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This film is a bit sick and I have to confess I left before the end because I was more than a bit uncomfortable with it. It rehearses and old theme of the 'cuckoo' in the family 'nest' serially murdering family members (including children by the way) apparently without anyone noticing very much.

It had top billing in the Fulham Road but the 300 seat cinema was virtually empty. One for you to miss too.

Sat Mar 02

I am looking for friends

hello my name is robert 32 years old.I live in Norbury. I looking for friends with whom you can go to a bar or karaoke. Want to improve my English if you can help me please - thanks ;)

Wed Aug 10

I am looking for friends

hello my name is robert 32 years old.I live in Norbury. I looking for friends with whom you can go to a bar or karaoke. Want to improve my English if you can help me please - thanks ;)



Wed Aug 10

The secret in their eyes

This got a (rare) five star rating on moveeeee.com so I thought I'd go to see it. It's a brilliant film: a slow burn mystery thriller with a Latin slant. Quite long but you don't want it to finish, and a strrrange twist at the end. "Highly recommended."

But .... did the husband do it ???

Sun Aug 15

A single man

Just saw this tonight at the Barbican. I'd urge anyone to go and see it before it exits the big screen. It's a beautiful film with style and charm. 1960's set designed by the people who did the same for 'Mad Men.'

Sat Mar 13

Burning Reel Free Film Screenings

Burning Reel is an alternative cinema space in Camberwell at the Minet Library SE5 9QY, showing monthly films free of charge. The first movie will be 'Cinema Paradiso' on Tuesday March 16th at 6.30pm which will be followed by another five films as part of the 'Cinema Italia' Season. For a full listing have a look at the Burning Reel facebook page or email us at

Mon Feb 22

It's strange isn't it how there isn't much correlation between what the critics like and everybody else.

Mon Dec 14

hi ye im moving down to london

Im moving down to london in the next few weeks and at the moment happy to support your group. email me on

Thu Sep 10

it's a terrible film...truly terrible

Thu Jun 11


Hi there, We are a film making group in London but we also watch films regularly, you just post a message asking for any of our 1200+ members to go and see whatever film takes your fancy and wait for the responses.

Hope to see you on the forum

John (Admin)


Wed Feb 04


This film got slated by the critics, so I was a bit surpirsed to like it very much.

It's quite suitable for 12+ age group and in fact we took my 11 y/o nephew to see it and only had to cover his eyes once !! Choose a comfy cinema though: it's nearly three hours long.

Sun Jan 04

The Reader

I bill as a 'must see.'

This film isn't going to cheer you up, so don't go for that reason but it is very moving in a good kind of way and VERY sexy !! There are many little touches which make it the kind of film you think of for days afterwards. Shame to miss it in the cinema: it won't be the same on TV.

It's set initally in post war Berlin and demonsrates in its subsequent decades the ricoche of the horrors of war. outstanding acting from both leads, really outstanding.

Sun Jan 04

Sun Jun 15

Sun Jun 15

Flashbacks Of A Fool

This film is quite good if not getting very rich and famous bothers you: the message is "money and fame does not equal happiness" It's a lovely, slightly quirky film and very English. there are also bits that go unexplained and I don't think thats because they plan a sequel. Also if you are English and spent your childhood holidays in Cornwall it won't quite gel with you: that's because the scenes were filmed in SA and the waves are too big, the houses are built out of wood and there isn't enough gorse. There's quite a lot of raunchy nakedness in a rather fetid biological sort of way. I recommend this film, but it will keep for DVD release in case you were wondering.

Sun Apr 20

Re toucing the void

Probably because he's better looking than the other guy and the other guy was a shit for cutting the rope - ddeerrr!!!

Fri Jan 11

The Kite Runner

Go and see this it'll make you cry.

You probably know by now that it's about Afghanistan. Since it's a US film you won't be entirely surprised

that the Taliban aren't the small-town country boys who make it good after an hour and a half of setbacks (somebody else from Afghanistan goes to the US and does this instead, so don't worry.)

I haven't read the book but my hunch is that the film is more propagandist. However it is still a fantastic film, and not one to leave to DVD.

Only slight quibble though is 12A rating: so portrayal of child rape and trafficking is fine now at 12 ?

Sun Dec 30

SERTUC BHM Film Night - Thursday 22 November 2007

Morning all,

There is film screening (1 hour) for film docu:


It will be:


*Discussion (Q&A)

*Followed by drinks reception

Panel featuring:

· Elonka Soros – Editor

· Karen Gabay – Producer

· Caroline Julyan - Archive Producer

· Danny John Jules - Actor

6.00 – 9.00pm,

Thursday 22 November 2007

Great Russell Street, London

Free admission

*limited spaces, registration essential

If you wish to attend the event please register by contacting

020 7467 1220


Anyone interested please be quick on registration as seats are limited.

Have a good day!

Tue Nov 13

Spiritual Warriors The FILM

I saw the trailer on www.spiritualwarriors.com and then went to see it at a private screening. It dares the audience to challenge their peceptions of who we are, what are we doing here, and the meaning of success. I found it to be a memorable journey through darkness and light and ultimately to hope. London premiere Sunday 2 September Curzon Mayfair London

Mon Jul 16

(again) Calling hardcore FILM BUFFS for film research

If you feel that you know very much about films and that they have become a too important part of your everyday life, I hereby invite you to participate in this film research for the completion of a postgraduate course im taking, on the topic of film reception. What it would involve is giving an interview (to be filmed) about you and your relationship with films + an insight into your daily life. No payment would mediate but your collaboration would be properly credited in the final filmed version of the work and under a special circumstance a symbolic retribution could be worked out. If you are interested please drop me line on the following email address, so that we can discuss in more detail:

Fri Jun 22

Buying Book/CD/DVD for library project

We provide books, cds and dvds for a prison library project (STRETCH - get it) and need to buy literally 100,000's per annum.

We can pay upto £1.50 per item any ideally like to buy in 100s if not 1000s if there any of you with CD, Book or DVD collections.

PLease call Larry on 0800 ****45 or email

Fri Jun 08

Sun Jun 03

Paradise Lost in London

Saw Paradise Lost last night in London! It's finally out in the UK.

I thought it was a great looking film and shooting in actual South American rainforest locations was a brilliant move. People should see the film to see how awesome the jungle looks. Maybe it will help to stop it getting chopped down.

Anyway this kind of film only works where you have an environment that drives the story and the Brazilian jungle does that stunningly. The lost backpackers storyline works and the production values seem to be way up on other films in this genre that I have seen.

I like my shocks delivered with style and this one set me up for the weekend nicely. My girlfriend loved the shocks and screamed a lot!

Check out site at www.paradiselostmovie.co.uk/ The game is cool!

Sat Jun 02

Calling hardcore FILM BUFFS for film research

If you feel that you know very much about films and that they have become a too important part of your everyday life, I hereby invite you to participate in this film research for the completion of a postgraduate course im taking, on the topic of film reception. What it would involve is giving an interview (to be filmed) about you and your relationship with films + an insight into your daily life. No payment would mediate but your collaboration would be properly credited in the final filmed version of the work and under a special circumstance a symbolic retribution could be worked out. If you are interested please drop me line on the following email address, so that we can discuss with more detail:

Tue May 15

re Touching the Void

If you climb or you do extreme sports or you pride yourself M/F at endurance at what ever then I agree with ths guy, it's a must view: not very comfortable, not 'entertaining' but something you'll think about (good way) for weeks. Why does every women I know fancy the bloke that got his rope cut ?

Thu Jan 25

Touching the Void

I know this was on TV for the first time last night, but it 'touched' me quite a lot so I thought I'd recommend it.

Well I sort of recommend it because it's not easy viewing: it introduces the concept of giving up hope and dying a solitary death and a mountain climber's remarkable battle against that. It is a stunning film, but not one that complements a two bottles of wine and take-away pizza kind of evening.

Sun Jan 14

Hello there,

is this still going..?

I'm interested in joining - my email address is

Mon Nov 06

I couldnt answer you

Hi and sorry, about a trouble with my computer I cannot answer you by mail, and I'm trying by this forum, your post looks really good if you can please call me or mail me to find your club

Mon Oct 30

Jamies return to School Dinners C4

If you watched 'Jamie's School Dinners' and you liked his attention to food, the you won't like this sequel.

Like any bad sequel if fails to recognise what was good about the first. It labours beyond belief a rather patronising moralising message about procuring more government money to benefit the masses. Parents in Lincolnshire are slated for sending their children to school with packed lunches. A young chef from a local pub is humiliated on television whereas his boss isn't even interviewed.

Jamie interviews a very very tired Prime Minister.

This series iwill be about 'Jamie' an aspiring politician, not as chef, and he shows all the virtues that that career requires.

Mon Sep 18


The London Film Club is a new group and aims to unite cinema lovers across the capital! The first film we hope to see is the French psychological thriller 'Hidden' ('Cache'). If anyone out there is interested in coming along, contact

Fri Jul 14

Two cheers (3)

I agree that there wasnt much sense of urgency, and plot played its fiddle very quietly here.

Really, I think the new style doctor who is far too fluffy, frothy and ultimately unsatisfying. Most of the episodes are single shot affairs, with coffee table magazine depth. Too often visual bravado is an end in itself (Scottish Kung fu monks in bullet time, anyone?) and not tied into the setting or theme. I'd give it 8/10 for wit, fun and accessibility, but 3/10 for scifi kudos & Dr Who feel.

Anyone else think this?

Fri Jun 23

Two cheers (2)

Rushed, implausible & unsatisfactory 3rd acts

No real regard for sci fi

far too variable, jarring mixing of tone - the humour & irony often collapse the drama and ruin the pace

Utterly parochial - our central character can go anywhere in the universe in any epoch, yet he always homes in on some chemical plant in Docklands! Seems like we're always in London or the UK.

Soapy - can we have an episode without Rose's Mum/Dad/boyfriend/dog ? Theyre all great but not all the time.

This tardis dweller is way too contemporary. Looks & feels like a Cambridge drop out, yet he's supposed to be alien, dammit! None of his off world attitudes come through.

Fri Jun 23

Two cheers for the change of format

Well, at first I thought the production crew from 'Hustle' or 'This Life' had wandered into the wrong studio!

Apart from the slapstick intro this episode is hell bent on switching the perspective right around. The eponymous Dr is barely in it, and we dive deep into group therapy wearing the clothes of an investigative team. The characters were well drawn and endearing, obliquely referencing the timelord. Loved Marc Warren as Elton. Giggled at Bliss & her aimless take on New Age 'wisdom'. BUT, for all its revisionism of the DW format it comes up with exactly the same flaws that have beset the whole of this series. Namely :

<next post>

Fri Jun 23

re Dr Who

I agree. What a shame. I was quite getting into it. It was fourty-five minutes bereft of plot. I hate that fat git 'comedian' from Manchester that played the slimy fat monster, and for the life of me, I can't remember his name.

Sat Jun 17

Dr Who

I think the budget just ran out this week !

Sat Jun 17

Da Vinci Code

For those who have already read the book. it should come as no surprise as to how cliched and ridiculous the film is. The fundamental messages and theories are interesting, but that's all. The unravelling of the story itself iin the book and the film, is full of Hollywood drama and stereotypes - if you don't like that, I would advise against seeing/reading either, unless you can withstand the cheese and just focus on the subject matter. Surely any film/book that encourages the younger generation to question the world, and what they are told, is a good thing. How would we progress otherwise? The findings of Gallileo being a fine example.

Tue Jun 06

re: Davinci Code

Yet another 'make sure the book is a best seller, throw money at overpaid US (and British) actors to give it credibility, film cheaply on busy locations in western cities and bill it as a blockbuster six months before it arrives, to give it 'gravity.'

The lead actor in this film is Tom Hanks. He plays 'Tom Hanks' in this film. The British Actor Sir Ian MacEllan is of course a very very bad guy in the end in contrast to the two US actors, and ends up getting arrested and locked up. He is old disabled rich eccentric and european, so he pulls a gun on the heroes, and deserves whatever he gets.

Mon May 29

Davinci Code

I didn't read the book, so I missed something presumably. Apparently not: third week in it's still showing five times a day at my local cinema (Fulham) and the seats were 75% full (Sunday Bank Holiday.)

But I didn't get the impression my fellow audience were that impressed either: no-one sat riveted in their seats beyond much of the credits.

This film is OLD-HOLLYWOOD: it will make them money, because they didn't invent or need to market the plot, and they still have the distribution network, so it's a safe profit.

The film is lame and has one of those rather sickly apple-pie endings: OK, the Christian Church manipulated history and wars for two centuries by lying and killing, but it's your faith that is the real force for good.

That's nice.

Sun May 28

Cockles and Muscles

You've missed this one in London, I think. I put it here as a good DVD take-home. It's French, with subtitles, billed a bit as a 'gay' plot which it certainly isn't.

It's and old fashioned farce, with slamming doors and things going on behind closed doors, but also people liking to think there are things going on behind closed doors because it excuses their own indiscretions, where what is going on in public is MUCH more interesting.

Very French. There's singing and dancing in it in the middle and the end. The teenage children put up with a LOT.

Wed May 17


If you haven't done so already, GO AND SEE THIS FILM ! It is the best thing I've seen for a couple of years. And you'll have to be quick, because it's ending it's run.

It's about a family of five boys in Quebec in the 1970's and about growing up and about everything that can go wrong. And the pace of it is breathtakiing: so much happens because the film spans twenty years of family life with some brilliant acting and makeup.

I'm going to do something I've never done before, I'm going to go and see it again this week. You can find out where it's on on the BBC's website

Mon May 01

Recommended films anyone ?

I've lost touch with the films at the moment. Any reommendations ? 'Feel good' is good, don't like violent films: last film i saw was Brokeback Mountain which was REALLY refreshing for US output, but it affected me for a couple of days because of where the two characters ended up.

Sat Apr 22


If you haven't already seen this....go see it!! Yes it is very much your typical cop/investigation type film but the main difference is the twist and turns the plot creates. Wonderful actors in it, Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Michelle Pfeiffer..theywere all brilliant! Its dark..but not too dark...its suspenseful and there's some humour in there as well. Well done Spike Lee!

Thu Apr 06

Film Groups


I'm a 23 year old girl from east london looking to join or form a film group. Am basically looking for a group of fellow film lovers to meet up once a month or more, see a film and then go for drinks after and discuss it.

Am into all kinds of genre's from mainstream to indie so all film suggestions would be welcomed! I'd prefarably like the group to be based around east london but am willing to travel to other parts of london. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in then drop me a line - i look forward to hearing from you.

My email is:

Tue Feb 14

Brokeback Mountain

This film is a phenomenon. the only reason I say that is we tried to see it last week, and we couldn't because it was sold out. So it seems today the (same) cinema moved it to their biggest screen (I guess about 600-700 seats) and there wasn't an empty seat.

This isn't a 'feel good' film. You only thing that makes you feel good is that you aren't any of the characters in it. On a more familiar note it's about Deep South intolerance in the 1960's. And in case you didn't know already, which is unlikely, it's about two cowboys who fall in love.

The film is clearly very very popular here. But I was preoccupied with wanting to know if it was equally popular in ... Houston ... for instance ?

Because if it was, and its distribution wasn't confined to East and West coast states, then I'm never going to listen to anyone who says the US is represented by George Bush, because it clearly isn't.

Go and seeit, but not when you need cheering up.

Sun Jan 22

Channel 4 Shipwrecked

Quite by chance I saw this today. It's MUCH better than BIg Brother. I'm pretty sure I saw a couple of the first series four years ago, and then there was an international one, which lost my interest very quickly.

It's still got that REALLY irritating long theatrical pause where they go "And the winner is'.................................. ................................ ..................................... ...........more pause....................... ............................ ...................."

which is really tacky. But it is nicely devoid of futile humiliating 'tasks' But there is a real range of characters, and it doesn't come across that they've been deliberately selected to be in conflict with each other.

Personally I thin it's the best thing I've seen since the first Brat Camp.

Sun Jan 15


Strange film, and not what I was expecting given the hype.

It is another refreshingly self-reflective US film without any little-guy-makes-good plot. If anything it reminded me of Catch 22.

But it leaves me finding it difficult to write much about it: Don't get me wrong it's deeply ironic, the sets of the Iraqi desert during the first Gulf War look really expensive, and the acting is superb. If you think that beacuse it's a soldier film your're going to see lots of beefy male nakedness, you''e not wrong.

I think to be fair, the 'emptiness' of the film is intentional, but the audience were already getting up from their seats before the credits rolled, and with a film like this, that's always a sign that it didn't quite hit the spot.

Incidentally 'Brokeback Mountain' was sold out where we went: there is definitely a change in direction in output from the US, and clearly an audience for it too.

Sun Jan 15

King Kong: THe remake

Has anyone else seen the new King Kong movie? I don't usually see these types of movies.

Anyways, the first part of the movie is heavy on character development and story telling. (I think that the major movie studios are starting to realize that you need some half decent actors and some semblance of a story line in these remakes). Well I really liked this part of the movie. All the main characters are supposed to be sailing to some spooky island to make a movie. I got to say this part was good, because there was tension and it was geniuinely creepy. I felt as though I was watching the beginning of an A1 horror movie.

But when Kong comes in......I've got to say I felt as though I was watching Jurassic Park. There were alot of special effects and it kind of had the look of a really good video game. Alot of the scenes looked impressive but they looked fake and that's why I think no one was on the edge of they're seats.

All in all it was okay. I think if you

Sat Jan 07

The directors

Anybody been to see and rate the new 'The Directors.' I'm a bit put off by the advertising which makes it look like Mrs Doubtfire II.

The original 'The Directors' was extremely funny, but the trailers suggest the camp is a bit overplayed in this one.

Tue Jan 03

re: Harry Potter Goblet of fire

I agree. i thought it was very very impressive, not least because it is clearly providing a lot of lucrative work for some very talented Brit actors and actresses: I loved the 'giant' Miss Jones. Is it true there is only to be one more book ?

Tue Jan 03

Harry Potter Goblet of Fire

It's darker, and there's swearing in it and 'Miss Jones' from Rising Damp is in it as a voluptuous giant French woman and so is the new Doctor Who (as an awake baddy) and Boysie from All Fools and Horses as an 'EU' wizard.

I didn't see it through because after two and a half hours I became convinced I'd left my kitchen sink hot tap running. I hadn't. And I think actually I wanted to get out because I was worried about nightmares ( I'm 45 and will undoubtedly grow out of them.)

What I think is really good about this film is probably good about the book that I haven't read: it grows up. There is an undulating trail of betrayal amongst the teenage characters which mirrors the anxiety and rivalry of the elders. Why aren't the adult characters in the film doing something to protect the teenage children from this ......... dragon ?

Mon Dec 26

Space Cadets C4

Playing a joke on your mates is funny.

Why is it funny for a large media company to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on effects to publicly humiliate young people by goading them into thinking they've seen the earth from space, and to encourage them to speak about it, believing that they have.

I ask the question, after this, what is not acceptable ?

Tue Dec 13


I keep hearing this is really good, so must see it.

I saw the first "Saw" and thought it was great - genuinely creepy with one or two really disturbing moments, eg the mother who tells her child to go back to bed cos there's no monster, and then later goes in to check on her and...ulp!

Satisfyingly nasty.

Sun Nov 20


with a bit at the beginning that's relevant to the end, and a bit at the end that reflects on the beginning.

It's about a gangster who wants to be a concert pianist (still want to go ?) But it's a French film, not a US one, and you should go because like (my) dreams it never quite gets there.

For the first twenty minutes, you'll wonder why you went.

Sun Nov 13

The Beat That My Heart Skipped (De Battre Mon Coeur S

First thing I want to say is that I went to see this at the Chelsea CineView cinema, which is a bit of an enigma. I've cycled past it many times and often wondered why it only seems to show one film at a time. It became apparent that that is because it's only got one auditorium, which is odd given that it's the King's Road.

But it's truly airline 'Club Class.' Even if you squiggle down in your seat almost on to your back, your feet still can't quite kick the row in front, and there's no chance of rubbing elbows with your neighbour without planning it. After 'dark' you'll get shown to your seat with a torch. Thankfully there's no interval for refreshments.

I don't think "De Battre Mon Coeur S'Est Arrete" does mean "The Beat That My Heart Skipped." Surely it means "the beat that stopped my heart ?"

It doesn't matter. the audience largely stayed until at least half-way through the credits, and this was deserved.

It's a standard cinematographic FroggyPlot wi

Sun Nov 13

The Descent: Is this the new cool or what?

i saw The Descent some couple of months back and i cant but still talk about it. i think the storyline, actors, directors were simply wicked. i still cant get enough of it. i think i got my moneys' worth. recent films have been receving an all time low grade from me, even war of the worlds- ending was simply catastrophic.

i saw SAW 2 recently- what do you think.

is anyone out there a film critic like me? lets start a group, see a movie and talk about it. email :

Sat Nov 12

Crash - fantastic

I think this film was brilliant. if you have not seen it yet, go along, you will not be disappointed.

Wed Oct 26

Anybody recommend Oliver Twist ... anybody ?

I'm so put off by memories from my childhood of the musical on the TV :- "Food, glorious food..." sung by (possibly) public school boys from the director's old school.

I know there's no singing um... but is there a plot that doesn't celibrate poverty as a virtue ?

If there is, then we might like to go and see it

Fri Oct 21

Thank you !!!

Sat Oct 08

Hispanic or Latino Film about motorbikes in South America

The film is The Motorcycle Diaries

Sat Oct 08

Hispanic or Latino Film about motorbikes in South America

About the early life of Che Guevara (spelling?) on a motorbike tour in South America. Nice film, quite blokey, need to buy it for a friend, but can't for the life of me remember thename. Any takers please ?

Fri Oct 07

Judie Dench and Maggie Smith

The film is called Ladies in Lavender.

Tue Sep 20

Judie Dench and Maggie Smith

I went to see this film a while ago, and want to buy it on DVD for two friends who can't go and see any films at the cinema because they've got young children, the trouble is I can't remember what it's name is !

It's about two spinster sisters living in Cornwall by the coast during WW II. One day they find a washed-up young male refugee who isn't quite dead on the beach and they nurse him back to health. The film is about unexpressable desire (well I thought so.) He turns out to be a musical prodigy and the two sisters have to let him go. Ring any bells anyone please ? I'd be really grateful.

Mon Sep 19

Pride and Prejudice

It's bloody brilliant.

"Do you dance Mr. Darcy ?"

"Not if I can help it."

Beautiful countryside, beautiful houses and beautiful acting. My two favourite actors in this are Donald Sutherland as Mr. Bennet and Mr. Bingley played by Prince Harry with Big Hair (not really.)

This yet again a film to be seen in the cinema with a big audience, because you can feel everyone else feeling uncomfortable in the characters' uncomfortable bits, and then laugh (with them, naturally.)

If you start off thinking 'Well it's not much better than the BBC drama,' you need to wait a bit, and perhaps remember that that was extremely good, and you already know the plot anyway: but Mr. Darcy does thaw quite suddenly in a way that is credible, but not in the way it was done on the Beeb.

The young women and their costumes are beautiful.

Sun Sep 18

Review - Broken Flowers

Broken Flowers Jim Jarmuch. What can I say? deeply depresive, thought provoking, funny, cynical, and in a typical Jarmuch style leaves you not knowing, not having a perfect response to all of the questions thrown up during the film. This film is a wonderful example of Jim Jarmuchs talent and ability to take the spectator into a breif snipit of his characters lives, leave a little taster and then take you away again. Very simple but beautiful, Bill Murray 'under plays' a passive man and is superb. Perhaps my favourite moment, a minute long shot of him sat on his sofa alone bar a bottle of champagne and a glass. Classic independant cinema.

Wed Sep 07


This film is a certificate (18) because it has some nudity and sex in it. However provided you're 12 or over you can go and see War of the Worlds instead and watch live humans having their blood sucked out to make fertilizer. This is much more appropriate for your age group.

Don't go and see this film at a quiet time. It's very funny and you need to be in a place where you feel comfortable laughing.

It's Film Four British upside-down humour but darker than 'Wimbledon' or 'Notting Hill.' I don't think anyone is very likeable except the male Canadian fringe actor.

Half the cast get their kit off and there are some quite explicit sexual scenes which capture the physical hyperbole of the casual shag.

But it is funny. My favourite character was the PA to the big comedy star: she turns down a very promising encounter for the safety of a truly unrewarding job. Been there ?

Sun Jul 24

Spielberg cant do endings -

- well, not since ET, anyway. Minority Report, Catch Me If You Can, Saving Private Ryan, A.I. - all of them are marred by a(n unecessary) fourth act that drains all the energy from what has preceded it. They could all do to lose the last 20 mins - the last hour in the case of A.I.! SS can't bring himself to leave the audience with an unhappy/bleak ending, but the aforementioned films would be more effective and resonant were you to end MR with Tom Cruise being convicted and not have to go through all that guff involving Max Von Sydow; CMIYC with DeCaprio being arrested by Tom Hanks, dumping all the rubbish about TH giving him a job; SPR without the gooey speech by the old geezer, and A.I. without all the alien/good fairy bollocks. Spielberg drives me nuts, he's so good at what he does - yet he hasn't made a truly satisfying film for over two decades.

Thu Jul 14

War of the Worlds

I agree. I was gobsmacked by the brutality of this film and given what happened last week it just isn't going to be the right thing for some people to go and see, because it is terrifying.

Nevertheless I think a main 'thread' of the film was the futility of meeting aggression with aggression head on, and how much that damages you, not them.

I agree with you, the God, Justice and Peace narrative at the end has got to be a send up surely ? But then ... I can't really remember what happened in the book.

Mon Jul 11

War of the Worlds (Spielburg)

Don't take your children to see this film. I mean it.

It is brutal, bloody, and relentless: several adults walked out during our viewing this afternoon. The film board have got this one wrong, this is not a (12A).

This is a film about war. But this clever producer has yet again done something new. It's about aliens and creatures, but it doesn't santitise war. This film is horrific.

I think it's worth seeing, providing you can bear the US blockbuster generic plot:-

Loser divorced parent with with dysfunctional family ->-> Unimagenable Crisis ->-> everybody re-realises family values-

>-> Apple Pie ending.

The ending is so trite it makes you suspect the director might be sending up the financiers. The disappointment in the audience we sat with during the credits was palpable.

Nevetheless I think you should go and see it, and perhaps... leave before the end.

Sun Jul 03

Dr Who

Was a bit cynical, but I watched the last episode with the Dalek invasion tonight because of the hype on BBC.

But it was good, with some very clever script. And the robot version of Anne Robinson killed three Daleks, before they got her, which made you sorry (somehow?) because her mouth seemed to be the only potent weapon against them.

But the bit I loved was that the Daleks had got 'religion' into their culture with the desire to punish 'blasphemy.'

Sat Jun 18

Star Wars III - Who needs parents ?

This film is family therapy for Luke Skywalker. Why ? Well you know how difficult it is to imagine your parents having had sex. Now imagine you are Luke Skywalker on discovering your father is Darth Vader. Mum how could you ? Imagine how loud the breathing got.

Luke, apparently everything was lovely between Mum n Da' until your hormonal young father got into the wrong company and became an intergalactic hoodie.

There's quite a lot in between which is a tiny bit fraught and shouty with glowing sticks. Watch out for some I-told-you-so's from Luke's Mum :-

'We've started this war in the name of democracy, but now I wonder if we are not seen as the evil one.'


'This war is because we have lost the ability to listen.'

Blimey. No wonder the Republicans hate Hollywood. George Galloway: you've been upstaged by Mrs. Skywalker Snr.

By the way,We went to see this in a sold-out 600+ seater at 1730 and there were only adults there. What do kids

Mon May 30

A Good Woman

One of Wilde's, but relocated to Italy. Wonderfully wriggly plot, and every other line a Wildism. The actress that plays Mrs. Erline (don't know) puts in a star performance. I think the message of this film is that if you stick your nose in the air, you'll likely fall flat on your face: 'For every Saint there is a past, for every sinner there is a future.' Someone said that in the film too.

To the Fulham couple three rows behind me, who thought it OK to talk all all the way through this film, there's a long rather fresh scratch down one side of your four wheel drive now. Kids have just got no respect or consideration for others have they ?

This film is very funny, but don't go and see it in Fulham.

Tue May 17

Hitch Hikers Guide

I didn't realise it was originally books, I thought it was a radio series to begin with. I haven't seen the film, just trailers. But I agree about books vs. trailers. If you've seen Captain Corelli's Mandolin on (TV now) you'll never buy the book, which is a complete pity.

Mon May 16

hitch hikers guide

Don't bother with this. I loved the books, but this is very disappointing. Good special effects, but appalling lines and acting - the actors just are not funny and all the best Hitchhiker moments fall flat on their faces. I suppose I'm pleased in a way - I never like to see old favourite books being turned into films.

Sun May 15

I know what you mean...

...that slimy thing was quite scary. maybe we're just getting old!

Sun May 15

re Downfall

I agree. Don't miss this film. It is just brilliant. It is unremitting about the nastiness of war, and it tells it from a German persective: as you might expect, the details are all covered thoroughly and accurately. This isn't yet another Anglo-Americain take on what happened - you have to read the subtitles.

Fri May 13

re Dr Who: I agree

I watched it as a child, and for the first time last Saturday. The scripting is so clever. I loved the oblique inference that Rupert Murdoch? had perpetuated himself in a satellite to control news. I'm sure that he was a scary slimy selfish monster was nothing to do with this being a BBC production. The plot was very very clever. But it isn't for kids anymore surely: I watched it at my gym: in a chair, not a sofa. But one bit was actually quite frightening !

Fri May 13

Doctor Who?

Hi there, i know it's not a film but i feel the need to express my love of the new Doctor Who series!!! how fab it is in this, (at times) dull life!!

Fri May 13


Don't miss this film. Don't see it on TV. When I went to see it in Fulham of al places, it was one of those where the audience just didn't leave at the end. Everyone just sat. This a German film about Hitler in the final week of the Second World War. It is the equivalent 10x over of the British making a film about their internment of the Boers in concentration camps in South Africa, except that film will never be made. It isn't apologetic: it's just accurate. It just says it how it was, and it's a German film.

Wed May 04


This film is very topical. One of it's themes is 'At what age do you start voting Tory.' And another is about property ownership, and the use of wealth to extract more wealth from the young, who can barely afford it. Buy-to-Let anyone ? But it's a German film, and it's very German. It's also quite romantic and sexy, and very clever in the way it slowly turns round the plot using the changing relationships of the four characters: three pretty young things and a very wealthy middle-aged man. Happyish ending. Depressing message.

Mon May 02

Mean Creek

This is a disturbing film. Its message can be summed up in 'what goes around comes around,' as six US teenagers go on a boating trip. It's not a kids' film, but it will remind you of things you'd rather not be reminded of. It also demonstrates very well how things can go so badly wrong for peoples' lives in just a matter of a few minutes. The acting is fantastic, and it certainly doesn't conform to the 'small guy makes good' template of so much US output.

Mon May 02

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