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There is a list of very nice places to eat in the London Borough of Richmond and in London itself on food blog www.goodkai.co.uk it is updated monthly with different places and it only states the restaurants that are currently serving good food.

Tue Apr 22

sorry for double post forgot to put email

hi guys,

we're hosting a food event in the Strand, WC2E this Sunday.

5 course Lunch and cocktails are included and we have a special price for the last remaining 5 tickets at just £20 each,

If you're interested feel free to contact me on:

Tue Oct 22

Anyone up for Mauritian food?

hi guys,

we're hosting a food event in the Strand, WC2E this Sunday.

5 course Lunch and cocktails are included and we have a special price for the last remaining 5 tickets at just £20 each,

If you're interested feel free to contact me on:


Speak soon x

Tue Oct 22



Do you have strong opinions?

Have you reviewed a business online that you weren’t 100% happy with?

Whether it be a hotel you have stayed at, a coffee shop or visitor attraction you have visited, a local shop, pub or restaurant?

Would you be interested in revisiting that business to see if there’s been an improvement?

RDF Television is making a new TV series looking at businesses coming under criticism and examining both sides of the story.

Please email

Mon Jan 28

Friday Night 14th of December Dinner Disco

I've been double booked and i've paid a deposit for 15 people but if i can fill the booking i will get my deposit back, and ive been told insted of the of" 25.00 pp they will take 20.00 pp this is at the Carpenters Arms in bethnal green anyone looking for a fun night out. this includes three course menu order what you want, and coffee and mince pies and a disco until 1am

Mon Dec 10

Any lady interested in indian food (Vegeterian)

Hi. if you are vegeterian or would like to eat vegeterian food then you are welcomed and have a taste of indian food. Any girl/lady fancy in eating vegeterian food then can plan one with me. feel free to contact me on

Fri Apr 13

food of love tour London

HI, THINKING OF SIGNING UP FOR THIS SINGLES EVENT ON msf.groupout.com has anyone been on it it sems to be booking up really quickyl.

thanks Molly

Sun Feb 05

Thu Sep 15

Legal or not?

Can anyone advise on the legalities of a restuarant charging a eat in and take out price and on top a service charge? Not only was I charged a difference for eating in, I was also charged on top a 12.5% servuice charge. Is this legal?

Sat Apr 16

Brick Lane Indian Restaurants?

I am a fan of eating out and particularly Indian Restaurants. I also like street markets and sometimes go to Brick Lane and particularly on the Festival day in the summer.

I have eaten at about seven of the restaurants along there on a Sunday lunchtime and I have to say that they are all so averagely poor that there is none of them that I would recommend. Not only is the food pretty aweful but the attitude of the staff is mostly as if they are doing you a favour letting you eat from their £6.99 set meal menu.

Try searching for my name and reviews and you will see that there are some good places which are NOT in Brick Lane.

Tony Glazier

Sun Apr 10

eating out

Madam JoJo's brewer street soho

Wed Mar 23

love drinking out of a fur lined cup

Sun Mar 13

pizza themed restaurant hgeorgia32@yahoo.com

I want to open a pizza restaurant what themed nights would you enjoy any ideas

Tue Jan 25

Private Events

Good evening,

I saw your post on London Eating Out. I am a private chef and run a company that offers bespoke private dining for a variety of events. The next time your hosting an event have a look at our website below. We are running an offer at the moment for any dinner party for over 10 guests we will provide a selection of canapés for you to enjoy before you sit for dinner.

All the best,


Wed Nov 24

Private Events

Good evening,

I saw your post on London Eating Out. I am a private chef and run a company that offers bespoke private dining for a variety of events. The next time your hosting an event have a look at our website below. We are running an offer at the moment for any dinner party for over 10 guests we will provide a selection of canapés for you to enjoy before you sit for dinner.


All the best,


Wed Nov 24

Try this

We just had a dinner party by David Gillott Private Chef. It was amazing we had all our friends and family (15 of us). He and his staff sorted absloutely everything for us we didnt even lift a finger it was brilliant. THe next time your thinking of entertaining have a look at:


All the best,


Wed Nov 24

Somali restaurant

there's a somali restaurant that me and my mates go to all the time i never knew somali food was so tasty try it out its in shepard bush ,uxbridge road its called Blue Ocean ..ask anyone in that area they will point u to da right direction ..hope you enjoy it

Tue May 04

Kadiris in willesden

I have recently moved into Willesden and wasnt aware too much about the eating out scene. I found it difficult to locate my nearest Indian takeaway which offered a delivery service. I managed to find curriesonline.co.uk - this website is easy to sude - i simply search my town name or postcode and a list of the local indian takeaways is listed. i was able to view each menu and read reviews left by other customers. ordering online was really easy and my delivery from Kadiris was mouthwatering. Thanks to curriesonline for helping me locate this fantastic eatery!

Mon Mar 29


Thu Mar 11

Authentic neapolitan Pizza

If you want to be taken back to the memories of you holiday in italy try Santa maria Pizzeria in ealing W5.

They have created the very essence of what a neapolitan pizza is all about.

Go eat and be happy, For real neappolitan pizza has finally arrived in west london .



Wed Feb 24


because no such thing exists...

it really depends on what sort of background your bf comes from; Ashkinazi (Eastern European), Sephardi (Mediterranean Food) or Mizrahi (Middle Eastern food)

Sun Jan 10

pozz ja sam Nenad inace iz Podgorice zanima me ima li klubova srpskih,crnogorskih u LONDONU ? U potrazi sam za poslom i svaka informacija o nasim klubovima bi mo dobro dosla veliki pozz

Mon Oct 19

Boutique Cafe - Cupcakes have come to Archway!!

This veggie cafe has been transformed into a cupcake heaven!

Great coffee, good music, lovely decor and scrummy treats!

You can choose your own teapot & get free refills.

There are vegan & gluten free options and it is all organic, fair trade & locally sourced (where pos).

they have sunday craft circles from 2-6 where you can bring your knitting/crochet and meet with other crafty folk whilst having tea & cakes!

Sat Oct 10

Best site for London Eating Out

I've found a new site for finding places to eat, it has restaurants, pubs, bars etc and they have 14,837 places to eat in London including images, offers, booking etc...

Hope this helps: www.iStarvin.com/browse/greater-london

Mon Oct 05

There's a new site that has loads of places to eat and lets you filter by price and area, hope this helps. www.iStarvin.com

Mon Oct 05

Big family lunch around Bloomsbury

Does anyone know of anywhere reasonably priced (not too posh) where a large family group including three young kids can have a relaxed Saturday lunch, near Bloomsbury? Thanks for any suggestions

Wed Sep 16

Hi there

Did the dining club ever take off?? I'd be interested

Sun Sep 13


Hey Guys,

I have a dilema! I want to find a really nice but affordable halal restaurant for my hubbys bday..

Dont mind what cuisine but I need it to be located in London...

Can anyone please heeeeelp me!?

Mon Aug 03


hi would yo like to go out??

Sat Aug 01

Restaurant with post-dinner dancing in London?

Hi, I'm looking for a venue for my friends birthday party. She wants a restaurant with the chance of a post-dinner boogie at the same venue if possible. Preferably a fun, stylish place that's not too pretentious or snobby.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and we're open to any area!

Thu Jul 16

hi Yuan, excuse me, i'm off-line for a while at home and the public computers are not allowing me to mail from the link. could you contact my email about this event please.

Sat Jun 06

hi Yuan, excuse me, i'm off-line for a while at home and the public computers are not allowing me to mail from the link. could you contact my email about this event please.

Sat Jun 06

hi Yuan, excuse me, i'm off-line for a while at home and the public computers are not allowing me to mail from the link. could you contact my email about this event please.

Sat Jun 06

Champaign, Dinner and a beauty contest at Shanghai Blues

Hi Guys,

Shanghai Blues is one if the top Chinese Resraurant in London. I am going to have a beauty contest there on 25th June. The price is very low as the whole package. If you are interested please email me for more info.

Sat Jun 06

Come dine with me

I'm setting up a dinner club for a nominal fee to include 3 courses. I'm a versatile Asian cook and my knowledge extends to Sri Lankan, Indian, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Malaysian and Chinese food. I think it would be a great way to extend your social circle by meeting like minded people and plus you can bring your own bubbly so it will be cheaper than a restaurant. So how about it?

Wed May 20



i'm looking to start a dining club, once a month, trying out some of the great restaurants that London has to offer.

Anyone interested? Looking for articulate, interesting individuals who are keen to meet a sophisticated new network of people.

Contact me on

Tue May 12

Out to Lunch Club

Visit www.outtolunchclub.co.uk and become a member now! Members get a Out to Lunch Club card that gives them delicious discounts in 1000´s of restaurants in the UK and if you sign up now you will recieve a FREE bottle of wine!


Fri Apr 24

Out to Lunch Club

Visit www.outtolunchclub.co.uk and become a member now! Members get a Out to Lunch Club card that gives them delicious discounts in 1000´s of restaurants in the UK and if you sign up now you will recieve a FREE bottle of wine!


Fri Apr 24

Out to Lunch Club

Does anyone know any places in London that offer a discount with the card that isn´t already on the website. I ask because i ask everywhere i go if i can use it and loads of places give me great discounts with it (one place gave me 35% of my bill) but dont advertise it on the site.


Wed Apr 08

somali restaurant reply

its a shame you can only find Safari in bethnal green because that closed last year or may even the year before.

i would suggest going to mile end road opposite Genesis cinema. Theres a good restaurant there and its been newly refurbished to. all so Hammersmith is a good area to investigate.

its gonna be tricky because a lot of these restaurants are small business with only Somali community members as customers :-(

Wed Jan 07

Austrian beer food - IMBISS (Marble Arch)

Austrian sausage specialities, beer, wine, coffee and desserts - check out www.imbiss.co.uk .

Newly opened, kids welcome, function room for up to 20 people.

Mon Dec 01

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced thames boat cruise to hire for evening, up to 100 people for private birthday party. thanks

Im looking to hire a boat for my partners birthday part in January. I would only need the boat for a few hours on a Thursday. Please get back to me at

Sun Nov 02

I am also looking for a Croatian restaurant in London, and if you find one could you email me on

Wed Sep 03

Wed Aug 06

Fair enough, to be honest

In all honesty, with the world the way it is, its your own fault if you willingly throw over money to adverts in the back sections of newspapers. They are less likely to be legitimate than if you went through, say, a job agency, like most people! You'd be better off wasting your money on the sex chat lines listed on the same pages...at least that way you'd get SOMETHING out of it. Next you'll be answering adverts for 'chimps willing to hand over credit card and bank details to strangers'...you sound perfect forthe job!! Best of luck.

Fri Jul 25

hello i would like to throw my boyfriend a surprise party as he is turning 30 his birthday is on 28 of december

i was looking in the range of inviting 30 or more people what would the food be like or music? would it be possible to make special arrangements? and what times would you do? and roughly how much would i be looking at?

Mon Jul 21


Enjoy the taste of home cooked food and put money into your pocket.

Our company makes a good range of ready meals of regional Indian cuisine. The food is fresh and chilled with a lifespan of 6-days allowing you to go into your fridge and microwave ready to eat within 2-minutes.

The variety is unlike what you pickup from supermarkets and the quality are outstanding. Our success is not glossy advertising but repeat buying.

We are based in west London and can help you set up your own business whereby you become our local distributor in your area. There is no great financial risk and you will have your independence.

If franchising without capital is of interest to you, please give me a call.

Thu Jun 19

i ate chalk

im eating chalk rite now and i love it it tastes so good lmao im serious especially crayola chalk i just finished my last peice.. so depressed i want some more chalk i buy my own im to scared to steal it from school but one day my plan is to go to each class and steal peices of chalk and then eat them in a classroom or at the board and eat the chalk crumbs to left on the chalk board and the dust that is left over by the erasers. that is my lifelong dream so send me some chalk! thats all i want

Thu Jun 05

steakout its wicked

Tue Jun 03

Eating out in South london

I am on the waiting list for Chez Bruce but I was wondering if you have any suggestions for any other very good restaurants in the same kind of area.

Wed May 28

Sat May 24


hi does anyone do their shopping online with tesco? as i have had nothing but bother with them twice they have not delivered my shopping and have phoned upteen times with no help what so ever. just wandered if anyone has experienced the same if you have can you

Thu May 15


hello does any one know somewhere nice to go for meal/dancing? (not cost the earth) in and around london i would be grateful if you e-mail me!!!!


Sat May 10

would like to find some nice resturants that cook with hahal meat. plz help

Fri Apr 11

WRAPID- Delicious wraps full of flavour

If you're looking to try something new and tasty, i would highly recommend giving Wrapid a try. They do a huge variety of wraps with different fillings and they're very very delicious and great value for money!

Wrapid is on D'arblay street, Soho, London


Wed Mar 12

Benares and Tamarind are halal

Tamarind has a michelin star, and Benares was later setup by the Chef who got the star for it.

Both are around Mayfair, can't get much posher!

Mon Mar 03

wheat grass juice


is there any london restaurants where i can have wheat grass juice

Sun Jan 27

Bosnian or Croatian Restaurants or Cafes

Does anyone know of any real bosnian or croatian cafes anywhere in london? I like the food, but i would also like to meet bosnian or croatian people too. Thanks

Sun Jan 06

Halal Chinese

As bizarre as is sounds, as a British Muslim, it would be nice to try foods of other cultures, eating halal (or veg only at non halal) can get a bit repetitive with the available selection.

If anyone knows any good restaurants that aren't of south Asian or middle-eastern cuisine, such as Chinese, Japanese, African, etc please let me know where. I'm based in zone1, but don't mind traveling if the food is worth it.

Sun Dec 30

Iam running catering service specially for gujarathi,punjabi,south indian chinese with cheap rate with home delivery contact anita patel ********6

Sat Dec 08

All in One at the Foresters

I am not sure if you are aware but the Foresters have opened a small dining room which is a cuisine delight.

The ambience is fanatastic and the food is delicious and the prices are really reasonable. If you have eaten in other gastropubs in the area, I suggest that you give this a try. It could give them a run for their money.

Go on - give it a go!

Wed Nov 14

Bernie Grant Art Centre Resturant & Cafe

The New awarding winning Bernie Grant Centre fro the arts has recently opened. Check out their web site for whats On.

Howver it does have a greta little restaurant and cafe which is opened to both centre guests and members of the Public.

The Centre is a short walk up The High Street from Seven Sisters tube station.

Fri Nov 02

Cooking Competition - The Mall Walthamstow


My name is Charmain and I work at Messages PR. We do the promotional work for The Mall Walthamstow.

There is a cooking competition called 'The Chef Factor', during The Mall Walthamstow Food Festival on 14 September 2007. Two finalists will be selected to cook in our stage/kitchen. It will be covered by the press. The winner will receive a prize and both contestants will have a cd of photos of the event.

It's free to enter. If you are interested in becomeing a celebrity chef for the day, call me, Charmain on: **** 277 588/9

Check out our website if you want to know about the company. www.messagespr.co.uk

Thu Oct 04

Somali restaurant

There is a one that i know, in Romford Road think its called Golay

Wed Oct 03

Vera Cruz!

Vera Cruz on Brixton Hill! best fry-up in saaarf Lundin!

Thu Sep 20

Somali restaurant

I'm looking for a Somali restaurant in London - anywhere zones 1-4 will do. Looking for authentic stuff, with the flat breads and so on, so can anyone suggest one. Needs to be authentic as possible.

Also, the one Somali restaurant I can find via the net (London Safari in Bethnal Green) seems to have some really bad reviews and that the cooking is bad, not at all Somali missing things like flatbreads and waiting an hour for a starter. Has anyone been recently and knows any different?

All suggestions gratefully received.



Mon Sep 10

somewhere for a laugh and dance is an Austrian Night at the Tiroler Hut in Notting Hill

Mon Aug 20

eating/boogie on a Sat night

Can anyone suggest somewhere for 30 ladies of a mixwd age to have a meal and a boogie in central london on a satuday night. We are visiting London on a shopping trip.

Mon Aug 20

did you get a reply

I am looking for similar venue for 30 ladies of amixes age and wonder if your any info to pass on

Mon Aug 20

eating solo

Hello there, interesting question, I've actually spent a while researching it :-) There are dinner clubs like supper in the city, but they charge membership fees though they allow you to access professionals and often eat in fine dining venues.

I have always preferred eating out whether with friends or on my own, take aways and tv dinners aren't up my street ;-) and so 18 months ago I started researching and set up my own site - www.timeforone.com. It contains London's 1st solo dining section called tableforone - i dine and what I've found along the way is that dining in these solo friendly restaurants you often end up chatting to other solo diners. Hope this is some use to you. Any more dining questions on this theme and I'm happy to answer

Fri Aug 17

I actually go to Leicester Square for almost every dinner from Monday to Friday

My office is close to St Paul's Cathedral. Would certainly be interested to know more people to dine out.

Sat Aug 11

Try something different/ African

If you have done all the restaurants and want something different, I recommend ethiopian food!

Very different, delicious and some of it is very spicy for those who like it hot!

There is a small, simple restaurant in NW2 called Abyssinia (I think) 9 Cricklewood Broadway,

London. NW2 3JX. Tel 020 8208 0110 Near Kilburn


Thu Aug 09

Breakfast this Sunday?

Looking for somewhere in Vauxhall to enjoy breakfast, on Sunday 12th August, before the cricket at The Oval. Can anyone make any recommendations?

Reply to

Tue Aug 07

Greasy Spoon near Westminster

Anyone know of any good ones?

Fri Jul 27


There is a new Indian Resturant in Battersea (96 Westbridge RD) has exceelent food and very cheap prices. Qoute this ref and get 25% of food bill.


They also cater for parties for table bookings call

0207 223 7516

Mon Jul 23

night out in oxford st area with dancing

group of ladies on shopping weekend looking for a night out with some boogie music and good food all within one place ie not moving into club on same premises. about 30 in total. Approx £25-£30 a head. Any recomendations

Thu Jul 12

Why not try

Hey apple strudel ? I buy that all the time i normally go to local supermarkets, such as tesco's sainsburys morrisons or any other supermarket may have this.

Thu Jul 05

Eat and Two Veg, it's an American Diner style place on Marylebone High Street (no. 50), they do a lovely Vegetarian Sunday roast and also, vegetarian full english, as well as burgers, 'chicken' satay with peanut sauce, even fake peeking duck: 'peeking luck'.

It's a recent discovery of mine and it's great!

Sat Jun 23

Please dont even think of going

Worst Indian food ever...In fact worst food ever. Please Please Please dont visit unless you hate yourself for doing something bad and want punishment. If you syill dont get it...best of luck

Sun Jun 10

Restaurants in Clapham South / Balham

Hi Jo,

There's some great places in the area catering for every taste. A few of my favourites are the Bombay Bicycle Club (Indian restaurant) on Nightingale Lane, Chez Bruce on Bellevue Road (Michelin Star restaurant) Nicksons at the end of Northcote Road.

Let me know what sort of food you like and I'll let you know more.

Tue Apr 24

Clapham South/Balham resturants

shortly moving to the Clapham South/Balham area and keen to know of any recommended resturants here to try out - does anyone know of anything? up for anything new! Thank you

Mon Apr 23

Eating In Anyone?

Hi, I can cook for you in your own home for £15 per hour for you, your family, whoever.. I usually make everything from scratch, Mediterranean/Latin style cooking. email me for a sample menu. Vegetarian/Vegan friendly food too.

Mon Apr 23

Eating In Anyone?

Hi, I can cook for you and your family, nice healthy meals, mostly made from scratch, mainly latin/medditerreanean food in your very own home. Only £15 per hour, ingredients not included. Usually takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. Could cook for vegans and vegeterians as well. Can cook for parties/gatherings/special events. please email me for sample menus.

Mon Apr 23

Dinning club

I run a cool restaurant and bar in Hampstead. If you are interested to make a proposal, please contact me.

Sun Apr 08

Teo's Caribbean & International Cuisine

Sat Apr 07

Looking for single people that meet to eat out in the north london area. If you can recomend such a group let me know.

Mon Apr 02

Japanese on Gray's Inn Road is called Aki

Thu Mar 08

London Dining Club anyone??

Hello there,

I'm looking to start a dining club in London.

There are several channels where it is possible to get very good discounts to eat in really very nice places in central London.

There are also many lovely local restaurants and cafes in all of our areas.

It can be difficult to go out to eat if you are single or live far away from where you work or have other work and personal commitments.

I propose that we meet in small restaurant/ cafe in Soho. It is a very pleasant place and the food is very good value for money.

Please note I am only interested in meeting out-going, interesting, articulate and well rounded people.

If you are interested in meeting up please write and tell me somethng about you and I will send you a note confirming our first dining date.

Thu Mar 08

Richmond Area

Anyone know anywhere for a good Sunday lunch which caters for non-meat eaters? Not too expensive with fun surroundings?

Tue Feb 27

Waterloo Tapas

The place you're looking for is opposite the Young Vic Theatre on The Cut, SE1.

It's called Meson Don Felipe. I've been there lots,, and it's quite excellent. Although not the best London has to offer.

Nearest tube is Waterloo or Southwark Stations.


Tue Feb 06

There are plans in place to knock OC down, so hurry while it last.

Sat Feb 03

Try taking him to the Lebanon. You'll find lots of dead Israeli meat there.

Sat Feb 03

best food ever

Hello Everybody,

Hi everybody i have to tell i went to a caribbean restaurant the food there is great they sell everything you have to go there people.

Teo's, 275 Neasden Lane London NW10 1QJ

Fri Feb 02

Top table

I cant think of anywhere myself BUT the ultimate dining bible is www.toptable.co.uk. It's great and even has 360% views of the restaurants! Have a look on there and you'll find what you're looking for!

Wed Jan 31

Israeli breakfast


Im looking for somewhere to take my boyfriend for an Israeli breakfast this weekend. I would have gone to chit chat but it's closed for refurbishments.

Can anyone help???? PLEASE!!!!!

Wed Jan 31

looking for someone


I'm looking for people who worked in El toro loco tapas bar in wansted. I worked there in the summer of 1999 and I would like to know something about people who worked there at that time


Mon Jan 29

birthday eating

Hi Ali

I went on a friends advice to Giraffe in spitalfields. It was good for a mixed group (socially and income wise) . The two year old with us was well catered for. Booze was 2-1 before 7 and there was selection of food including vegetarian. They can offer large tables too.

happy birthday eating

Sun Jan 21

Birthday sociable eating

I'm looking for somewhere for my birthday dinner - relaxed, big table, food to share over the evening (tapas / mezze?) with drinks, somewhere fairly central. Nothing formal, but not too casual either!

Sat Jan 20

Meson Don Felipe on The Cut

Wed Jan 17

tapas bar near waterloo station

Hi, I am looking for a Tapas bar near Waterloo station. I have been to one in that area and can't remember the name of it.



Wed Jan 17

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