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Sydenham On the Up  

I moved to Sydenham last year, I love it! It has a good combination of people and a sense of identity. Trains are frequent (if packed) and you have the choice of many stations. Sydenham is a bit forgotton by Lewisham Council as an area and the more fuss that residents make the better. Lots of good old solid houses that are ripe for doing up! Loads of musicians make it a nice place to live, no hassles etc., The high steet is a bit tired, and needs a new fish shop a big greengrocer, but shops like the health food shop & pet shop are great.

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Sydenham I love Sydenham  

My wife and I moved to Sydenham 2 years ago and we love it. Quiet roads, lots of trees and green areas and generally very peaceful and mostly free of crime and vandalism. I agree that the high street could be improved but there is something quite quaint about it with "specialist curtain shops" and surely the smallest branch of Boots in existance. I particularly like the exotic stuff available from the many Turkish owned shops in the high street and the asian guys who run Sydenham D.I.Y have massive stocks and are very helpful.For pubs however I would recommend getting a bus to The Hob in Forest Hill (under new owners :now do Comedy on Saturday nights (late drinking) and "celebrity Pub Quiz" Thursdays or The East Dulwich Tavern at the bottom of Lordship Lane which also has excellent pizzas etc upstairs. We also love the food at "Gurkas" and have some delivered about once a week as a treat.For a decent hair salon try "Over the top" now at 72 Sydenham Road...nice people. Now there is a q

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HI everyone, just found this site its great.
can anyone tell where i can find a good pub that does karaoke on a friday night, i am willing to travel


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