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Stoke Newington Contemporary Dance Classes  


Does anyone know of any adult contemporary dance classes, in or around Stoke Newington?

Thank you

Post reply -->London Stoke Newington contemporary danceAnna 30 Jul
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Stoke Newington contemporary dance classes  

Hi there, I'm also interested, please could you let me know if you find somewhere, thanks.

Post reply -->London Stoke Newington Alina 11 Jan
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Stoke Newington Moving East  

Moving East, based in Stoke Newington, does cont. dance courses but mainly for those with prior training. They also organise contact improvisation classes and jams every Saturday.

I am looking for a room in a shared house as from next March/April 2008...could anyone give me advice how to best go about it?

L xx

Post reply -->London Stoke Newington 6 Dec
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