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Streatham Cleaner wanted  

I'm looking for someone hardworking and reliable to do the cleaning and ironing, 5 or 6 an hour max, does anyone have any recommendations?

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Streatham Cleaner looking for a job  

Hi! I'm looking for a job as a housekeeper. I'm 20 years old girl from Poland and I used to do a summerwork (2003 and 2004) in a travel and tourism agency RMT-Tour.My duties included servicing and maintaing hegiene and standards level in the bedrooms and some public areas. I also had to do ironig and I did on order works as a German-English- Polish translator. I'm gonna be in
Streatham from 10. July, so if you're still looking someone I'll appreciate if you took my apply under consideration. My e-mail is:  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Streatham (0048) 606 617 386 1 Jul
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