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Hither Green - Watch Out

Hello Everyone, I just thought I would share with all of you my bad experience which hopefully will prevent you from having the same one. I live off Verdan Street and on my way home on South Park Crescent I was mugged approx. 4 weeks ago. The area is safe, nice and residential so this was really a big shock event o the police. I believe I was followed from St Mildred`s Garage where a couple of youngsters live there in that small allyway. I`ve seen them before and heard they have causing trouble for the locals as they seem to gather together there from the early evening and they are very noisy. I also believe it was one of these young boys as his body structure and behaviour was very similar to the one who asked for a pound a couple of weeks before and it was recognised even if he was wearing hood on the day of the attack. I suggest everyone they should avoid walking home through this allyway by St. Mildred`s garage especially in the dark (I was attacked at 8:30 pm daylight)

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