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Do you know any good private dentist ?

Dear all, do you have any private dentist to recommend in London Central? I just got here one month ago and I don't know well about the city.

Please let me know if you have any good one to recommend.

Wed Feb 08

Good Doctor

Can anyone recommend a good doctor's surgery in East Finchley please?

Mon Sep 03


Hi, Alex and Susie, I'm moving to Orpington too.

Did either of you find a good GP there ?



Wed Jun 13

Looking for a premises to run a weekend circumcision service from

Hi there, I am a Surgeon that runs the London Circumcision Clinic in Leytonstone (www.circumcision-clinic.com). I am looking for a practice in the E1 postcode (Tower Hamlets) that will allow me to run a clinic on Saturdays. I have a well established practice and will undertake all administration myself. I will of course pay a rent and any overheads. Thanks


Mon Jan 23

Decent GP in Bromley/Downham

Does anyone know of a caring, not money-motivated GP in Bromley/Downham area? I've had terrible experiences with GPs in this area and have given up now. They seem to think everyone is lying about every symptom and just fob you off with a packet of pills, because sending you to a consultant would cost too much. I'm desperate, so any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Email:

Mon Jan 02

physiotherapy in kensington

Thanks for your advice, if you are looking for professional and experienced physio then try Rose clinic performance physiotherapy. The address is w.RoseclinicPhysio.co.uk

Sat Apr 23

London Dietitian and Nutririon

Hello everyone,

If you're looking for dietary or nutritional advice in London then check out this dietetian, she really helped me achieve my goals - inspiredieteticconsultancy.co.uk


Sat Apr 02

Physiotherapy practice


Someone asked last time. I don't know if it is the right place to post (sorry)

I know a good practice called Baby Physio. You can google it. They take care of pregnant women and new mothers as well and also adult injuries.


Thu Mar 24

Hey i just moved to Tottenham N15 and im in need to of a GP can anyone please !! tell if there is any good GP's i

Tue Mar 22

Doctor in SE25 Area?

I'm moving to Thornton Heath/South Norwood area this year and I'm looking for a good GP. Can anyone recommend one? I suffer from a lot of chronic conditions and could do with an understanding practitioner If thats possible in this day and age.

Thu Jan 13

Tue Mar 09


yes i know of a doctor. But what exactly do you need a doctor for? Are you am employer?

or do need a doctor for treatment?

Sun Feb 28

Mon Jan 18

Doctor needed in Kilburn/cricklewood

Anyone know of a good doctor in kilburn cricklewood willesden green triangle,

Wed Dec 02

Doctor near Canning Town, E16

Hi, I am looking for a good doctor to go to near Canning Town area in London, please could anyone who knows of a good doctor please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated!

Mon Sep 28

Did you find one?!

Hi Alex, I've just moved to Orpington myself & need the same - I wonder if you ever found a gp (& a dentist for that matter!) that you can recommend?

Thanks, Susie

Mon Aug 17

Super Studio Flat with Allocated Parking Near the City

A fast commute and a peaceful location are the top attractions to this neat studio flat in a pretty cul-de-sac. St James's Road is a five minute walk, which links the Old Kent Road with Jamaica Road and the river, making it ideal for a quick trip into town. South Bermondsey train station is a short walk and will have you at London Bridge in just one simple stop.

Dr Khan

Mon May 18

Communication tool between doctor-child

Hello, I´m a product design student. For my final degree project I have designed a toy which works as a communication tool between doctor-child. It facilitates the child’s expression in a playful and creative way feeding the participation and face-to-face communication, while helping to avoid the intimidation in medical encounters.

I would be very pleasant to talk with some doctors and show my project in order to know their opinions and take feedback.

If you are interested, please send me an email to

Wed May 13

Please! Help with a good GP in Orpington, BR5

Hello everybody! Can somebody advice please on a good GP doctor or practice in Orpington. Recently moved there. Don’t want to try luck with unchecked doctor. Please Post reply at

Wed Apr 01

Doctor in Leytonstone

Hi, i need to find out where is the closest GP to me is. I am at Leytonstone Station.

Can someone please assist me??


Wed Mar 11

GP near Wandsworth Town/Southside Centre

Hi, Can anyone recommend a good GP near Wandsworth Town/Southside Centre?


Wed Feb 18


I recently moved from east ham to plaistow. could any one help me finding a local GP in plaisow.

Sun Oct 05

Can anyone recommend a Private GP in Dulwich

I am looking for a private GP in the Dulwich area, and would appreciate some recommendations.

Many Thanks

Thu Aug 28

My dughter lives in Palmers Green London. Can you please give me adddress of a GP closer to palmers green I will be great full

My email address is

Tue Aug 12

Cornwall House Surgery

nice old building with good docs, near finchley central tube

Fri Jul 18


Amputation will relieve all the pain. Analygestics are recommended for the procedure. Otherwise rub liberally with o/oil

Tue Jul 08

i have sore feet and hard skin and i live in spain what can i do for the best

Sun Jun 15

a good GP in Hornsey or Crouch end

Hi everyone,

I live in Hornsey (close to Crouch End, wood green). I would like to register with a good GP since my current one isn't very good. Could you please recommend a good GP for me? Thank you very much.

email me:

Tue May 27

Looking for a good doctor in Weybridge

Can anyone please recommend a good female doctor in Weybridge area? Many thanks.

Sun May 11

Doctor Wimbledon

Could anyone recommend a good friendly doctor in Wimbledon

Wed Apr 30

Anyone knows a good GP in Streatham?

Hiya, Just moved to streatham and would like to find a nice GP...

Fri Apr 18

Could anyone recommend a good GP in Kensington? thanks

I have just moved to Kensington and I need to register with a new GP.

Sun Apr 13

collier row romford

can anyone suggest a good female doctor in collier row?

Tue Apr 01

can anyone help???

I've just moved to Stratford and am looking to find a good doctor - preferably a woman, can anyone suggest a decent surgery? I was going to register with Dr Chang's surgery at the Grove but understand they are all male doctors. Help!

Tue Feb 26

Isle of Dogs GP

There is a surgery on Spindrift Avenue, The Docklands Medical Centre

Thu Jan 31



Tue Jan 22


Please someone to refer me to a good NHS doctor.I already had bad experiences and now I have to do a crown(this is very expensive)so I will rather go to someone that will do a good job.It can be also in Ealing, Chisick,Hammersmith,Iselworth...

Thank you

Fri Dec 28

RE:Athletes foot

I da have it as well and is allways there.I have done shock treatments(une week iodine,one week powder from the pharmacy...)But if I am not careful it keeps coming so now I am always taking care of my feets:keep them dry, use always clean socks,if you go to a swimmingpool or public shower use flip-flops,dry well beetwen your toes after the shower.

Thu Dec 27

Doctor in Forest Hill

I have used the Vale Medical Centre,

Rear of 195 197 Perry Vale, London SE23 2JF

Telephone: 020 8291 7007 for several years and I have seen a few doctors there.

The practice is modern and clean and all the doctors and support staff have been friendly, helpful and professional.

Wed Dec 05

Looking for a good & reputable GP practice in Forest Hill London or Surrounding areas SE4,SE6,SE22.

I am looking for a Very good rutable GP practice in Forest Hill Lewisham or surrounding districts who take interest in their patients

Please let me know ASAP

Thu Nov 29

Does anyone know of a good doctor in Wood Green? Thanks

Wed Nov 21

why are you doing that?

Sun Nov 18

Clapham doctors

Hi anyone know of any good doctors in Clapham area. thank you.

Sun Nov 18

Decent GP in New Barnet area

Hello, everyone

Does anyone know a decent GP in New Barnet (East Barnet) area? Any advice would be v helpful...


Please let me know on

Sun Oct 21

Notting Hill GP Required

Can anyone recomend an NHS GP Practice in Notting Hill?

Mon Oct 01

I am looking for a good surgery in Leyton

Please kindly let me know if you find a good surgery near Leyton or Leytonstone.

Thank you


Sun Sep 30

Doctor in Wimbledon

Could anyone recommend a Doctor in the Wimbledon area please?

Mon Sep 24


Do you know of a good obgyn in the Maida Vale area?

Mon Sep 24

Seeking good NHS Doctor in Stoke Newington

We need to register with a good doctor, preferably female, in the Stoke Newington area. Does anyone know of someone ? Also I anyone knows of any South African doctors around this area?


Mon Sep 17

femail doctor

hi im looking for a femail doctor in finchley central

Fri Sep 14

Doctor Friern Barnet

Anyone know of a decent doctor in Friern Barnet...I have just moved to the area, so any info would be great!

Feel free to email:

Tue Sep 11

The best doctor in Tottenham Hale

Where can I find a good doctor in the area? I live close to the tube station

Thank you!!

Sun Sep 02

Work as a Doctor in AUSTRALIA-Visit MEDCALL

Work in the after hours and see the least amount of patients for the most amount of money in beautiful tropical paradise! Come to the tourist capital of Australia, the Gold Coast in Queensland, where you find a warm climate, sandy white beaches, relaxed lifestyle, very affordable living. This is where your future lies.


Medcall is an after hours medical service that sees patients in the comfort of their own homes


Tue Aug 28

Doctor East Ham Area


I am looking for a good doctor in the E6 area (Leigh Road, Burges Road end). There are a few doctors near me but I don't know which one is best for flexibility, listening to patient's point of view etc!

Any help will be much appreciated.


Wed Aug 22

NHS dentist in Isle of dogs


I 'am new in this area and need asap a NHS dentist in Isle of dogs. Can anyone help me ?


Tue Aug 14

i am living now in finchley central and am looking to move to a good doctors and dentist surgery within the area asap. can anybody help by emailing me a address or number and name of local surgery.

Wed Aug 08


16 PORTLAND ROAD W11 020 7727 7711

Wed Jul 25

Hi Julian,

I would like to make you aware of a scam being posted on this website by Jane Smith for a deaf flatshare in Belgravia for £400 which I have seen previously on other flat-seeking websites. She contacted me with details about a flat, saying she is deaf but I suspect she isn't when I probed her with questions about it and when I asked to see the flat she said she would require me to sign an agreement and hand over the money before seeing the flat!!!!

An abundance of similar scams for posh flats in Belgravia, Zone 1 etc at silly prices of £300 a month inclusive are being posted on ww.easyroommate.com, which the website have given out warnings for. The advert asks for you to sign an agreement form with bank details..

Just thought you should be aware of the scams and warn other users


Wed Jul 25

i am living now in finchley central and am looking to move to a good doctors and dentist surgery within the area asap. can anybody help by emailing me a address or number and name of local surgery.

neil clench x

Thu Jul 19

Doctor is your future in AUSTRALIA?

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Fri Jun 22

The best resource of your help

well..if you really in need of know abt a good doc in your area then this will be the best resource to look into


Thu Jun 21

Good doctos surgery in Balham

Can anyone recommend a good doctors surgery in the Balham/ Wandsworth Common area?


Wed Jun 20

NHS doctor in isle of dogs?

Hi can anyone tell me if there is an NHS doctors surgery around crossharbour, docklands isle of dogs

Tue Jun 19

Hi All you doctors

I love to meet a male plastic surgeon!....

im a glamours female mentally 25 and physically. but really 40!

just for friendship!..

Mon Jun 18



Has anyone visited Dr Gerges Roman who operates out of Devonshire medical services London.?as im thinking of going there but would like some info....

Sun Jun 17

Dr & Dentist Needed in Clapham Old Town

Hi, i am moving to Clapham Old Town next week and need to register with a Dr and Dentist, can any body recommend one please?

Thu Jun 14



i donno exactly how to select your own doc but theres a way if they maintain a website

try to analyse the doctors if they have any websites of their services if not try to ask thru word of mouth and their patients who are under them

hope this helps

Wed Jun 13

Hi I am looking to change doctors. I am looking for a friendly and sensitive GP in Clapham - Old Town/Common/High Street area.

Can anyone help?

Wed Jun 06

Good Dentist in Forest Hill SE23

Can anyone recommend a good NHS dentist in or around Forest Hill?

Mon May 07

seeking a good NHS dentist in North West London

Hi I am desperately seeking a good and reliable dentist in NW2 London or around. I live near Childs Hill, Finchley Road.Please help. Mail me on

Wed May 02


Could you please tell me how i could become a driver to an out of hour doctor. Pls forward reply to

Fri Apr 27


I need list of name of Private Doctor as well as details of them..

Thu Apr 26

Doctor N3 finchley church end

Can someone recommend a good GP surgery in Finchley Church end near finchley central station?


Mon Apr 23

Doctor near Holland Park

Looking for a good NHS doctor in Holland Park area. Any suggestions

Thanks in advance!

Mon Apr 23

re: cramp

I'm not sure this is cramp: you say that some days you can't get your shoes on, which suggests that you have some swelling in your feet ?

What age you are be a significant factor in what the likely diagnosis is.

Sat Apr 14

Try usung Mycil Powder - hope this helps


Tue Mar 27

Doctor seeking good NHS Dentist Shorditch to Dalston

Doctor, There are so many NHS Doctors around Hakcney but had no idea which ones are recommended. Please could you recommend some of the best.


Thu Mar 22


Last Oct, I had severe cramp lasting 3 solid days in both feet simultaneously; once I was able to walk again visited docs, who did various blood tests + scans + xrays. Conclusion is I've got osteo arthritis, as shown by scan, which doesn't explain cramp. Blood tests all clear for serious issues, only probs were Vit D deficient and slightly below normal for iron. Still getting cramp probs, despite taking iron and Vit D and Calcium, and drinking loads more water. Docs have left it at "sometimes these things happen & will clear of their own accord" – which doesn't help me now. All suggestions gratefully received as this is affecting my self-employed work as some days can't get shoes on, whilst other days feet are perfect.

P.S. sorry this is so long but getting quite desperate now ;o(

Wed Mar 21

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Psychologist and Trainee Cognitive Behaviour Therapist offering consultations. Flexible times and days etc. Please contact me for more info:

Mon Mar 05

to book an appointment

Just i have recently registered in eastacton gp,i have to get an appointment urgently .

Mon Feb 26

One-sided deafness should be checked out

It might be flying causing your ear problem or it might not. You should really go to your GP and get him to look in your ears. Your hearing loss could be due to something as simple as a build up of wax which can be easily syringed out in your GP's surgery. If there's no wax and no obvious infection, you should be referred to an ENT department for a hearing test. Asymmetrical (one-sided) hearing loss needs to be checked out as it could occasionally be due to an acoustic neuroma (a slow-growing, non-malignant growth on the auditory nerve).

Sat Feb 24

lambeth walk

The lambeth walk group practice at the top of lambeth walk is very good. I had the most amazing GP called Dr May, dont think I will ever find a more dedicated doctor.

Fri Feb 16

I dont agree with above reply

Temporary deafness is common in frequent flyers during winter and is well documented. It's due to the association of rapid cabin pressurisation / depressurisation with colds that block the eustacion tube. The solution is to either stop flying for a while or use a decongestant from a pharmacy. Occasionally it may require antibiotics from your doctor because you have a chronic middle ear infection somewhat euphemistically termed 'air miles ear.'

Tue Feb 13

Unless your sitting next to the engine! Loud noises do of course cause hearing loss. You will have to look at your life style and ask yourself if you put your ears through any trauma as the problem you are experiencing when you fly may be a result of this. For example, are you exposed to loud noises at anytime? It maybe you had a cold or flu or infection or it could be due to stress. Ears are complicated so take a look at the problem holistically.

Tue Feb 13

My right ear has gone deaf !

I've been flying for business short-haul recently and I seem to be getting inreasingly deaf in my right ear. Is it flying making me deaf ?

Thu Feb 08

re Doctor / GP in Kennington

Try the Hurley Clinic in Kennington or the one in Lambeth Walk (sorry can't remember name.)

I was a hospital doctor in this area some time ago, and both these practices had good reputations with ourselves at the hospitals. Hope this helps.

Fri Feb 02

Doctor surgery in Kennington

Can anyone recommend a doctor's surgery in Kennington area please? if so please mail me on

Fri Jan 26


Can anyone recommend an NHS dentist anywhere in London please? my current dentist is going private and need to transfer asap - please mail me on

Fri Jan 26

seeking a good GP in Southgate

I am living in Southgate and I would like to look for a good GP in the local area as soon as possible. Your good recommendation will be helpful for me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Fri Jan 12

gp surgery in leytonstone

I used to live in leytonstone and 'The Alllum Centre' GP surgery is very good..

Tue Dec 26

Looking for a dentist

Hi all!

I'm looking for a decent/good NHS dentist around Bethnal Green, Hackney or Whitechapel area. There are so many and I just don't know which one to go for. Can anyone recommend one? Thank you.

Mon Dec 04

Plantar Warts, The cure might be in the mind!

To begin,I used to live on shooters Hill near the Red Lion Pub.In the early sixties I left for Canada where I still live.

Tue Nov 14


I want to make some blood tests and other investigatios for my baby daughter 14 mnths old, can somebody recomend me a private dr in Enfield? Thanks

Tue Oct 17

hello is there a decent Indian GP at Balham


Wed Oct 11

Did you find a doctor in Leytonstone?

i am also looking for one so let me know if you had any luck

Wed Oct 11

GP near Sloane Square

Can anyone recommend a good GP near Sloane Square/SW3?

Tue Sep 26

very modern dental clinic


For anybody interested to find a very good dental clinic in Romania to have a nice holiday and low cost dental services in the same time, please sen me know and I will give you all the details. The quality of the dental services is very good.


Mon Sep 25

I am looking for Doctor Husband!

If you are out there, between 26 and 37, average looking :) Nice personality and kind!! Feel free to contact me! lol

Sun Sep 24

Doctor around Clapham Junction

I used to live in C/Junction and I used the Queenstown Road surgery. Their contact number is:

020-7622 9295

Thu Sep 21


Hello, I have recently moved to clapham and am looking for a friendly doctor's practice around the clapham junction area. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Thank you very much

Sun Sep 17

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