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London New Cross Gate

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New Cross Gate Great transport, nice park, great houses in conservation area and relatively safe and peaceful community.  

If you were looking to move to new Cross Gate the good thing is that it has excellent transport with overland train to London Bridge (8mins) tube and good busses. The houses on the conservation area (Telegraph Hill) are superb and like all property in London are going up in prices but do represent good value for money. What's terrible about new cross gate is the A2 road which cuts the community in 2 !

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New Cross Gate  

only been here a year but really impressed with the transport connections to the rest of london .. it can be busy but then thats london - period.

also .. although i agree that new cross is dirty it also seems relatively safe compared to some of the areas surrounding it or in the east end.

none of us are kidding ourselves that its notting hill .. sounds like you just needed to get it off your chest after a hard day, right?

now back to searching down the location of a dentist ;)

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