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James Arthur Grieve Born 18 Nov 1915

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My father James Arthur Grieve was born on 18 Nov 1915 and his birth was registered on 13 Dec 1915-sub district Harlesden-district Willesden. I have a copy of his birth certificate (entry no 263 register book 1) which certifies just his birth and gives no details of either parent.
My father died in 1998 without ever having found out who his parents were. My father thought that his father may have been a bank manager who died in the first world war and his mother may have been a mannequin who died after his birth.
My father was fostered by a friend of his mother and lived with that family in Edgware. He was known as Arthur. He went to church schools in the Notting Hill, Camden Town and Paddington Areas from 1920 - 1928.

If anyone can help me in my search to identify my grandparents, or my father's foster family, I would be eternally grateful.

Judith Richards (nee Grieve)

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