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Experiencing music Project: communication through bodies and sign language

Hi everyone!! I am working on a project about ways of experiencing music through rhythm and lyrics and body expressions. I am looking for one or two people to participate. I will be taking photos, filming and interviewing.I am a second year student in Anthropology and Media at Goldsmiths University of London. The project is not part of my dissertation, it is more of a personal interest. It will be seen by my professors and my peers. If anyone is interested in participating in the project please contact me I will be happy to film and photograph wherever you feel comfortable. If needing an interpreter please let me know. My email address is

Mon Feb 24

Argos https://bit.ly/2VX6t3U

Hey Guys, I just found out Argos is giving out £500 FREE Voucher to its old Users,Go here to register and wait for it to be sent to you :

You can thank me Later

Mon May 13

Hi.my number +2348141913119 a whatsapp

Hello.my name is munirat. l am a deaf woman.l am from Lagos,Nigeria and West Africa. l need to introduce u.by munirat

Mon Jan 14

Deaf Flatshare


I am deaf and single. I am 25 old year...I looking deaf for flatshare. My friends like alone they have flat herself. I live South London.

My number is **** 716 396

Thank you


Thu May 17


Hi there I'm writing this on behalf of my single friend J. 6 years ago he had a stroke which left him with aphasia (difficulty in speech and communication) He is seeking friends that can teach him sign language. His resides in South London, his cellular no is **** ****0. He would love to hear from you.

Wed Feb 07


Hi Affy

I am a BSl level 6 and would like to meet you.



Sun Jan 14


Hi Everyone, My name is Safiya and I am deaf girl. I am looking for make new friends and I would like help teach sign languages BSL learn. my email address is

Wed Sep 27



Thu Jul 13

Listings ?

What websites do the deaf community use to find out about captioned theatre shows?

Thank you!

Tue Jul 04

Seeking Deaf friend for BSL assistance in Hackney

Hi there,

I'm doing level 1 Bsl and would like to make friends with a deaf person (preferably female) who would be happy to assist me in my learning.

I was thinking we could meet once a week for an hour in Hackney/ Bethnal Green between 5.30-7.30pm. Mondays or Wednesdays best, possibly Tues from July. It would be good to find someone who has similar interests: I work for an enviromental charity and am passionate about the enviromental movement. I love art, particularly live or performance art and used to work in this sector before moving into the world of enviromental campaigning. I also like theatre, poetry, dancing, making seasonal cakes and drinks.

Get in touch if chatting about these things which helping with with vocab sounds like an ok way to spend some time.



Wed May 10

Sun Apr 09

Deaf girl

Hello H, my name is Safiya. I saw Internet forum deaf London from you. I would like make new friends with you and teach you learn sign languages. I am deaf and l use sign languages. I hope hear from you soon

Tue Feb 21

Hearing and learning BSL

I'm learning BSL and am looking for friends to help me practice, either via Skype or in person.

I'm learning level 1, but do have some basic practical experience.

I can be contacted here:

Sun Feb 05


I Am deaf man,i am from lagos nigeria,pls message me whatapp ********9

Sat Jan 14

Looking for deaf friends

Hello everyone, im 26, you can call me H. I know level 1/2 bsl and I'm looking to make a deaf friend I can learn and practice with. It would be nice to hangout Please contact me on ********3 thank you.

Mon Nov 14


I am normally the girl in the street with the clipboard recruiting ‘Focus Groups’ on any subject from nappies to chocolate & I work from home in St.Albans………………………….

Please could you pass this campaign on?

Hello Everyone,

A VERY unusual project has just landed in my lap about banking.

We have to find Profoundly deaf people aged 18-55 years old.

This is for a 1 to 1 interview in Chiswell Street London EC1 (75 min)

Either: Monday 21st / Wednesday 23rd November 2016

9.45am / 11.30am / 1.30pm / 3.15pm

All must have a Smart Phone

All must do internet banking.

They will receive £90 cash

Please pass it on..............!




Wed Nov 02

Learning BSL

I am a 48 y.o. living Essex / London border.

I am currently learning BSL and looking for someone who can help me practice, either in person or via Skype.

I can be contacted via email

Wed Sep 28

Learning BSL

I have a basic knowledge of BSL from years ago, and have decided to learn it properly. I am currently doing an online course, but need to practice.

Is there anyone who would like to help me learn, either in person on my days off or via Skype?

I can be contacted at

Tue Sep 27



how are you?

Fri Jul 22

Help me


I'm 35 years old gay man living in London. I went to Spain on a one week holiday in February of this year. I ended up staying there for over 3 months. Sadly, I lost my job as expected but it was worth it &#****2;. Let's just say I have developed an interest in Sign Language.

I have been watching videos on YouTube to teach myself the basics. I'm also planning on taking a BSL course in September. I would love to find someone to help me learn BSL. I'm also looking to make new friends who are deaf or know BSL. Age, sex, sexuality or race etc isn't important.

Mon Jun 20

Hi Affy

My name is nathalie, I'm a BSL level 2 and would be happy if you could help me practice sometime.

I'm not sure how old is this message but would be great if you get back to me.


Fri Jan 15


Hello Veronica my name is Safiya. I am happy I would like help you learn sign languages BSL teach to you. my old friend live in Barking. I live Leytonstone but soon I will move Chingford. I would like make new friends and get know well of us each other. I hope hear from you soon. my email

Thu Nov 19

bsl practice buddy

hi I would like to make bsl friends' I have level 2 but need to practice my receptive skills as well as new vocabulary. I live in West London.


Tue Nov 17

Hairdressing Models

My name is Veronica. I live in Barking. I have been studying hairdressing for 2 years and have a Level 2 qualification. I am looking for models to be available to travel to Romford Thurs and Fri mornings -

Blow dry's/ Hair up - No charge

Cuts and blow dry - £7-£9.00

Colours from £10.00 inc blow dry

I am qualified and working towards an higher qualification . Fully supervised and BSL communicator available

Fri Oct 02

TEXT ME:862155785.


Wed Aug 26


I am deaf

I have boy

My Skype : junaid_love3

You will add me

Mon Aug 03

Hi I am Deaf girl

My name is Safiya. I would like make new friends and have know well each other. I am looking for someone who can sign language british (BSL) or who interest want learn then please let me know then l will happy help teach someone learn sign language british (BSL) or I don't mind if someone who can then l am happy fine with me. I live Leyonstone in East London UK but soon l will move new flat care home in Chingford. I hope hear from you soon. Here my address emails and number here

Wed Jul 15


Hello I'm George I'm deaf and I would really like to make friends ! Could you teach me sign language please !!

Mon Jul 13

Deaf indeed im Deaf...!

Hello I'm George I'm 19-20 I just transfered from Italy to London some mouth ago I just was looking trough the web and I ended finding this site .Now that I'm in London I want to have a new life meet new people..but in my current situation I can't understand people so I'm always at home..well anyway I want to make friends here I love drawing and to go for walks but I really would like to learn sign Language ...I could never learn it in past and I always used a paper yeah sound pathetic...so I would appreciate if there could be people that could teach me and I could make friend and hang out this is my mail

Mon Jul 13

Hello Safiya

Hello Safiya! How are you? My name is Tania and I only started learning BSL . Would you like to meet up? My e-mail is

Sun May 31

Hi Safiya, I am currently doing my BSL level 2 :). I live in West London but happy to meet somewhere halfway like central London?

Sat Apr 04

Meet and Greet!

Heya I'm Affy, I'm deaf and a BSL user. I'm happy to offer help to those who wants to keep up their BSL skills!

Mail me

Sat Feb 14

safiya deaf girl.

Hello Diane. My name is safiya and l am deaf girl. I would like make new friends know well and I am happy help you teach sign language bsl learn. I live in east London where l live leyonstone. I hope hear from you soon and we can plan meet up soon.

Sun Jan 11

Mon Nov 24


Sat Nov 15

Hi Affy, my name is Nadine I am currently studying BSL level 1 and would like to meet someone to practice with. would appreciate your help, thanks.

Sat Oct 18

just browning


Mon Sep 29

Indian profoundly deaf guy

Hey guys.

I just want to meet and socialise with deaf people. I used to have deaf friends but have lost anymore. So it would be nice to meet girls who are up for a chat. Btw i don't do bsl so I am willing to learn bsl if anyone can helps me?



Sat Sep 27

South London BSL practice

Hi I am just starting BSL Level 1 and would love to practice with some others. I am hearing and live in Southwark

Tue Sep 16

Hello Mariateresa

Hello Mariateresa

It is nice hear from you. yeah be nice we can meet and have café. I am deaf and my old teacher told me that l should pass level 3 but not really so l was pass level 2. text me on my number **** ****5 or my email address

Tue Sep 16


I am looking for make new friends and who interest want learn sign languages BSL or who can sign languages BSL. I am happy help you learn and teach to you have fun and enjoy. I want find special best friends like favourites person. I want find new friends female and male. I lost my favourites staffs and best friends who l was close to them. I hope find new person. I do not have any friends so I want find special best friends like favourites person. I like someone who take me go out like cinema & swimming & gym & shopping & holiday & visit see her or him or come visit see me & meal & club and etc. I want someone always be here for me if l need him or her when lf l feel upset and down then they can talk to me on mobile text or meet have a chat. I want find special new friends female and male who can sign languages BSL or if they interest want learn sign languages bsl then l am happy help them teach and learn have fun and enjoy. text me on my number **** ****5 or my email address safiy

Tue Sep 16

lgbti deaf people

hi, i have started bsl level 2 and am looking for people to practice with, does anyone know of any lesbien deaf clubs south london failing that queer clubs..please email me

Wed Sep 10

Hi :)

I Just landed in London and was looking for someone to practice BSL (I am atudying for Level 3 and also volunteering ina Deaf Centre in Northern London)

Here i my email:

Mon Aug 04

Practicing BSL


I am a BSL Level 3 student and I am...Italian :)...yes, I am Italian but cose to study BSL online. I am in London nos and was wondering if we can nave a coffee together o ne of these days, it would be nice to practice BSL, meet new people and have a nice chat.

Looking forward to having news From you :)

Here's my email:

Mon Aug 04

Hi :)

Hi Safiya,

I am a Level 2 BSL userà and a student of Level 3. I live in Rome, but August is my Holiday and I am spending it in London. It would be dice sign together over a cup of coffee :)

I hop to hear From you

Mariateresa :)

Mon Aug 04


I live in south east London (level 2 trained but out of practise :-s ) so would like to meet up. Would be nice.

My email address is

Fri Jul 18

Anyone of you sign for me?

Hello this is Russell, I am profoundly deaf, I need someone who can sign for me.... I will pay to you or go to pub to have meal pay by me! who live in Liverpool. pls let me know. thanks.

my email is

Sun Jun 29

hearing but looking for deaf female friends

Hi I'm currently do BSL level 1 and I'm looking for deaf female friends in the East London area.

Have deaf friends will help me in my studies. Plus make friends.

Mon Jun 23


Hello, deaf friends,

i am from pakistan retired qualified deaf teacher,got brain hambridge in 2008,which caused me stone deafness in both years and diplopia from both eyes can any kind heaert help me financially or sponsor to come to your country for possible treatments (amjadmalik52(at)gmail.com

Tue Jun 17


who interest want learn sign languages BSL and make new friends. please let me know and l am happy help you learn.

Sun Jun 01



I would loike to spend my vacation (August) doing some volunteering in London with deaf people, does anyone know where I can find a place to do it?

Thanks so much


Wed May 14


please can l would like talk to you and if you try best help me? my mobile number is **** ****5 please don't call me and l am deaf but you can text & my email

Thu May 01

Hi im bi text ********

Fri Mar 14

Hey bi im bi to ********

Thu Mar 13

Safiya Rouse (Shakoor)

Hello Everyone My name is Safiya. I was born full deaf all my life and I have bit little learn problem. I have adopted three sisters and one brother in law. I live in Leyonstone and l live alone. My hobbies are Gym & Swimming & go out & computer & text mobile & make cards & make jewellery beans & Basketball and sometimes Football not much really. my favorite team are England & Liverpool and Liverpool. my favorite colours are Red and Blue. I love The Moon and The Heart. I always shy & funny & nice and sometimes quite. I will help you learn sign Languages BSL if you are interest and want learn then please let me know and we can have fun and enjoy when teach you sign Languages BSL. l hope l want you make new friends to me and get know well of us each other. I hope hear from you and speak to you soon.

From Safiya

Sun Feb 16

Ill help you keep up your BSL!

Heya I'm Affy and I am a BSL user. Anyone who is studying or studied BSL wants someone to meet up to keep up their BSL, I'm happy to be one! Contact me on

Thu Feb 06


Who want interest learn Sign Languages BSL and make new friends have know well of us each other. if you want learn then please let me know and l will plan meet up then help you sign languages BSL. l hope hear from you soon.

Mon Feb 03

BSL NVQ level 3 - needs a lot of practice

Hi, I am currently studying level 3 and I need a lot of practice.

If there are any people that are fluent in BSL and have some time to spare in London - I would really appreciate it.

We can meet up in a public place; pub/café etc.

Sun Jan 12

Hey learn sign (BSL) with me

Tue Dec 24

Please help as rnid don

I passed my Bsl stage 1 a few years back, hoping to do level two soon. I asked The RNID for local groups in London where I could go to meet deaf people. I want to in time become an interpreter in schools, hospitals etc. also to intergrate into the deaf community as a whole on the social side . I am interested in Lgbt deaf groups. When I asked the rnid for assistance they were more interested in trying to sell products then point me forward to the deaf community which I thought was strange for such a large organisation . So anyone with information I would be grateful for your assistance ;)! My email is

Mon Dec 16

safiya deaf girl

Hello Andy & Gianni & saif & Sephen & helena and Domenico

my name is safiya and l am deaf girl. I saw internet london forum deaf. you interest want learn sign lauguanges BSL and want me teach help you? I am happy help you learn any time and l would like make new friends to you too. are you hearing? I hoe hear from you soon and l will waiting hear from you. my number is ********5 text me &

Fri Oct 11

NVQ level 3

Hi there

Please email me..i am also looking for people to skype with..i start my NVQ 3 next week

Email me if u are interested on

Thu Sep 26


My name is promise ugwa.l am a deaf and from Nigeria.l will like to chat with you as friend.my email address is

Tue Sep 10

Tue Sep 10

Deaf Girl Sign Laugunages BSL

Hello Guys! I am full deaf girl and my name is safiya. I am happy who want lewarn sign laugunages BSL then l will help you teach and make new friends. I would like help you learn sign laugunages BSL then please let me know. my address email

Thu Aug 29

Skype BSL practice

I'm looking for people to chat in BSL with on skype. I completed my BSL level 2 a year ago and have hardly used it lately and have become very rusty! I have an interview coming up the week after next involving a 5 minute sign conversation so could really do with some practice ASAP! Add me to skype if you're interested in practicing with me: indieanna1 or email:

Wed Aug 28


hi dear...i am diana and i am living beirut,lebanon..i want to learn,,,,when i will travel to london but i want before learner languge sign :D

my e-mail :

Thu Aug 08


Sat Jul 20

text me ********

Sun Jul 14

Looking for Deaf or hearing Level 2 BSL and above

I am a 30 year old mother of 2 living in Greenford (near Ealing)

I have completed up to Pre level 3 BSL and starting NVQ in Oct.

I am looking for friends to practice with or any volunteering opportunities with in the area

Tue Jul 02


Hi Jo

I have just completed my prelevel 3.

U can email me at asentongo @ hotmail.com

Tue Jul 02


Hello there,

I have finished Level 1, Level 2 and recently completed my pre level 3 in BSL. I am planning to start my NVQ 3 BSL in October.

I am looking for people to practice with at similar level or some more deaf friends.

I am 30 years old and I Live in Greenford, close to Ealing.

You can email me at

Tue Jul 02

text me

Fri Jun 21

I need BSL practice - can anyone help?

Hi guys. I am studying BSL level 2 - but need more practice with deaf people; either face to face or skype.

If anyone is interested please email me on;

Thu May 30

Looking to practice - either in person or skype

Hi guys. I am studying BSL level 2 - but need more practice with deaf people; either face to face or skype.

If anyone is interested please email me on;

Thu May 30

Sat May 11



Sat May 11


Sat May 11


Sat May 11


hola toma mi numero de telefono ********2 mandame un mensaje y quedamos

Thu Mar 21

i want chat you to know

i wish to information you that i am deaf man from Nigeria.

Wed Mar 13

hola,yo tambien soy espanola de canarias,no soy sorda,puedo oir pero hablo algo de bsl,terminando mi level1,estoy intentado encotrar amigos deaf pero no para praticar bsl si no para salir,ir atomar cafe,ver deportes,teatro,caminar por la ciudad ver jjardines,y si quieres te puedo ayudar con tu ingles,llevo bastante tiempo aqui,te pongo el mensaje en espanol viendo que te sera mas facil,bueno si quires conocerme dejamelo saber

Wed Mar 13

my name is patrick

Thu Feb 28

my is patrick

Thu Feb 28

i would like to meet u and live in south london

Thu Feb 28


my name is James i was born in london in 1974. i put in instition st lawrnce. i write to know if buidling is still open or did it close down. i move america bck in 1992 and still live here. i want know what is like for deaf people in london. i use sign BSL but here in america i had to learn ELS. I not have deaf UK friends here i go school and most deaf from africa and one women from russia. i like to chat with people from my own country. james

Wed Feb 20

BSL Hearing learner wanting deaf friend to practise with..

Hi, my name is Zoe, I'm learning BSL Level 3 but finding it hard to practise as I don't have any deaf friends! I live in South East if anyone would like to meet/help?

Mon Feb 18


Thu Feb 14


hello me deaf no u ok skype video call ok

Thu Feb 14


hello me deaf no u ok

Thu Feb 14

Hi hearing girl seeking deaf only female friends.

Hi you can call me H I'm 22, I have done my level one in British sign language and I wish to practice bsl and make friends :) please email me.

Wed Jan 30


I Think I Am Ugly. I Just Want To Be Beautiful Like All The Other Girls. My whole life I've felt ugly. I feel like every girl is prettier than me. I hate feeling like this. I can't stand to look in the mirror because I hate what I see. When I look in the mirror, I realize why no one likes me. I am Muslim and ugly. Very far from perfect. And then I put myself through hell just to feel pretty. I'm so self-conscious about my looks. I don't think anyone could ever love me. I'm tired of hurting myself just to feel beautiful. I'll never be skinny or pretty.. and that kills me inside. I've been through alot and that may be the cause for my low self-esteem. I just want to be beautiful like all the other girls :( I'm so lonely and depressed really sad :( I hate myself so very much. email me or msn

Wed Jan 23

Friendship via Skype, FaceTime or MSN

Hi there, I'm Natasha, a hearing women who loves socialising and meeting new friends, I have a busy household of husband, children and cats! I'm currently studying BSL Level 2 and would love to make new friends to practise with and/or learn from. Whether you're hearing or deaf, male or female, the main thing is to enjoy making friends using BSL. Let's chat, laugh and gossip over a cup of tea on skype :-D Simply

Fri Jan 18

Friendship via Skype, FaceTime or MSN

Hi there, I'm Natasha, a hearing women who loves socialising and meeting new friends, I have a busy household of husband, children and cats! I'm currently studying BSL Level 2 and would love to make new friends to practise with and/or learn from. Whether you're hearing or deaf, male or female, the main thing is to enjoy making friends using BSL. Let's chat, laugh and gossip over a cup of tea on skype :-D

Hope you're happy to get in touch -

Fri Jan 18

Willing to help

, im level 2 midway through and happy to help anyone, i love signing, so give me a txt




Sat Jan 12

I will help!

Hi, im looking for help too, im english speaking but learning bsl, would you like to compare notes and learn together?

Skype? Or facetime video calling? Im free evenings and weekends and will help you. Im educated to high level GCSE in English.


Sat Jan 12

Depend where you live

Hi have a look at City Lit college in Holborn,they have a big Deaf community and a lots courses for Deaf people.

Thu Dec 27


Hello I am looking for make new friends and who can sign languages BSL if want me help and teach you sign languages BSL. I would like help you teach sign languages BSL and make new friends. please email or msn add me

Thu Dec 27

Looking for a room


I am a deaf female, 24 years old, who is willing to learn more BSL. I have done my BSL Level 2 last year. I wish to become more fluent. I am looking for a double bedroom mainly in Wood Green, North London. I need to move by 20th January 2013. My budget is about £550 inclusive.

If you know anywhere that's available I would be grateful.

Fri Dec 14

Where is the free English language courses, in London?

Hi, my name is Robert. I'm deaf. I use sign language, but I want learn the English language. Because I want working. Help me please, if can you. Thank you!

Tue Dec 11

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