for your next holidays ? If yes, then, do not hesitate, for here, in Mauritius, kilometres and kilometres of white sandy beaches; magnificent interior landscapes; beautiful lagoons; picturesque villages with the warmth of their inhabitants; different cultures and traditions as well as our culinary delights await you for a truly wonderful tropical holiday experience.

Fri Jun 19

Knitting Groups/crochet Groups

South Woodford, knitting groups/crochet groups, craft groups.......

Exciting meetups for funky interesting people who have been made redundant but still have talent.......Times are hard and we all need to keep going and keep sane.....

Yep knitting seems like something your grandmother did....but it is very relaxing...I learnt the basic stitches are a child and can crochet but would really love to hear from all those brilliant experienced knitters who would lend their needles with stitches of experience.....


We can meet up, chat, have fun, share some wine, go for walks, talks, art (gallery visits) just anything....

Look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in joining the group.

Best wishes.

Sat Jun 13

Summer Basketball Session in West London - Every Tuesday

Phoenicians Basketball Club have opened up for the summer and are inviting basketball players to come down and play.

Venue: Southall Sports Centre, Beaconsfield Road, Southall UB1 1DP.


4-6pm - Phoenicians Juniors (14 to 18 years)

7-8pm - Phoenicains Women (17+)

8-10pm - Phoenicians Men

Established in 1976, Phoenicians Basketball Club is a West London Club that has 2 Men's Teams, a Women's Team and Junior Teams. It is very sociable club and all new members are welcomed, from beginners to advanced. We really have a massive mixture of players from new starters to ex-professionals.

Next season we plan on running 3 mens teams!

If you would like to find out more, please contact Alan Carroll by email

Mon May 11


Hi Milly,

I have a quite strong accent I'd like to get rid of, I'm originally from Azerbaijan. I don't want to sound to RP but I'd love to sound a little more proper and get a sharper sounding speech. Is that something that you can help me with. Please contact me on

Thu Mar 05


the local areas column does not seem to be working this past while.any news on this,please?

Mon Dec 29


i am trying to find somewhere i can post an add to find a council house swap in my area but cant find anywhere on here.

Thu Oct 09

How do i post something or submit details of an event?

I have been all over the site but i can't see how to place an ad apart from property rental.. am i missing something?

Mon Aug 04


How about a campaigning/networking forum dedicated to ridding London of that elitist, arrogant, pompous and frankly idiotic Mayor! Quickly before he decides to turn our city into a 4x4 race track!

Tue Jul 29

Thu Jul 24


I have recently graduated from Europe's top Musical Theatre school and am now a professional actress. I have a degree in acting, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, grade 8 speech theory from the Victoria College of Music and a diploma in Speech and acting also VCM. I am offering people at any level, lessons to improve speech quality, confidence, clarity, posture and pronunciation. Lessons are in a relaxed studio in my North London Home. I charge £20 per lesson= an hour. Weekends and evenings only.


Wed Jul 23

Where has Thamesmead gone

I can't post on Thamesmead the page is no longer available. There used to be a West Thamesmead forum but it disappeaared. There is so much going on at West Thamesmead now it needs a forum please!!

Sat Jun 21

Single parent support unit

Sat Jun 07


is there a specific place on this site that has them?

Thu May 15

Yes, definitely agreee with wedding services!

We are a party and wedding planning people (www.sassy-parties.com) and are fed up with brides being continually ripped-off and duped with venues serving chicken in white wine sauce and wine to make your guests wince! I think that by opening discussions, service levels can only rise...........

Tue May 13


For those of us who love Tesco and are fed up of seeing our favourite retailer so unfairly attacked!

Tue Apr 15

As Bromley is the biggest borough in London Why is it missing from your site

Fri Apr 11

re Bromley missing borough

Well I'll take your word that it's the biggest Borough. Nobody ever asked for it until you did. I suspect it'll be some time before anyone asks again.

Fri Apr 11


I am trying to find out about my local nurseries and childcare options as I am new to the SE19 area. I will need to find childcare full time for my daughter from Aug/Sept this year. She will be 10 months then. Can anyone recommend a local nursery (I have the Ofsed list but I'd really like to hear from local parents !) and does anyone have any information about nanny-shares etc or a way I could find flexible childcare? I intend to freelance so although I would work for a solid 1-2 months at a time I may not need childcare for the odd month ! Am I dreaming this will work !? Any help/guidance is appreciated. Thanks

Sun Mar 30


A site for artists who are trying to get some success to advertise their upcoming shows across London. A forum to discuss the venue and its reputation, for gallery owners to offer premises. And for other artists to offer space for group shows. This would be different from the other two sites.

Thu Feb 28


wedding planning and services... good idea??

Thu Feb 28

A beauty forum

We can talk about beauty products, make-up, therapies; surgery etc etc

Wed Feb 20

Would you like to talk?

I'm a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor working in Islington. I offer Talking therapy, I also offer Person-Centred Art Therapy Skills and Guided Imagery. Are you looking for someone to talk too? I work in Addictions, Bereavement, with stress, depression, adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse etc. I feel that a forum to advertise Counselling, would be a helpful addition to Movethat.com. I'm based in North Islington. Feel free to email me for more information.

Sun Feb 17

The cooking forum

I think we should have a forum where people can talk/exchange cooking recepies/ask for help on recepies and other cooking related topics. Many times I wanted to ask people on suggestions fore recipies, instructions on how to perfect something.

What do you think? Please let me know!

You can mail me on:

Wed Feb 13

au pair

yes,a au pair forum will be great couse in london are many au pair from all over the world. and sometime it is very difficult to find others in your area.

i had the same problem ind it is awfull to be alone.


Tue Feb 12

Recreational pursuits for children ages 12-14.

Tue Jan 22

Car club

Hi, since many of us are giving up our cars because it's getting too stressful to own one in London, why not have a car club forum where local people can arrange to share cars. Streetcar etc (which have cars which you hire by the hour) are getting a bit expensive.

Mon Jan 21

New Forum - short term lets/ sub lets

How about a forum listing rooms available, or wanted, for a short term let/ sub let?


Tue Jan 15

Old East Ham

How about a new forum for people that used to live in the area several years ago i.e The fifties onwards, we could reminisce about the shops, coffee bars, schools, lifestyles, hobbies etc It would bring back so many memories for so many people.

There is an online site that does this for Plaistow, Canning Town, Stratford, & Forset Gate. Does no-one want to reminisce about the old East Ham? Any oldies are welcome to contact me on

Sun Jan 06

AUPAIR forum!

Loads of aupairs work all around London! Would be great to open something for us. Nannys and aupairs are two very differnet things and at very different points in our lifes so to just have a nanny forum is not enough!

Hope to see a aupair forum in short future :-)

Thu Dec 27

As there is a doctors forum why not just have a practitioners forum that includes dentists, chiropodists etc

Mon Dec 24

suggest a new forum

As there is a doctor forum why not just have a practitioners forum and include dentists, chiropodists etc

Mon Dec 24

suggest a new forum

If we have a doctor forum why not just have one forum for practicioners like dentists, chiropodists etc etc?

Mon Dec 24

What about singing groups? Singing for pleasure, either individually or in a group. Perhaps to give occasional concerts?

contact arobrow07/

Sat Dec 15

lets have a young persons forum for people between 18 and 30 or something like that

Thu Nov 29

I would welcome an events section too. Sounds good.

Tue Nov 27

coffee chat

sounds a good idea

Tue Nov 20

About Global Warming


What do you think about this? When it happens?

Tue Nov 20


How about a new forum for people looking for gig/concert buddies? There's forums for Art, Book, Cook and Film Clubs but nothing for Music fans!

Sat Nov 17

Sporting events

What about a forum for those looking for other people to go to sporting events with - be it Rugby, Cricket, Football or whatever else, from the highest to the lowest levels?

Sat Nov 17


It is so hard to get plumbers, decorators, electricians etc. Could we have a tradesman forum please? Oh and even worse to get a cleaner. Could we have a forum for cleaners.

Thu Nov 15

Please:- could we have an EVENTS section?

Could we please have an "EVENTS" section? For things like Art & Craft Fairs, Fetes, Open Days, Walks, Charity Fundraising events, Open Gardens etc. (there are so many things that could go in this section, if there was one) where people from all areas of London can post and publicise, upcoming events?

I personally, would welcome such a section, to browse through, rather than have to go to all sections to browse different areas, to find things to attend and am sure many others would too.

Thanking you kindly, in advance, for your consideration of this.

Sat Nov 03

Young disabilities

Young disabilities!

I'm 22, have hip problems and would love to chat with others who suffer disabilities! It can be quite isolated, i get around really well now but i remember what it was like and what i have to come.

Mon Oct 29




Sat Oct 20

Holiday Buddy

Would you like to go away on holiday but don't particularly fancy going alone? I would love to holiday with someone or even a small group of likeminded people who share similar intrests. This would be a great place to meet similar people.

Tue Oct 16


I think a weekend forum is a great idea, definitely interested

Mon Oct 01

building skills forum

sam hadfield and son builders will anser anything you need to know about how to do the job, plumbing carpentry bricklaying plastering tileing painting ,were to buy who to talk to, will tell you how much a job should come to, fault finding, and if you cant fix it he will teach you over the net or over the phone or com to your house if worst comes to worst,why would sam want to do this for nothing, well nothing is for nothing today we all know that, sam tells you haw to do the job or what the problem is when it is all sorted and you are happy you send sam a drink meaning 10pound 20pound or what ever you tink the advice was worth call sam on ********1 or email

Sun Sep 30

Women in Crisis

For women facing difficulty within their marriage/relationship. Whether suffering physical, emotional or verbal abuse. Maybe with a vew to setting up a support goup.

Sat Sep 08

I live in Wimbledon and would also like to find others who would like to share a walk on Wimbedon Common and surrounding area. I would prefer to walk on week days. But I know there is a group of walkers callled 'Wimbledon Common Walkers' who meet on Saturday and Sunday mornings only. i think they are part of a national organisation which also raises awareness for breast cancer. But they can be found via a google search.

Thu Sep 06

Ex patriots

would like to chat with south east londoners. I now live in Australia missing london . came here when I was a teenager in 1971. grew up around lewisham catford welling. miss the old pubs apples & pears e.t.c

Wed Aug 29

Just for the Weekend

Do you ever have a weekend with nothing in particular to do or anyone to share it with? So, how about a forum just for the weekend. If you fancy doing something on an ad hoc basis you could check in with the weekend forum to see what others had planned and if you fancied joining in. Or, even suggest something you might like to do yourself. This would be open to all ages married or singles. Just someone to share a few hours at the weekend with. Coffee, chat, cinema, meals, shopping buddy the list is endless.

Any takers?

Tue Aug 28


I live in South London and would be keen to meet with other people who share a passion for the countryside and walking. I’m fit and active but a complete novice to walking great distances. It would be great to meet like minded people in the area to share walks on Wimbledon Common, Richmond Park etc and maybe finishing with a coffee or better still a pub lunch. Maybe there are already groups of walkers out there, if so, please let me know I would love to join you.

Tue Aug 28


Hi Julian

I have a really good idea for a forum. I propose you set one up that enables people, adults to adopt-a-friend, or adopt-a-mum/dad/sibling. There are so many people out there who are lonely and missing a parent/friend/ol older wiser relative to turn to and a forum liek that woudl bring these peopel together. I for one, would use it and so would some of the friends I have made thru movethat since last year. Its a great site!

Fri Aug 24


Does anyone ever read this forum?

Fri Aug 24

Interested in Pilates classes in Battersea


I am certified pilates and fitness trainer and have been working on one to one basis for over two years – all of my clients I train with I have secured by word of a mouth. Now, I am looking to offer some small quality and results based classes to my community in Battersea, but I would like to know what kind of response the class would generate, as well as where in Battersea would be good spot as a location. I know of a few good locations but if they are not convinient to people then there is no benefit for anyone. Please let me know your thoughts.

Thu Aug 23

London Universities

Hi can I recommend a university forum where people new to university (any in London) can meet other new students across London. I am starting at the London Met uni in 2 weeks and would like to meet uni students in London and find second marketing books from anyone in London. Obviously I can meet London Met students but would like to chat further afield.

Many thanks

Wed Aug 22

Coffee, chat, friendship in North London

A meeting place for married or partnered women sounds great. Especially during the day as I am retired. I am over 60, upbeat, young at heart and looking for friendship with other ladies with a smilar outlook. Please let me know if anything gets going.

Tue Aug 21

Plumbing Repairs

Can anybody suggest a good plumber in the Walthamstow Village area? Need a simple repair job done, a leaking tap in the bathroom. If not is there anyone who knows how to change a tap on a Modesta Bath and Shower Mixer? Prepared to have a go myself on good advice - how do I access the valve in order to change it?

Thanks - a brilliant site.


Sat Aug 18

Health Issues


I think it would be a great idea to have a forum where people can exchange/share health advice, information, remedies or even recommend a health practice. I am currently looking for some information on a medical condition and would welcome guidance from other people’s experience of the same problem. Hope you agree.

Mon Aug 06

Married Women

I would really like to have a forum for married women who are looking for friendship. Maybe your children have grown up or your husband works long hours. Most of the 40+ and 50+ forums are based around singles who are looking for fun. This forum would be based around forming a small group of local friends for chat/coffee, cinema, meal out or even holidays. Does this sound like fun?

Mon Aug 06

Language exchange


I am a Chinese student living in London now. And I am longing for improving my English(esp. oral E.) very much.

so If someone(locals better) who want to know more about mandarin or Chinese history, please contact me.

Sun Aug 05

Language exchange


I am a Chinese student living in London now. And I am longing for improving my English(esp. oral E.) very much.

so If someone(locals better) who want to know more about mandarin or Chinese history, please contact me.

Sun Aug 05

Womens Group


How about a group for married women who's children have grown up and husbands work long hours? Women who are looking for friendship e.g. a meal out, a week in the sun, coffee or a trip to the cinema. A lot of the people on the 40+ an 50+ friendships tend to be single and looking for fun. This would be centred more around married women who just want to form a good circle of local friends.

What do you think? Sue

Sat Aug 04

Womens Group


How about a group for married women who's children have grown and husbands work long hours? Women who are looking for friendship e.g. a meal out, a week in the sun, coffee or a trip to the cinema. A lot of the people on the 40+ an 50+ friendships tend to be single and looking for fun. This would be centred more around married women who just want to form a good circle of local friends.

What do you think? Sue

Sat Aug 04


i am interseted in cake making and sugarcraft training during this summer term and my email is

Thu Aug 02

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