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Sydenham Shotokan Karate Sydenham Hill  

Does anyone know the contact no. for the Karate club on Sydenham Hill?


Post reply -->London Sydenham shotokan karateFunke 27 Sep
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Hi Funke

I hope you are well. I saw your advert in

I am also looking to join a martial arts class. I am looking for a judo class around the south/central London Area.

If you fancy checking out a few classes and doing it together then please let me know. It will be nice to have some company.

Anyway here is the contact details for Sydenham Shotokan Karate Club:

Seishin Juku
Shotokan Karate Club

Sydenham Hill Estate Community Hall


Donald Morrison
Tel: 020 7277 6682
Mob: 07957 647810

take care

Post reply -->London Sydenham zi 4 Nov
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