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Photographer needed for TFP

Hi, I am a very friendly and easy going person. I am currently in search of a photographer for “time for prints” (TFP) in order to help build my modelling portfolio. This will be beneficial for both parties as it will give us the opportunity to create immaculate images that can be used to enhance both our portfolios. If this is something that you’re interested and you live in London (Hackney) or you know someone that is in need for a model for tfp then feel free to email me. My email is: spuckett244@gmail.com

Thu Jul 29

Professional, Economical, Adult Photographic Services

Hello, I'm a helpful, friendly, established, experienced professional Photographer and I offer quality photographic services for women who want to get into the Adult Industries, including for Escorts, Masseuses, Models, or just for you / your partner. I undertake REAL photography, to show the erotic, sensual, sexual you, NOT the fake, unreal "plastic barbie in a palace" pictures that so many girls use. This is my business, and you will receive a 100% professional service. I've been in business for more than 20 years, I'm VAT registered and I hold an Enhanced CRB check. I can photograph you however you need, and I can hide your ID if preferred. Your Photoshoot can happen in my studio, your place of work, a hotel or wherever you want. Contact me at posesexy@ymail.com and start your reply "Adult Photos" please, as unfortunately this site generates a lot of spam emails. This is just so I know you're real. Thanks PoseSexy

Wed Jul 07

Seeking other Adult themed Photographers

Hi there. I'm a Graduate Photographer from London. I want to do Adult themed Photography. I seeking other Adult themed Photographers to work with etc friendship. Male and Female. Also seeking Adult Minded, Photogenic/Exhibitionist Females and Couples for TFP Modeling. Reply to: p.pappa37@yahoo.co.uk

Tue Feb 02

Do you have submissive feelings

Hello, This is very specific, so please read carefully. I'm a Photographer and I undertake most types of photography, but here I'm offering a Dominant Photoshoot for submissive females. If you're still reading, that's a good start. As your submissive feelings, desires, needs could be anything from just curiosity all the way up to being restrained / controlled / owned, the next few steps will involve some frank and honest discussions. Whatever you want though, you will enjoy and experience with me, an Experienced Dominant, Professional Photographer training and preparing you for your very own erotic, submissive Photoshoot, in my studio, your home, or at any other location. It's 100% confidential, and you get your photographs to use however you want. I have a wide range of packages, prices & discounts starting from just £29.00. Ask any questions you have at this stage: dominantphotographer@yahoo.com The Photographer Professional Photography with a Kinky Twist

Fri Jul 31

Instagram: photowalk_in_london

Amazing photoshoot with Flying Dress by Domi. Available for pre-wedding, propose and pregnancy time. Check out more photos over here www.instagram.com/photowalk_in_london



Sun Mar 08

If youre looking for a Photographer...


I'm a helpful, friendly, experienced professional Photographer. What more could you want?!?

If there's anything you need quality, creative, economical photography for, feel free to drop me an email:

Fri Jan 17

Your Photoshoot - You decide what to pay! Gulp!!!


Yep, a Professional Photoshoot.

My studio, your home, anywhere else suitable.

Friendly, helpful, experienced, established professional Photographer.

Your photos supplied on a disc, or via online delivery.

You decide what you want to pay for either a:

- 30 mins, 1 hour or 2 hour Photoshoot.


Sun Aug 25

BBW Adult Models wanted

Hi there.

I'm seeking BBW Women for Glamor/Erotica/Adult Modeling.

Time For Prints basis.

Ages 20-50.


Reply to:

Mon Jul 15

Nigerian/West African Females for Amatuer Glamor Modeling

Hi there.

Photographer seeks Females of Nigerian/West African for Amatuer Glamor/Booty Modeling.

You must be living/present in London. No out of London/UK replies.

Time For Prints basis.

Reply to Photopolitan

Thu Jul 04

Italian or French amatuer nude Models wanted

Are you Italian or French Females in London?

Are you a Naturist/Exhibitionist type.

Would like to do some amatuer Modeling

Then of so, contact me.

BBW/Mature very welcome.

Time For Prints basis.

Reply to:

Mon Jun 10

Im the Photographer, your are my female sub.

I'm the Photographer. You are my female sub.

This YOUR erotic, submissive Photoshoot!

You are my model, posing as I direct you, as I control you, doing as I say, wearing what I've instructed you to, doing as I demand.

Your Photoshoot will be exciting, an erotic experience as you're standing in front of me, doing exactly as I say, enjoying it, being instructed, directed, ordered and controlled.

I will capture the sensual, feminine, erotic, aroused sub in front of my lens, under my lights, listening for my next command.

You will get to keep your images, to remember, to reflect, to show off, to use however you want...

I have a range of packages, prices, services & discounts. The cost here is an examples. Contact me for more info on:

Sat May 11

Nigerian/West African Females for Amatuer Glamor Modeling

Photographer seeking Amatuer Female Models of Nigerian/West African for Adult Glamor Modeling.

Ages 20-40.

Replies from London UK only.

Reply to :

Wed Jan 23

BBW Adult Model wanted

Photographer seeking an Adult, BBW Model.

For Glamor/Erotica/Adult etc, Modeling.

African/West Indian And Asian/Oriental.

Suit wannabe/amatuer/Exhibitionist Models

Age range 20-45.

All replies/applicatants from London UK only.

No overseas replies

Time For Prints or £40 for 2 hours work..


Reply to:

Fri Jan 11

Re: Photography Friends

Hi there

I'm a Photographer from London UK.

Your ad interested me.

Reply to :

Sat Dec 22

Looking for amature/student photographer and male models

We are a small start up online adult fetish website needing to get some images done for the site. We are looking for a photographer who has the eye for artistic male erotic photography. We are also looking for fit models from 23 to 40 Yrs willing to bare themselves in jocks. Even if nude pics were to be taken they would not be pornographic. That’s not what we are after.

We have props and outfits for the models and looking for a studio or outdoor place to hire out for a few hours of shooting in this coming week of 26th July till 31st July.

If you are keen and up for helping with this please contact me via email at

Thu Jul 19

Personal, Private, Professional Photographic Services

Personal, Private, Professional Photography.

Looking for professional photography for you and / or a loved one?

As a professional, with many years of experience, I can work with you to capture to images you desire.

Various packages are available, which start from just £29.00.

Your photo shoot can take place at my studio (5 mins from the tube), your home or location.

Any questions....

Sat Jun 30

Need a professional commercial photographer?

High quality commercial advertising photography by very experienced, highly published professional photographer.

Available to shoot all product collections for designers, manufacturers and retailers or to create advertisements and shoot promotional work.

See my work here – www.photographybyriddell.co.uk

I’ve shot many different kinds of products from small items such as jewellery, industrial components and mobile phone cases or clothing collections, dresses, jeans, shoes, hats and other accessories to large products such as low loading recovery trucks.

Additionally I’ve also shot advertising for services, corporate business, sports services and educational services.

Fully insured and CRB checked.

Fri May 04

Photography of and for sub women.

Photography of and for sub women.

Contact for more info, and start your reply appropriately.

Mon Apr 16

Only for sub adventurous females

This will be an erotic experience... a turn on... something that will always excite you....

I'm the Photographer. This YOUR Erotic Photoshoot!

You are my model, posing as I direct you, as I control you, doing as I say, wearing what I've instructed you, dressed / undressed as I demand.

Your Photoshoot will be exciting, an erotic experience as you're standing in front of me, doing exactly as I say, enjoying it, being instructed, directed, ordered and controlled.

I will capture the sensual, feminine, erotic, aroused sub in front of my lens, under my lights, listening for my next command.

You will get to keep your images, to remember, to reflect, to show off, to use however you want...

I have a range of packages, prices, services & discounts. The cost here is an examples. Contact me for more info.

The Photographer.

Professional Photography, with a Kinky twist.

Fri Apr 13

North 17 Studios

Just found this gem & spreading the word!!

It’s ideal for ambitious projects on a budget.

1500 sq ft of space with separate styling and lounge areas, free parking with direct loading, beautiful soft daylight and they also have a blackout option. If you need a decent sized professional grade studio on a budget this is unbeatable value!!


email at

Tue Nov 14

Locations for London Bonfire night photography


I am hoping someone is able to tell me where the best vantage point would be to take photos of some of London's landmarks lit up by fireworks this bonfire night. Ideally I'd want the landmark to be the focus point, lit up with fireworks behind or above etc.

Many thanks in advance !

Mon Oct 23

Photographer seeking to buy a 28-70 or similar Lens

Photographer seeking to buy a 28-70 or similar Focus Lens with constant F2.8 apature

Must be in good to excellent condition. Lens must be dust, mould and

scratch free.

Pay up to £60.


Sun Sep 24



I am trying to start cloth business and I need someone to do photo shoot for me my cloths I got some to model for me .I cannot afford anything expensive.

Please contact if interested. My email is

Tue Feb 21



I am looking for a budgeted session and need a creative photographer even student photographers would work great. It is for a photo shoot of 30 to 35 garments on a model that hopefully could be completed in a day's project. I need to complete this project ASAP.

Fri Feb 17

looking for location

Hi, I am visiting London and looking for a specific location for a photo shoot I am interested in doing. I envision a dark cathedral with lit candles, much like the french cathedrals. The churches I have seen in London are all very light and airy. Is there anything that could serve as such a decor, which is publicly accessible. The complication is that I need to shoot on Sunday morning, which would be not very welcome considering services. However, I would not need any lighting as it would be with existing light, therefore not very intrusive.

Does anyone have any suggestions near Central London? All ideas welcome.



Mon Oct 03

Looking for amateur photographers

Hiroes is a new event-planning platform in London connecting talented amateur photoraphers, cooks and musicains to event planners. This means you can get hired for taking photos at awesome events.

Improve your photgraphy skills, boost your experience and make some extra money. It’s free, just create your profile and decide on your rates. It's up to you which bookings you accept and when you work.

Feel like this is something for you? Check out hiroes.co/hiroes for more info and leaver your email at the bottom of the page so we can contact you and answer your questions.

Thu Jul 07

Amazing opportunity for amateur food photographer with top chef and leading food brand

We are looking for an an enthusiastic, amateur photographer with some experience in food photography for a great opportunity to work alongside one of Uk's top chefs in the photography of a host of recipes for a a leading global food brand. Facilities for the cook up and photo shoot are located in the London Heathrow area but photographer will be required to bring his/her own equipment. Examples of previous work will be requested.

To find out more about this amazing opportunity please get in touch.

Thu Jun 11

Photography Competition win a free studio space

Hi guys, i'm running this entry-free (don't need to pay to enter) photography competition, where you get the chance to win a free FULL DAY and FULLY Equipped Photographic Studio in Clapham. I Plan on doing this every month and basically give a free creative space out to whoever wins. The link is just here www.claphamstudiohire.com/contest

Thanks a lot and may the best photographer win.

Tue Apr 07



Spacious large airy room for hire £50 in private flat

Suitable for evening OR weekend interactive or solo model shoots any style theme level groups - capacity for room max 8-10 model + equipment storage space if needed on request saving you stress hassle hard work and yet more expense.


coffee / tea facilities

Bring your own lighting

leather seating

Heating provided

WHY pay big studio rates? snap up this deal quick before it's gone

central london NW1 ideal for transport, major train routes.

Inbox enquiries and viewings at your convenience.


Tue Mar 03

Amatuer Female Adult Performer wanted-£80.00

Amatuer Adult Female Model wanted.

For solo and M/F work.

Ages 20-50, slim to BBW.

Reply to Bill, at:

Sun Sep 21

Pentax KAF2 LENSES wanted


Photographer seeking Pentax KAF2 Mount lenes, to buy.

Also seeking to buy a Samsung NX10 OR 11, with lenses.

Reply to:

Tue Jul 15

Freelance Photographer who is looking to build on his Portfolio with Commercial /Fashion or weddings

Hi there to the community!

I am a semi Professional Freelance Photographer who is at the moment looking to build on his Portfolio in order to gain either TFP work or paid projects. I would like to offer my service for free at the moment to anyone who is looking for a Photographer who is interested in doing Fashion/Commercial/Model Portfolios and such.

My website is available to look at to get some idea of my work so far. I can travel within the London area ..

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have anything available.Website is www.saloncamera.co.uk

and email is

Wed Jun 11



Always on the look out for old photos any era, black & white or colour.

Wed Jun 11

kelly this email address doesnt work

Email bounced back! Im looking for a fashion photographer if interested

Mon May 26

BBW Model wanted

BBW wanted for Glamor/Nude Modeling.

£30.00 for 1-2 hours work.

London areas.

Ages 19-45.

Reply to:

Thu Apr 24

Patrick Matheu


I am also after the same person, when was the last time you had contact with him? He owes me a lot of money as well and won't answer calls/emails. He claims to have moved back to Spain, but I believe he is still in London as I am sure I saw him on Piccadilly.

Sun Mar 23

A Professional Photoshoot of the Sexy, Glamorous You…

Show off the Glamorous, Hot, Sexy YOU - Professional Photography - Great service, Great Prices, Great Photos.

A Professional Photoshoot of the Sexy, Glamorous You…

A Professional Affordable Photoshoot in a relaxed atmosphere with a friendly, experienced, established, CRB checked Professional Photographer...

Sound good ? Always wanted to have your own personal private Photoshoot for your online presence, a Model folio, a special present for a loved one, just for fun for YOU ?

No sales gimmicks, I’m a Photographer, not a Salesman.

No expensive prints to buy, you get a CD with your images.

Contact me for more info, prices, discounts available and samples.





Tue Feb 11

General, all purpose PHOTOGRAPHER avialable

Versitile, PHOTOGRAPHER available

My rates: £40.00 per hour.

I can travel to any part of London.

Reply to:

Sun Jan 05

PROFESSIONAL photography, at DISCOUNTED prices

Hi There,

My name's Keith, I’m a freelance photographer.

I'd be happy to discuss what you would like, with a view to working with you.

I have been a freelance photographer for over 19 years now, supplying my Clients with a wide range of images.

As a professional photographer, it is difficult to justify working for no charge though. But, as I'm always looking to expand my portfolio, I'd be happy to offer you a VERY substantial discount (in return for me taking, and using photographs to help promote my business), so that any payment is more of a token payment only. For that token payment, you will still receive the same professional service though !

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to take things further, please just let me know.

Keith Emmitt Photographer

Tel. : 020 8509 7449 Mob. : **** ****4

Sat Nov 09

Patrick Mathieu

Hi there.

I did some work for this bloke. I believe he's called Mathieu Patrick though.

He was "shifty" about thing at best. After doing the work, and supplying him with (non usable) samples, he never replied to any calls, emails, letters etc.

Businesses he's traded under include:

Mondnrose Shoes

Join guest list


Needless to say, the websites etc are now defunct.

He still owes me for the work I did for him, and if you read this Mathieu, I will find you, and take you to the Small Claims Court.

Sat Nov 09

Workshops - help

Hello there.

My name is Fernando, I´m from Brazil, and next Jan I´ll be in London for 3 weeks.

Here in Brazil I work as a filmaker and photographer. Thats why I really wanted to find a course or some workshops during my stay at London.

Would it be possible for you to help me? I´ve been looking a lot to find some food photography courses / workshops but I still haven´t found anything good or that will be happening at the same dates of my stay there.

If you could indicate some places where they offer this kind of courses, would you write me and tell me?

Thank you very, very much.


Thu Nov 07

FREE portrait sessions


I'm a North London photographer looking to build my portfolio for children, couples and family photography so I'm offering FREE sessions! I'm CRB checked and a teacher.

Please contact me for further details.

Mon Oct 14


I have seen one of your ad. regarding old SLR camera I do have new SLR camera but if you need any kind of effects I can do it


contact me

Sun Oct 13

Intern on GQ Magazine Photoshoot in London

Help and learn by assisting photographer John Aigner from Berlin as he shoots international top model Tony Ward for a GQ International magazine feature.

Basic and easy set work. Photo students and photographers preferred.

Date: Sep. 23, 2013

Place: Central London

Respond to:

Tue Sep 17

Full time Professional Wedding Photographer - January 2014 offer

Well I'm a professional wedding photographer currently living in Houston, TX and I'll be visiting family in London, January 2014. I thought since I'm out in beautiful London, why not shoot a wedding so here I am.

I'm not a photography student looking to get real world practice. I've shot over 100 weddings in the last 2 years alone! I'm doing this because I miss my hometown London and any couple who is brave enough to marry in the cold of January deserves this fantastic offer.

So what is the offer? Simple. For £300 you will get 5hrs coverage, and a selection of edited images. The images will be yours to use as you please and I can use the images as part of my portfolio.

Drop me a line with your wedding date and a few sentences describing your wedding day, and then we'll set up a time to Skype.

Oh by the way, this is me and you can express interest through the website's contact form: www.captiv8photography.net

All the best,


Wed Sep 04

Looking for photographer for ice hockey games

Hi guys and girls

Looking for some volunteers to take shots of our memorial game for one our team mates. The sport is a great game to shoot will test any good photographer to the limits we will be playing sat 7th at lee valley ice centre at 5pm if interested please email me on

Mon Sep 02

Photographer required

We are looking for a photographer to take some pictures at an Asian engagement party on 8th September 2013, roughly between 13:00 to 17:00 (this will be confirmed closer to the time). Location will be at Shoreditch, East London.

We need some good shots from the party to be provided on CD. Willing to pay £80 and we will provide lunch. This may be suitable for students or amateurs wishing to build their portfolios.

We are looking for a photographer who has an eye for detail, not shy in large crowds and who can capture those special moments.

If you are interested, please get in touch ASAP and provide a link to your portfolio of work.

Mon Aug 26

Photographer required

We are looking for a photographer to take some pictures at an Asian engagement party on 8th September 2013, roughly between 13:00 to 17:00 (this will be confirmed closer to the time). Location will be at Shoreditch, East London.

We need some good shots from the party to be provided on CD. Willing to pay £80 and we will provide lunch. This may be suitable for students or amateurs wishing to build their portfolios.

We are looking for a photographer who has an eye for detail, not shy in large crowds and who can capture those special moments.

If you are interested, please get in touch by emailing

Mon Aug 26

hi maria

hi maria i'm also interested in TFP if you are available please let me know thanks :)

Mon Aug 26

Patrick Mathieu


I saw an ad on here from a guy called Patrick Mathieu. Have any of you had dealings with him at all? Please contact me as I am urgently trying to get hold of him. Do not trust him one little bit - he claims to be an entrepreneur then runs off with your money. Get in contact with me

Sat Jul 27

Patrick Mathieu


Can you call me please.

Sat Jul 27

Female Naturist Model wanted

Photographer seeks Female Naturist Model.

Ages 20-50.

TFP Basis.


Tue Jul 02


you can contact

Sun Jun 09

Interested in fashion photography

Absynth Photographic are looking for an enthusiastic, hard working and organised intern to assist with the preparation of 3 big editorial fashion shoots.

You will be asked to scout for different locations for the shoots and help out on the shoot days as well.

This is a great opportunity to see the otherside of the photography business. Taking part, working as a team and to know that your contribution is essential for the finishing pages in the magazine.

No experience necessary, however an interest in fashion photography is expected.

Contact us though here

Fri Jun 07

photography shots

Hi Saurabh,

Im professionally trained female photographer and I would like to help you with the pics.

If you still looking , tell me more abt whet do y want on the pics and what is your budget.

Please, put you name in Subject.



Fri May 31


hi, Im a famale photographer and wd like to help you,but I live in London.

If intereted, please, contact me .



Fri May 31

Pro photographer in Hertfordshire

I'm a professional Hertfordshire photographer - www.photographybyriddell.co.uk

I'm unable to work on a TFP basis, but can do portfolios from £99.00

Wed May 15

Pro photographer in Hertfordshire

I'm a professional Hertfordshire photographer - www.photographybyriddell.co.uk

I'm unable to work on a TFP basis, but can do portfolios from £99.00

Wed May 15

TFP photographer needed

Hi I am in desperate need of a photographer to help my daughter build her own modelling portfolio, experience not necessary, I am even looking for university students studying photography, I am interested in doing a TFP ( time for prints )shoot with someone in the area of Hertfordshire If you know of anybody please contact me thanks

Wed May 08

photographers available


We are professional photographers and would love to capture your special moments-weddings, parties, proms, studio photo shoots and much more! Do write in with your requirements and we will get back to you asap!

Sun May 05



My name is Frank Docherty and I have written a book on an Anglo Saxon weapon called a Seax.

I am looking for a photography student who is willing to take the pictures for the book and this will

be able to be part of their portfolio.


Wed Apr 03

Wedding Photographer @21-Mar-2013


We are looking for a student photographer, enthusiastic amateur or someone just starting out on their career - to capture some moments of our wedding.

We would prefer a photojournalist type of photographer perhaps with just a few formal shots. It will be a very simple ceremony, and we just want someone to be around and take a few nice photos in an unobtrusive manner. A copy of the digital pictures on CD or USB would be sufficient.

Our budget is very limited but if you are interested please reply to michelahaios(at)yahoo.com to discuss details.

The wedding is on Thursday 21 March 2013 in the Old Marylebone Town Hall in Westminster London, and we would be looking for someone to be around from about 17.30 onwards.

We would be happy for few photos to be used as part of a portfolio prior to agreement.

Thank you,

M & V

Wed Feb 27

Sat Feb 16

professional photographer


am a professional photographer from Pakistan.

i need a job in London

contact with me

Sat Feb 16

professional photographer


am a professional photographer am from Pakistan.

i need a job in London,

contact with me,

Sat Feb 16


i also do beauty therapy if you need an eye brow tint or a shape for your models and you are based in london you could hire me

Sun Feb 10

19 soon to be 20 year old black 5 ft 11 model

if you need a model and you are located in london then

Sun Feb 10

Painting with light photography

Does any one know is there like a group or team of painting with light photographers which you can join in London? Maybe even students or some one wants to get together and try to make some awesome pictures?

my email:

Thu Jan 31

Photographer for Tech Event TOMORROW (12/4/12)

My organization is seeking a photographer to shoot an event tomorrow, Tuesday, December 4th, at 6:30pm at Central Working, 5 Bonhill Road, Shoreditch, London: ventureoutuk.com

We are a nonprofit with a small budget but a large audience and are looking for a photographer that we can promote, both at the event and via our site/social media platforms, in exchange for their shooting the event.

Thanks for the consideration and we look forward to hearing from you.




Mon Dec 03

FREE Olympus Sponsored Workshop

An alternative approach to photography - with Jay Mclaughlin

Taking place in London, this 4 hour workshop challenges some of the misconceptions about successful photography

With in depth talk, demonstrations and a chance to try out the Olympus OM-D for yourself, this workshop is about

changing the way you approach your photography, whatever your level of experience.

Opportunity to see Jay work with stylists and models and have a go yourself

5-30 to 9-30pm

MurderMile Studios


Interested - pls email:

Thu Nov 22

Rambert Dance Company RAMBERT MOVES Photoboard Auction


We are Britain's oldest dance company. We are now incredibly close to reaching our goal of moving into a beautiful new home on London's South Bank, which will be vital in sustaining the Company for the next 85 years. Our fundraising target is £19.6m and we are very nearly there, we invite you to help us now raise the final amount by bidding on your very own piece of Rambert history.

In order to raise money for our capital campaign; Rambert Moves, we are holding a silent auction of photoboards which have been used in and around Rambert’s Chiswick home to promote and showcase repertoire. The images depict a range of works from early pieces such as A Tragedy of Fashion (1926) to Lady into Fox (Revival 2006).

For more information and to view a catalogue of the prints available email

Thu Nov 15

Fri Nov 02

Looking for studio space

Hi there

I'm a local on Ivydale road. I'm a professional photographer who specialises in weddings and portraits. I shoot a lot of actors and performers headshots from my home set-up but occasionally need a larger space, i.e. a working photography studio to do 'bigger' shoots. I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere local where I could rent, hire, share space at a reasonable rate?

I'd also be interested in just finding the right space, needn't be already a studio, and see if I could set something up myself. Perhaps other local photographers may be interested in a share? All help and suggestions are appreciated. This is my contact:

Mon Oct 29

Are you a hobbist/amateur Female Photographer.


I am a professional photographer doing weddings, fashion, makeovers and product photography and I am looking to collaborate with a female photographer. I would prefer someone who is hobbist, amateur and willing to learn but wouldn't mind even if you are a professional.

The reason I'm asking for female photographer is that I already have a team of male photographers and have come across situation in the past when the client specifically asked for a female photographer.

Male photographers and specially if can do video please feel free to get in touch too.

Hope to hear soon


Write to me :

Mon Oct 01


Have a look at my website www.loredanadenicola.com and let me know what you think. Regards,

Fri Sep 21

Photography Website

I use Photoshelter. Really good templates and not very expensive.

Thu Sep 06

looking for a photographer using an old SLR camera

Hi, I'm looking for someone to take photos of me and my children using an old SLR camera... I really miss the effects of non-digital photography. I'd be able to pay a fee for time/ expenses but am on a low budget. This would suit a student/ amateur / anyone with an old camera!


My email is

Sun Sep 02

Hey everyone, we're currently hosting a facebook competition - we want to see your best images of London in summer.

Prizes are pretty damn cool; Nikon camera, workshop with a Getty Images photographer and the chance to see your work exhibited at their gallery in Westfield Stratford...

Wed Aug 22

Property Photographer needed for Estate Agent in Swiss Cottage

Liv HOmes are looking for a freelance photographer who will be able to take photos of new properties we instruct onto the market. Appox 7/8 properties a day on a weekly basis. Please get in touch with me should you be interested.

Many thanks


Mon Aug 13


I'm a street photographer from Rome and I'll be in London 17th and 18th of august(2012 of course), so I wonder if anybody would like to join me and my girlfriend for some hours walking around London and enjoying making street photos.

If you are interested please email me at

Tue Aug 07

Looking for some bands or musicians to photograph

Hi there,

I'm a London based photographer, currently building my portfolio with some portraiture photography, mainly musicians.

I am looking for some bands or musicians who would like to meet up for a photo session & have some profesional photos made. You could use the photos for your promotion. I can also shoot you a video to promote YouTube, etc.

Get in touch!

Tue Aug 07

Free Wedding Photography

I am a photographer needing to update my photography portfolio.

I am looking to be second photographer at a London/South London wedding/reception.

All pictures I take will be offered free of charge.

Contact me now


Mon Aug 06

Japanese or Chinese girls needed

I need to update my photography portfolio.

For your modeling time, I can offer you your own suite of some 100 professional pictures to take away on disc.

Contact me now


Mon Aug 06

Photographers in the streatham area

I am a keen amateur photographer and I'm looking for other like minded people to get together for days out and sharing tips / critique and of course the occasional beer.


Mon Jul 23

WANTED: London 2012 Olympic Photographer


I am a blogger from Canada and I'm doing a special photo coverage of the London 2012 Olympic games for my readers.

I'm looking for pro or amateur photographers who are in the London area for the games, who take unique pictures, and would like to get published on my blog.

You would get great exposure as a photographer, as I have readers internationally and you'd have your photos published online.

If you're interested, send me an email (

Fri Jul 20

Commercial fashion & wedding photographer

Hi, i am Patrick Soon. I based on London, Malaysia and Singapore. We did most of commercial works and also myself doing wedding photographer. For more, you can visit my website www.studiomoonspell.com or visit our fanpage @ www.facebook.com/patricksoonwedding !

Email me for more details here:

Fri Jul 20

Photographer Wanted Student Amatuers

We are looking for a amateur photographer who likes to be out and about in London. We are seeking a enthusiastic individual with excellent communication skills to show London to the world regularly . A contract on a ongoing basis is offered . Some basic work on a computer will be required . Photography students are invited to apply .

for more details relating to the role contact us and we will provide full details and rate of pay .

If interested please email

Fri Jul 13

Beauty shots for make up school

Hi, I'm looking for a photographer that would be interested in shooting beauty. I'm running Intensive media make-up courses from the 1st October. Based in Bromley. Students will be creating looks including High Fashion Make up & hair, Vintage Makeup & hair, Prosthetics, Wounds, SFX, Airbrushing Body makeup. etc check out the website for more details. www.themakeupartist.info


Mon Jul 02

Small clothing photography session needed ASAP!!


I am looking for a budgeted session and need a creative photographer even student photographers would work great. It is for a photo shoot of 20-25 garments on a model that hopefully could be completed in a day's project. I need to complete this project ASAP.

If interested please contact me on ********6 or

Thu Jun 28

Open Exhibition?

Hi there!

I have some black&white pictures,I love analog photography.

I want to know if is there any exhibition where I can show my pictures with other photographers.

If you know something about this,please,contact me.

Wed Jun 20

Photograph and Video contest

Wanna have your photo or video exhibit in one of the most amazing venues of Shoreditch, London?Find out more at:


Mon Jun 18

Fashion, Packshots & Product Photography

Based in SW London with clients all over the UK and have worked with small and large companies such as DKNY and Armani.

Contact me to view my website or google PepperPackshots

Thu Jun 14

Wed Jun 13

For sale Nikon D90 kit lens 18-105mm + 70-300mm

For sale: Nikon D90 + Nikon DX VR Nikkor Lens AF-S 18-105mm 1:3.5-5.6G ED, used, charger ,CD Software, very good condition, and Nikkor Lens AF-S VR Zoom 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G IF-ED, used, very good condition, with box + FREE GADGET BAG. For more details please contact me:

Tue May 29

looking for photographer to take photos of cupcakes for website


if anyone is interested in developing their portfolio, need some help for some photos which are to go on to my new business website of a cupcake company.

Tue May 15

Professional Photography - Discounted prices

Hi Amanda,

Just to let you know I've emailed you directly, but just in case you don't receive it, my contact details are:

Keith Emmitt Photographer

Unit 106 Hiltongrove Business Space Hatherley Mews LONDON E17 4QP

Tel. : 020 8509 7449

Mob. : **** ****4

Tue May 15

Photographer need to do TFP shots - stunning vintage clothes

I need a photographer that has his/her own equipment to do a series of shoots or just one of some stunning vintage clothes for a new vintage platform.

We don't have a huge budget, hence it is a TFP opportunity and would suit someone that is looking to build their portfolio or to get some more experience.

I will cover your expenses, travel, food etc.

Shoots 15/16/17 & 18th May this week. Get in touch ASAP via

Sun May 13

Photography website

A lot of photographers and artists use Clikpic. It starts at £40 for one year and has hosted templates.

Tue Apr 24

Photography assistant

Hi i am keen to work as a volunteer assistant photographer. you can email

Tue Apr 17

Professional Photographer with Studio

Hi there, I'd be happy to chat about what you're looking for, so hopefully we can work together.

Can you give me more information?


Keith Emmitt Photographer

Mon Apr 16

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