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London Sydenham

Well, I was fascinated to read this!

Some years later, 1965 I think, I ran into Wally Barnes who was living in a somewhat ramshackle house in West Norwood. He was very anxious to sell me a Raymond Mays stord in his garage. Failing that, would I like to buy this, or maybe that? I declined these offers but I did acquire from him one of only five Bond Type C single seater F3 cars made. Being rather younger and before the police became what they are now, I was able to drive this remarkable machine from Norwood to Bexleyheath. I made many attempts to get him to tell me what he knew of the history of the car but he always got sidetracked onto something else, like his extraordinary performance in the Easter Long Handicap or somesuch at Brooklands in 1937.

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