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Paddington Its got a great local website  

The local community website for Paddington is really good. I lived there for seven years. It's so convenient for Central London - you can get back from Leicester Square at 3am on a Sunday morning in no time at all...

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Paddington Everything is close by  

Paddington is a great part of London to live in - generally pretty safe, and there is so much of everything you could possibly need on your doorstep. If you like falafel/Middle Eastern cuisine and culture, then that's definitely a plus, because Edgware Rd is teeming with kebab shops, felafal bars, and cafes. There are also some nice pubs, and it's brilliant for shopping. it can feel noisy and crowded, but that's central London. I think it's cleaner and brighter than some other bits of Central London. Recommended!

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