Welcome to London Help Me Please

I am a single parent to a 5 year old daughter and desperately searching for another supermum out there in need of a flat share buddy to live in the Barking/Ilford area. I am a lecturer so would be looking for a working professional only where we can support each other with equal share of the bills and where our children can become great playmates and us too. I need to move out before the end of June 2020. No smoking or pets please.

Please contact me on: **** 872 352

Sun May 31

Single parent looking to rent in South East London

Hi there,

Have you managed to find something? I would like to rent with another single parent.

Wed Mar 04

wants to settle in London

My Daughter wants to settle in London.Kindly help her to settle.She completed Greduate in Hotel Management from Switzerland.

She wants Hotel Job in London

Contect on watts app +********48

Tue Dec 24

Help me Please! Flat to share

Looking a landlord/tenant accept me and my 5 Year old daughter in his flat/house


Fri Sep 13

Hi where are you located?

Iam interested to rent you spare Room, it's possible with Kid?

I have a 5 Years old daughter.

Fri Sep 13

I need help young women e mail at carenjackie@gmail.com

Hello I'm 29 I'm looking for females with their own place in London and sourounding areas that can help me escape my controlling family must be age 20-39 and of white,black,mixed race,Asian decent. My number is ********5 if u decide to contact me by phone please text me and say who u are and where u saw my add.thanks

Sun Apr 14

Help me please


I am a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and an advanced BWRT practitioner (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy). I am looking for an affordable room to rent for 2 days per week in Crystal Palace, Sydenham, Anerley, West/South/Upper Norwood area.

Preferably not in a salon although I would consider a clinic or share with other therapies. I would definitely consider a room in a house or insulated garden office/workspace if suitable.

A calm enviroment is required. Thank you for reading my post.

Tue Jan 22

Help me please find a garantor

Help me please find a guarantor for £****

Mon Nov 12

Help me please find a garantor

Hi I am looking urgently for a garantor for £****.I AM a single mum ,part time employed at the moment.I need this money to pay £3000 debts and to rent a one bedroom flat for me and my son..Please HELP ME move in a new house,because the place I am staying is not child friendly and CHRISTMAS is coming and I want a decent place for my son.My salary is very low and that's way I am not eligible to get a loan ..only with a garantor.Please contact me so I can give you more details.Please I needed very URGENT.Thank you

Mon Nov 12

desperate for a home

Hi, i am a working single parent to a teenager.we are currently homeless and living in a hotel room.If anyone has a property to rent in the kingston upon thames area please contact me.We are desperate as my daughter takes her gcses in a few weeks and needs a stable

Thu Mar 15

New home wanted

Hi I’m looking for a new home London or Greater London (south) for me and my 2 adult daughters and dog. Must accept low/no deposit and dss (temporary)

Fri Dec 15

Spare room/bedroom tax problem

I have spare rooms in SE and cannot afford to pay the bedroom tax. Need somebody to occupy my spare rooms.

Tue Aug 08

Looking for volunteers for photography project | Are you married or have been?

Are you married or have been? Do you still own your wedding dress or wedding suit? I am looking for volunteers to be part of my photography project where I would like to photograph people wearing their wedding outfits either in their home or in another significant location.

If you are interested in becoming part of this project then please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the idea further together.

It would be wonderful to hear from you, any age, gender, or situation, I am interested.

Thank you.

Tue Jan 05

Hi h

there is a sight called Freecycle.org

people give items away no charge , may help

good luck

Sun Oct 18

"Whatever" Birthday present project needs volunteers

Have you ever ask your friends what they want for birthday present?

and they reply " whatever"

so bascially I try to collect what other people think of "whatever" b'day prensent can be

via e-mail to

Fri Aug 14

Help, need a small car for work

Finally got a job after yrs of searching. But its a night job and no public transport running at finish time of 4am; often hv to wait until nearly 6am before going home. I'd love to keep d job, if u hv a lil unused car pls help by giving it out.

NB: workplace is at d other side of the Thames, night bus takes about dsame time as waiting for d first train.

Wed Jul 22

Can I get injunction to stop next room Tenant Passive Smoke


Legal replies only.

I live in Private Rented Accommodation.

Property owner has moved in new Tenant, in next room to me.

He is chain smoker.

Only a chip board wall divides our Rooms.

Smokers passive smoking wafts into my room.

Open windows, do little to remove it.

I have Bronchitis and since the new guy arrived passive smoke is restarting the Bronchitis.

Given letter to Landlord.

Given letter to new Tenant, but said it is my fault. Also he smokes in early hours of morning, waking me up, with smell of his Smoke.

Can I use a Injunction against Him?

Reply direct and ASP, to:

Mon Jul 13

Room needed Help please


I am looking for a room near Wood Green for me and my little boy. I work full time and do not have benefits.



Tue Jun 02

Washing Machine - New/Secondhand/Free - Desperately Needed by Mother.

Hi there,

I've been without a washing machine for about a year now and I'm really finding it so hard to carry on.

Trying to put money aside each week for a new one, is almost impossible as there is always a bill that needs to be paid/food to buy/heating that needs to be paid for etc... I know everyone has these same issues...

Is there possibly anyone out there, with a machine to 'give away' (I can pay a very small amount).

I'm in South London and would be so very grateful.

Sun Feb 08

Free massage

Hello, I'm training to be a massage therapist at the City Lit as a mature student. As part of my course, I need to do a least ten health consultations and Swedish body massages. I'd just run through a quick health questionnaire followed by a massage to the back, legs and arms with feedback from yourself. If you can help me with my course and get a free massage in return please do gat in touch. Age, size and gender is irrelevant but must be over eighteen.

Mon Oct 27

Small Loan of £100 Needed Please


Thanks for reading.

I'm an honest European female who's lately been living from small cleaning work and normally all my money goes for the rent but I've had a really low week so I owe 2 week's rent as I pay weekly.

In order to find a job quicker/finish education, I did ask for help (jobseekers) and soon will get paid and start working.

Unfortunately I'm struggling with the rent at the moment.

I aim to pay back as I make money. Maximum in 3 weeks time.

Please contact me if you can help,

Sun Sep 28

Expectant Mums in London- Can you help with some university research?

Hi there everyone,

My name is Hannah and I'm doing some research with University College London into the development of babies in early life and mother-baby interactions. I'm looking to have a chat with expectant Mums who are due to give birth in late September/early October. Could you help me out? If you're willing to have a chat with me, please send me an email at

Fri Sep 12


Everytime I go to the walworth page it asks me to submit an advert!

Please sort it out!

Wed Jul 16

Photographer wants to hear from you.

I am a young photographer just out of college working on a new project. I am asking people to think of anything, a memory, a dream, a wish, it can really be anything, any interesting thoughts from your imagination.

You would receive free copies of the images and help contribute towards a fun project. The final photos will be exhibited in a local photo exhibition.

Please contact me at

Sun Apr 27

john bull

I am looking for my dad, Stuart Robbins, from Bristol. age 47ish, born 1962-64ish. lived in Harlesden, London in 1984ish and worked as a car mechanic in east action road, next to market place. had a friend called Humphrey, loved motorbikes. if anyone can help please contact me on ********6.

Tue Apr 01


Sat Mar 15

How is CP to live in if you have no car?


we are a family of 3 living in East Dulwich and are thinking of relocating to CP to be able to get a bigger place. How is it to live in if you don't have a car? Are there a lot of supermarkets you could walk to? And which are the areas to avoid? I've seen a house on Paddock Gardens - ok area?

Thanks for any comment / advice

Thu Feb 06


hi everyone, I want to study at UAL next September and have two children aged 5 and 2... I was considering moving for this august for a year of settling in not just for me but also for my children! Would anyone agree that this is a good idea? I'm going to be looking at family house share. Basically I need a good run down of advice of a single parent who ideally is or has been in the same situation as me as I don't live in London. Email me :) Tamara x

Thu Jan 30

need help to learn how to sew!!

Bought a sewing machine online have never used one before and I am finding it hard to get it to work. If there is anyone out there who could give me a lesson or a demonstration on how to get it to work or to even let me know if it can actually work that would be great the company I bought it from are useless and I dont want to feel like I wasted my money. I'm a stay at home mum currently pregnant again so don't have much money to offer but I'm sure we can come to some sort of arrangement as my mother always said exchange is no robbery! Thanks for reading and hope to hear from someone soon sick of looking at this machine I want to master it before the baby comes!!! Please email me

Wed Jan 22


why dont you try the lorry park up by ikeas on the north circular rd oppsite brentfield rd n w 10 (its sort of half way between stonebridge and neasden they have security coaches as well as lorries pk there hope thats of some help to you

Thu Oct 24


hi yaz seen your advert i have a nice italian leather settee big and comfortable i believe the colour is called salmon pink in v g c also a coffee table with a couple of shelves on it /in it also 2 bedside cabinets 3 drawer v g c also 2 little tables that you can fold up good quality not cheap rubbish nice dining table seats 6--8 people no chairs mahogany also have a single bed hardly been used +new mattress im not going to be greedy and ask lots of money £35 all in this is a genuine add and if you do decide to have these items all will be revealed (why im letting them go cheap) by the way yaz if you do decide you want these items you will need to bring a couple of mates with you as the settee is very heavy the hard part being getting it through the door taking the window out is not an option i live in watford and im retired so you can call me anytime look forward to hearing from you

regards golly **** 350 683

Thu Oct 24

dog flap

hiya tasha try my builder .com there are a host of trades people do all sorts of jobs its a free sight just type in what trade person you want type in what you want done and how much and there will be trades people getting back to you letting you know whats what and how much and all the trades people on the sight have ratings (all rated by members of the public who have work done by these people)so you can make up your own mind as to who you want to do the work best of luck

Wed Oct 23

Help me please

Hello, i am an interior architecture student who has chosen to focus their final project on Poplar. I chose poplar as it has so much potential yet in the views of ex locals and locals Poplar has been deteriorating for some time now. The main building i am focusing on is the old poplar baths. ( i know there is redevelopment of the building happening/ about to start) but i would like to design my own take of what Poplar needs. If anyone has any ideas of what would make Poplar better for them please reply. If you believe the area needs anything specific of which this building could provide? If you have any memories of the building/local area which you think should be remembered even brought back to life. Any insight from the locals would be greatly appreciated. Email me:

Mon Oct 07

Thoughts on Glenny Road

Hello, my partner and I are looking at moving to Glenny Rd near Leigham CRT Rd and wondered if its a safe area as we're new to South London. Is it friendly and near enough to SHill station? What's the crime rate on that rd? What's it like at night?

Thanks everyone,

Joseph & Steph

Sat Sep 28


Very please help! We are from Kingston upon Hull!

We have a lot of debts and two loans.

The first is ****.85 and the other is 4989.75.

and two credit cards in debt in 1500 and 1200.

Please you english. Help us.

We are a young family and we have a 4 year old son.

We have no longer work for three months.

Banks want payment of credit.

Please all help.

account number: ****065,

sort code: 56-00-06 Natwest.


Thanks in advance.

Sun Sep 08

Model wanted 07432200096

Female model wanted ********6

Fri Sep 06

Prefabs 1950-1960 Houseland Rd Mottingham

Has anyone got a map of Street Map of mottingham from 1950-1960 Born there would love to look at the place it was at The time Had Friend Maureen Quin or Queen , She had a Mother in Wheel Chair

Wed Jul 17

Hi looking for 2 great friends Barry and Jason we used to drink in the hop poles pub back in the day lost contact as I had to move back to ireland

Mon Jun 24

Searching for Peter Gee


I am searching for Peter Gee who lived in Plumstead during the 1960s drank in The Lord Bloomfield and possibly lived in the barnfield garden area of London . He was short and stocky?

Any help would be appreciated


Wed May 01

Looking for retro/80s clothing, shoes in London areas

I'm looking for retro/80's cycling clothing. The louder, the nerdier, the more garish the better.?Sweatbands, cycling jerseys, short shorts... anything and everything to do with the loud 80's cycling days.Please be prepared to include photographs of items

Wed Apr 17

I am looking for a super cheap shop preferable with a live in accommodation urgently/desperately


I am looking for a super cheap shop preferable with a live in accommodation for couple of months then rent can be renegotiated? I am 23 years old male currently working self-employed selling furnitures and second hand items. I am God fearing, hardworking and most importantly straight forward, I understand that this is a long shot but I am hoping someone will give a helping hand :-)

Also this can be use as a form of investment, please feel free to send offers or advice

Areas interested; southeast/southwest

Clapham areas





Crystal palace

Other areas considered

Close to public transport will be great

Many thanks

Wed Apr 17

Marilyn looking for Tony Smith

Hi I am trying to find Tony or Terry Smith twins that lived in NW10 area of London around 1967/8. I lived in Curzon Crescent Willesden.

Sat Mar 16

worcester crescent

can anyone tell me when the council houses in worcester crescent were built.Imoved there when I was about 4 and am sure the big school wasn't at the end of the road thanks

Sat Jan 05

Wed Sep 19

- I cant afford anymore driving lessons

Is anyone willing to teach me to drive? I know this is asking a lot! Teaching me to drive in YOUR car. I'm safe on the roads and we can go down residential areas for less risk. Any damages to your car, I will pay for out of my own pocket, but since Im so careful this wont happen (I'll offer collateral with my belongings).

If anyone out there will take pity on me! I'm a 29 yr old woman, I work part time in healthcare with autistic kids, but cannot move up unless I learn to drive.

Wed Sep 12


been trading for 12 years in south east london one week into the games business has gone pretty flat (

so, if you need a reliable & friendly guy capable of doing most things around your home for a very reasonable price.

Please mail me for website & contact details

many thanks


Mon Sep 10

Free Accomodation Wanted

I am a single mom aged 35+ with a six year old daughter. I am in need of a 1 or 2 bed flat in North London that would accept Housing Benefit. I am self-employed but my income is very low at the moment, so I really do not have deposit or first month rent.

I am looking for a landlord that would allow me to move in whilst my Housing Benefit application is processed. I used

I am staying with family, but it is a case of, 'haven't you found anywhere yet'

I am actively seeking work and am looking for almost anything to take me out of this situation. Or if anyone has a job vacancy they could offer me. I would take anything, such as administration, lettings agent, shop assistant. (I have experience).

The Council said I am not priority housing so cannot help us.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks

Sat Aug 04



FREE QUOTES 7 DAY AWEEK. Contact details: tel.: Sergei ********1

Tue May 22

my e mail

Ow I forget, here is my e mail!

Tue May 01

help with your english

hello i may be able to help,my name is john


Sun Apr 29

I am looking for an host


I am a french young woman who will come to London soon (mid may). I find an accomodation but the landlord doesn't want visitors so my friend can't even sleep in this flat.

That's why I'm looking for nice people who will be able to host my friend for a short term, just for 7 days or max 10 days.

We could pay you 60 pounds for the week.


Sun Apr 29

Male Au pair/ nanny is here

dear family I am a responsible male Au pair , I assure you a good and quality house hold work , I need a Job.

Tue Apr 03

0740 5 1 8 2 8 7 1

i wanna help you pls call me sally

Sun Mar 18

pls call me

**** 1 8 2 8 7 1 call me

Sun Mar 18


0740 518 28 71 pls call me

Sun Mar 18

Help Me Please looking for my lost brother Artur Steczkiewicz

He is 37 years old Polish. He used to live in London E13 (Lawrence Rd) with his girlfriend Jola Król and their daughter Olivia. I have no contact with him for 3 years and I worry about him. If you know anything about him, please email me

Thu Feb 16

Hi colleen I may be able to help you out email me at

Fri Dec 30

Lease Question!

Hi, I have a lease for the room I'm renting for about 9 more months (of a year). Recently, one of my flatmates went into my room and trashed it because she was angry that she had locked herself out and I didn't come home to let her in.

My live-in landlord won't do anything about the situation, and says I've been trying to find someone to take the rest of my lease, but have had no luck for about a month.

Does anyone know the legal obligation I have to stay in the room? I'm thinking of moving out and surrendering the security deposit, but I don't want to be responsible for the rent for the next 9 months. The lease has no information about ending the contract early, but it also doesn't have information like the landlord's responsibilities for upkeep, or even the address of the flat.

Thanks for any advice,

Tue Dec 13

Looking for Westhome, Westham or possibly Malthouse road Forest Gate

I wonder if anyone can help me. I am trying to decipher the name of the road where my grandfather lived in 1917. It is possibly any of the above. If anyone knows of any of the above street names, or could suggest near alternatives, I would be extremely grateful The house number was 49.

Also if anyone knows of the Cowderoy family in forest gate either now or in the past, I would be grateful to know. Please contact me at

Mon Nov 28


can anyone tell me how to sign up for a new password for face book, i cannot remember my password or get my e-mails. (very frustrating) it will not come up get new password. any advice will be greatly appriciated.


can you please answer on here. thankyou

Mon Nov 14

Make up artist required for special event East London

Hello! i'm looking for a talented make up artist for an event in East London at the beginning of November. It is a dress up party where you would need to make up 4/5 people of the organizing team according to theme of the party.

You need to have your own tools. Be professional, friendly and punctual.

This is an unpaid job as we have a quite small budget but we offer you the chance to earn some money making up the guests who want to, and to participate at the whole event.

Please drop few lines talking about you and your experience and attach portfolio or pictures of your previous works.

Sat Oct 01

Air mail

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me where I can get air mail stamps from in London

The corner stores do not have them and there is no post shop close to me due to it burning down

Don't no if im missing something obvious



Wed Sep 28

Air mail

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me where I can get air mail stamps from in London

The corner stores do not have them and there is no post shop close to me due to it burning down

Don't no if im missing something obvious



Wed Sep 28

74 beledere road

can anyone tell me if 74 Belvedere Road is still there, my great grand parents were running a coffee house there in 1911

Thu Jul 28

To Natasha (Bella)

To Natasha (Bella)

Hi Natasha I’m interested in Bella. I’m 18 and live in surrey area. Please contact me email –

Tue Jul 26


y u dont need a boy friend if needed then mail me at

Wed Jul 13


explain me in detail then im gonna help you

Wed Jul 13


I've just moved to Brick Lane and I LOVE dogs! I'm a full-time PhD student but would be able to walk Bella most mornings and pretty much every evening depending on work load! I wouldn't want paying or anything! I'm desperate to get a dog but due to finance/space in my flat it's probably not a good idea so being able to take one for a walk etc would be great! Let me know! (

Wed Jun 08

Dog share / free dog walker

We have a beautiful 10 month old cocker spaniel called Bella, she is well natured and probably the most loving dog we could have wished for.

We are looking for someone who may not be In a position to have a dog full time but would like a dog in there life.

neither I nor my husband realised the time and commitment having a dog would require and as we both work full time as well as having two young children Bella isn’t getting the quality of life she deserves.

We have thought about re homing Bella, but sharing would be our preferred option as she is now part of the family and our children adore her and would be devastated.

We are not seeking a financial commitment, just a companion for Bella during the day to keep her active. This could be anything from an hour or all day. details can be negotiated to whatever suites each family.

If you are interested please email me

Many thanks

Post reply -->London Pets Natasha 7 Jun

Tue Jun 07

I have a fair bit, do you want it with needles and basket to keep it in ! JeanieX

Thu May 12


Dear Jane

I can recommend you a dentist in london who I used for implant at the europe price. very reasonable lady Dentist

Sat Apr 23


which are is your flat. I might be able to share and pay the rent.

reply me on email

Sat Apr 23

looking for susan Adams

who used to live in Lurgan Avenue fulham with her Nan

please email me

Fri Mar 11

work mates on the Star evening newspaper 50s

Is there any body who worked on the star evening news paper in the 50's looking in on this site would like to contact them my name is Derek Stephens and I was a rounds boy with Teddy Swain in the harlesden area

from 1951 till 1960 please e-mail me

Fri Mar 11

159 Tulse Hill

159 Tulse Hill was a home for unwed mothers in 1932.

I have not found out who run the place.

Sat Jan 15

Chating in English?


I,am Anita ,31 years old.Married mother of two children .

I would like to have a chat with somebody(mostly female) of bringing up children and etc,

I live in Ealing so we can meet sometimes in park with children.My son is 6 and doughter 2.

My skype:lukasz_misiewicz

Thu Jan 06

Author looking for women experiencing the menopause

If you are experiencing negative health problems, which includes emotional, physical symptoms, and any new health conditions since entering the perimenopause - menopause or post menopause, I would love to hear from you.

I am writing a book how women suffer with the 'change ' and inspire how our suffering is unnecessary as there is a natural remedy that totally overrides the menopause

Mon Dec 20


Hi, I would like to improve my writing skills would like to pay you small amount of mohey what i could afford. Pls get in touch with me only Who is born in this Country or British.It could be male or female


Tue Dec 14

i require a dog flap fitter

i need a dog flap fitted to our glass sliding patio doors,

i would really love to have this done prior to christmas as it's getting way to cold to keep a back door open for our puppy



Thu Dec 09

I know a really good dentist in Pristina

Wed Sep 01

help please

hi i am in need of any sort of work.i am a very fit active 50 year old lady.i cook .clean, very organised.loyal.honest punctual.i can work alone,or within a team, take instruction very well,i mix well,if you have any sort of work from an old girl friday,washing up,cooking,clearing tables,housework,dog walking running messages id be so very grateful if you coud email me.no job to big or too small thank you ..

Fri Aug 27

Evangelist Emmanuel Nyah



Chris universal spiritual school of practical Christianity

Brotherhood of thé Cross and Star

Head Office


ADDRESS/ No# 105 Scoji Yopougon Express Road Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire Republic-mail;

Fri Aug 13

Evangelist Emmanuel Nyah



Chris universal spiritual school of practical Christianity

Brotherhood of thé Cross and Star

Head Office


ADDRESS/ No# 105 Scoji Yopougon Express Road Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire Republic-mail;

Fri Aug 13

Evangelist Emmanuel Nyah



Chris universal spiritual school of practical Christianity

Brotherhood of thé Cross and Star

Head Office


ADDRESS/ No# 105 Scoji Yopougon Express Road Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire Republic-mail;

Fri Aug 13

Evangelist Emmanuel Nyah



Chris universal spiritual school of practical Christianity

Brotherhood of thé Cross and Star

Head Office


ADDRESS/ No# 105 Scoji Yopougon Express Road Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire Republic-mail;

Fri Aug 13

Evangelist Emmanuel Nyah



Chris universal spiritual school of practical Christianity

Brotherhood of thé Cross and Star

Head Office


ADDRESS/ No# 105 Scoji Yopougon Express Road Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire Republic-mail;

Fri Aug 13

Evangelist Emmanuel Nyah



Chris universal spiritual school of practical Christianity

Brotherhood of thé Cross and Star

Head Office


ADDRESS/ No# 105 Scoji Yopougon Express Road Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire Republic-mail;

Fri Aug 13

Brotherhood of thé Cross and Star



Chris universal spiritual school of practical Christianity

Brotherhood of thé Cross and Star

Head Office


ADDRESS/ No# 105 Scoji Yopougon Express Road Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire Republic-mail;

Fri Aug 13

Fri Jul 09

I need a van and driver!!!!

Hi...Im a student thats recently moved to Hatfield from Hendon...My place is unfurnished so I need to bring my bed from my home in South London, Crystal Palace. Its a single day bed. I've looked online and it seems it would be cheaper to buy a bed than pay them astrnomical prices! If you or anybody you know would be able to help move my bed please contact me along with how much you'd charge!


Fri May 07

Registered Charity Needs Unwanted Gifts

Dear Sir/Madam

We are a registered charity that are about to work in offices in Kennington, offered free and we now have a handful of volunteers offering their services. These volunteers are young old long term and short term. We cannot afford to pay them but we would like to give them a token gesture to show our appreciation. Therefore if you are a local cafe where they can pop in for lunch or coffee/if you are a local business that can give away some freebies or if you are in individual that has something small and beautiful - too nice for the bin or charity shop this item could go in our "Thank You" drawer where we can invite the many volunteers to choose a small gift after a day's work. This would really help us. We are not in our new offices yet and if you would like to make a pledge we would like to invite you to visit us in our new office and see how the set up is run. Thank you so much. Laverne Hunt. www.mcnltd.org **** ****3

Sat May 01

hello my name is Palcu Gabriela

i just move'd in this areea and i need urgent to registered to gp!this is my email adress

Thu Mar 25


hello there,

i saw your burdens in your page, as i can give the job for you. it is a cleaning job in restaurant and some time in bar.

are u interested in it

reply me as soon as possible..

Tue Mar 09

Exchange FREE room Madrid-London

I exchange (FREE) room in floor(flat) shared with girls students in the center of Madrid for room in London or some city of United Kingdom, during the months of Julio and August! 23-year-old Spanish girl university student!

I contact:

Thu Feb 25

London code is 020.

That number is (020) 7392 XXXX.

The 020 is the area code for London.

The 7392 area corresponds to at least a part of the E1 postcode area; specifically Whitechapel Road, Old Spitalfields Market, Commercial Street, etc.

Fri Jan 22

London Code 020

There is NO 0208 code.

London is 020. Just 020. Only 020.

Not 0207. Not 0208. Not 0203.

Just 020.

Fri Jan 22

Sun Jan 10

i have had done about 9 implant which is from india in the city called surat near where i came from .its been one year now with no problem .its cost roughly about 300 pound per implant .but i have to travel on and off to heal the whole process.for you if you count your traveling, accomandation,and how many times you need to go there and other expensis try working out may be its cheaper.but for me it was holiday but most of time painfull. have a look in to "you tube" and see how they do.i cant say he good but upto now i have no problem with his work but had miner problem with him he wanted create more work to make money.

Sun Jan 10

Help me please

I am a female and I have cat. I live in small 1 bedroom flat but I cant afford to pay on my own. Flat is very cheap but I only work part time at the moment. Maybe somebody can help me to find a cheaper place or some job. I am good cleaner and experienced carer. Please give a little help for a little cat. Please email me at

Sun Jan 03

URGENT - DOG LOVER or Doggy Day Care/Walking/Sitting - WIMBLEDON ish AREA- Voluntary or very reasonable rates!!


Are you a DOG LOVER!?

I have recently inherited a gorgeous dog, but will be going back to work after a period of ill health, I urgently need someone who LOVES dogs, but cant afford or have one permanently, or works from home etc that could look after mine when I'm at work. She's too intelligent and sociable to be left alone all day with only one walk, but one walk and company would be fine.

I can pay if needs be, but can only afford very resonable rates until I'm working full time.

She's hilarious and good company.

If I cant find someone I may have to rehome her and that would break my heart!

If you know of anyone, please ask them too.

MANY thanks!

Fri Nov 27

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