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Enfield Committed Football Players Needed  

We are looking for football players in the North London area to strengthen our squad, ( adult men ) must be willing to attend Tuesday night's training session in Enfield. Training is every Tuesday regardless of Champions league, Premier league or England games.

We welcome new beginners, people returning to football and people new to London, we are currently not in any league. We are rebuilding our squad, so please only reply if you are interested in joining our team. No time wasters please. 07940 531 351

Post reply -->London Enfield Yemi 21 Sep
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Enfield Need a pamper?  

I offer salon quality beauty treatments in the comfort of your home so you can enjoy a pamper that works around you and your home life. I am fully qualified and experienced and have years of experience in the beauty industry as both a therapist and educator.

To enjoy a pamper please call me on 07960 695 207 or email me at  Mail-me .

Post reply -->London Enfield Lucy 31 Mar
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Enfield Do you want to get fitter?  

Hi there.
I need a running and/or cycling partner in Enfield Wash. Im not a fast runner just a jog really but looking to do around 3-5 miles a time? Cycling im a lot better and reasonably fast Enfield to London Bridge on average 45 mins (about 13 miles)on a mountain bike so would be looking for someone who can do or aspires to that sort of rate (not necessarily that distance ). Not a casual cycle! Just need to get fitter in 2013 drop me a line.

Post reply -->London Enfield Adam 3 Jan
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Enfield Book club in Enfield  

Hi Does anyone know of a book club in Enfield.

Post reply -->London Enfield Nicola 10 Oct
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Enfield im looking for a book club  

Hey does anyone know of a book club in enfield? Im Looking to join one

Post reply -->London Enfield Kelly 13 Oct
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Enfield BOOK CLUB  

Hi, I am looking for a book club to join in Enfield. I am located near Bush hill park/ Enfield town

Post reply -->London Enfield Clare 25 Apr
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Hi, did you find a local book club? I'm looking for one too as well as a creative writing group, i'm in Edmonton.

Post reply -->London Enfield Claire 21 Jun
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I've ridden for many years, but after a year gap just been getting back into it last couple of months. 100% confidence walk, trot and canter. A bit nervous for jumping but would like to change this! Any horses available in Enfield area? Any type/size/age im 5ft 5 - please dont hesitate to contact me!  Mail-me  financial contribution can be arranged.

Post reply -->London Enfield Grace Edwards 18 Mar
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I am a qualified practitioner in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. My 5 year degree included a year in China training in two of Beijing's most reputable hospitals; Xi Yuan Zhong Yi Yuan Hospital and The Japanese Chinese Friendship Hospital.

Acupuncture can treat stress, anxiety, depression and all types of pain - headache, backache, neckache, shoulder ache, etc and women's health.

My practice is in Palmers Green,
Please contact me on 07737735529 or email:  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Enfield Michelle Flynn 16 Nov
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Enfield Pregnant or just had a baby!  

We are a new charity orginasation based in enfield ,and we are leading a movement of young mothers of all ages and backgrounds committed to choosing happier healthier lives.
our programs inspire individual to begin the journey of self-discovery.
for more information about this project and how to join our group please Email us  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Enfield Rose 3 Sep
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HI, qualifed nursery nurse & ofsted registered childminder has vacancy available for this September.
House with garden near Winchmore Hill station..
Please email me below for further details.

Post reply -->London Enfield Louise Mullan 19 Jul
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Enfield Do you need someone to walk your dog?  

If you need help walking your dog then please contact me at  Mail-me . I live in Enfield.

Post reply -->London Enfield Laura 19 Jan
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Enfield Does anyone know?  

I'm looking for a lovely christian lady called Olive, she was also an ex health visitor and had a son called Jules.

Post reply -->London Enfield 28 Dec
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Enfield Beginners Piano lessons in Barnet and Enfield in your home  

Southgate-based Grade Music Tutors provide piano lessons, keyboard lessons, Saxophone and Clarinet lessons for all levels as well as music production and composition services, developing well-rounded musicians who can learn to play Classical pieces of the great masters like Mozart and Beethoven, perform pop tunes from Madonna to the Beatles, improvise and learn to read music at sight.
Learn how to play your favourite songs in less time than you imagine with a free taster lesson by calling: 020 8886 0684

Post reply -->London Enfield 25 Nov
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Enfield Squash  

My regular squash partner is a bit unreliable and as i have a weekly booking its a bit of a pain, so if you would like to play (any level male or female) then please drop me a line...its every thursday 7.40pm to 8.15pm at waltham abbey sports centre at broomstick hall road

Adam  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Enfield adam 15 Oct
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Enfield Upcoming designer needs living space...  

Upcoming knitwear designers requires long term 2 bed living space with kitchen, bathroom and living room within the LBE. Currently in receipt of JSA and will be in receipt of HB when accepted. Contact me at  Mail-me  if you have what I am looking for. Thanks for noting the contents of this advert.

Post reply -->London Enfield Ms M 3 Oct
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Enfield Horse share enfield  

Hello, looking for a horse share in enfield. I am 25 and looking to get back into riding. Please contact me at  Mail-me 
if you think you might have something suitable. Thanks

Post reply -->London Enfield Mika 2 Sep
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Hi, my name is Caroline, I'm 20 and I'm in Enfield for a week. I am from Poland and Im staying at my friend's house and I'm looking for any part-time job. I can take care of children or clean houses. My English is quite good and I think there will be no problems with communication. I'm going to be here till 18 Aug, does anyone knows where can I find job? Please, help and contact me:  Mail-me , I would be grateful.

Post reply -->London Enfield 1 Jul
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Post reply -->London Enfield 12 Dec
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Enfield Roller Hockey  

Hey....I am involved with the enforcers roller hockey club and we are recruiting from enfield and waltham cross and playing on a wednesday night at broomstickhall lane in waltham cross..... open to females and maes of all ages 18 up ....if you are interested or want to know more then drop me a line  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Enfield Adam 24 Jun
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Enfield any good clubs for teens??  

im a teenager and i just moved to EN1 all the way from birmingham and im REALLY bored of not having friends!! does anyone know any clubs or something?? possibly something to do with dancing, singing, art etc. something creative to do where i can meet new interesting people.. please write to me by e-mail:


Post reply -->London Enfield 3 Jun
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Enfield Zumba Enfield  

I live in the Brimsdown area and used to go to a class at Southbury Leisure Centre but now that has been moved to Edmonton. I was wondering if anyone knew of a Zumba class that was a bus ride away and not too late at night as I do not drive and do not want to be travelling around by my self late in the evening.

Post reply -->London Enfield Ann 15 Apr
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Enfield island fitness  

Hi, I heard that there are classes at Island Fitness, Enfield Island Village which will be nearer for you.

Post reply -->London Enfield sam 6 May
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Enfield Zumba Fitness Class  

Starting Mon 23rd August at Trent Park Sports Hall, Middlesex University, Bramley Road, (Opp Oakwood Tube) London N14.

8pm-9pm. beginners welcome.

Facebook: Zumba Fitness UK with Karen (Herts)

Email:  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Enfield Zumba Karen 10 Aug
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Enfield Zumba classes in Enfield  

After 12 years of Hot Salsa we are adding Hot Zumba to our line-up of classes available. Monday 6th September at Club 19 Trent Park Hot Zumba 10:30am 11:30am, 6. 'Club 19' Trent Park Golf & Country Club, Bramley Road, Oakwood, London N14 4UW. How to find us . Oakwood is on the A110 between Barnet, Southgate and Enfield, North London UK Close to A10 & A406 North Circular. Easy access from Junction 24 on M25 (Cockfosters Exit) Junction 25 (Enfield Exit).
Opp Oakwood Tube (Piccadilly Line). Buses 121, 307, N91 Bus.  Mail-me  07947 765499

Post reply -->London Enfield maria (Hot Zumba) 19 Aug
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Enfield Best deep tissue massage  

any good ones in north london? already know of coco sunlounge. thanks

Post reply -->London Enfield D 30 Mar
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Is there a cooking club in this area or north london?

Post reply -->London Enfield D 30 Mar
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Enfield Cooking Club starting soon  

Open to Ponders End Residents.


Post reply -->London Enfield Maria 4 Aug
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Enfield Thinking of Moving to Enfield  

We are thinking of moving to Enfield in the EN2 postcode area, Is this a good area? Which are the best areas in Enfield? What's it like to live in Enfield?

Post reply -->London Enfield Maya 15 Mar
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To be honest, its
not a good area at all. The better parts of enfield
is the western parts (oakwood, cockfosters, hadleywood) but overall the borough is quite
poor and has a big problem with streetgangs and violent
Crimes. Be sure to avoid edmonton and ponders end.

Post reply -->London Enfield Dan 13 Sep
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