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Chiswick Amazing Hair Colourist.  

I've just been to Adam&Potsie Hairdressing in Ravenscourt and Potsie has done an amazing job at colouring my hair, its so hard getting my colour right. I highly recommend her. And to top it off my Husband is taking me to High Road House now to show it Off. WELL DONE POTSIE!!!

Post reply -->London Chiswick Samantha D 8 Nov
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Chiswick Used wooden pallets s for delivery  

Pressure washed cleaned
£2.50 each
Ideal for garden projects
Furniture making
Single boards for sale

Post reply -->London Chiswick Christopher 7 Feb
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Hello dear family my very our very hard working regular private domestic cleaner housekeeper looking for more work .Zlatka is our private domestic cleaner housekeeper Zlatka is a great worker, punctual, professional and very reliable. We trust her with keys to our property and know that we'll come home to a pristine flat.Very organised.and very good at cleaning my property. Always on time and always completes everything and more of what asked such as changing beds, washing and ironing She is managing her work and time very well and do organized very well .She is highly skilled and very pro-active and work off her own initiative at all the time knows exactly what she have to do .She care for our home as her own.Working on her fit with extremely high standard to keep your house in immaculate condition.Thank you 07803518743

Post reply -->London Chiswick ZLATKA 28 Sep
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Chiswick Looking for friends in Chiswick  


I moved to Chiswick recently and I have discovered there are so many wonderful places to go, visit and explore here. Is there anyone who would like to do some trips around?  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Chiswick Andrea 5 May
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Chiswick We are multi-skilled team “ DAJ TEAM  

We are multi-skilled team “ DAJ TEAM”

We provide services:

- General painting (interior and exterior),
- Kitchen and bathroom sealing and resealing to a high standard,
- Carpet cleaning service, basic carpenter,
- Pest controller service,
- Moving possession,
- Some electrical fitting,
- Gardening and landscaping,
- Cleaning and clearance,
- Others DIY jobs.

I will consider all jobs providing I feel competent enough to deliver a good result. I am friendly and flexible so please give me a call to discuss your jobs.
tel 07415132711

Post reply -->London Chiswick andrew 15 Mar
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Chiswick Volunteer driver with car wanted  

We are a new microbakery finding our feet, located next to Stamford Brook station in Chiswick. We are looking for a local volunteer with a spacious car/van to assist in the everyday delivery of the bread in baskets.

Deliveries take place between 8 - 9.30am (Mon-Fri) and there are currently only a handful of drops, but this is increasing daily. Delivery location within a mile in Chiswick and Northfields, so no long journeys. Petrol is covered of course.

NOTE: The job is unpaid, but there is a possibility of a paid role in future.

Email:  Mail-me 


Post reply -->London Chiswick M May 28 Feb
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Chiswick Playdates in Kew/ Chiswick  

Hi there, I have just started a nanny position near Kew Green with a 3 month old boy. I am looking for other nannies in the area with similar aged charges for playdates and coffees :-). Please email me on  Mail-me  and then we can meet up! Thanks Laura x

Post reply -->London Chiswick Laura 26 Jun
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Chiswick B&B Required in Chiswick for 12 weeks Mon -Thurs inclusive.  

Please contact myself andy owens email:  Mail-me  if you do B&B and have a room available, and what the cost would be, with any info, I am after B&B for 4 nights a week Mon - Thurs for 12 weeks, starting 14th May 2012.

Post reply -->London Chiswick Andy Owens 9 May
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Chiswick Chiswick womens` groups  

Does anybody know where I can find some womens` groups in Chiswick ?


Post reply -->London Chiswick Marine 3 Apr
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Chiswick Art Classes in a relax and friendly atmosphere  

Relax and unwind with painting and drawing classes starting Wed 18th April in St Barnabas church Ealing on 7.30 to 9.30pm.
There are limited spaces- If you are interested please call Shirin 07790644431 or email  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Chiswick Shirin 29 Feb
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Chiswick Cribbage in Chiswick  

Is there a group in Chiswick that meets to play cribbage , or is there anyone out there who would like to play ?
I haven't played for years and would like to revive my game :  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Chiswick Lynn Emm 26 Jan
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Chiswick Companion available to support your elderly relative  

I am an articulate, educated, professional (Australian) woman with over ten years experience in the social care and education sectors (including extensive experience in lecturing and training carers).

* TW9 area (and nearby)
* £35 / 2 hours
* Current CRB & references
* Regular, scheduled visits or as needed

I can provide:
* Companionship & conversation
* Household administration (phone-calls, mail, making appointments)
* Light meals (snacks, a cold lunch)
* Accompaniment to appointments

To enquire, please email me:

Thank you.

Post reply -->London Chiswick Natalie 28 Mar
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Chiswick Looking for a nursery in chiswick  

Hi,I am moving to chiswick and is looking for a nursery to my 2 year old daughter.Any recommendations?

Email:  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Chiswick Simmi 16 Feb
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Chiswick David from Pamper Hair  

Hi. Does anyone know where David the hairdresser from Pamper in Chiswick went to? He left Pamper some months ago and I dont know where he went to. Thanks for your help!

Post reply -->London Chiswick Alison 31 Dec
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Chiswick Learn French in Chiswick  

I am a native French speaker and i give French lessons, grammar,conversation or textwork. I can help students with their French homework.
For more information contact me:  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Chiswick Victoria 10 Nov
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Chiswick Beginners French  

I am staying in Chiswick during the week and I want to learn French can you help me. I will be working for Worley Parsons on the Great London road but staying 3 nights plus at the Premier Inn



Post reply -->London Chiswick Judi Baldock 28 Mar
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not sure if my reply got through the system - so her we go again. Am looking to improve rusty French - vaguely sub A level - can you let me know where you are based and what you charge.

regards Michael barnes


Post reply -->London Chiswick michael barnes 8 Sep
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Chiswick Would like to meet other nannies  

Hi there, I am a nanny in Chiswick, looking after gorgeous wee 4 month old twin boys. I would love to meet any other nannies caring for bubs of similar ages, to meet up for playdates, baby group, walks in the park, coffee etc. you can contact me at  Mail-me . Thanks, Emma

Post reply -->London Chiswick Emma 8 Nov
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Chiswick After School Nanny  

Family looking for an after school nanny for 2 children 5 and 9 in the Chiswick area for 2 days per week, 10 hours at £10 per hour. Able to offer more hours at times and during school holidays


Post reply -->London Chiswick Jenny 26 Oct
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Chiswick Baby sitter available to look after your children week nights or weekends.  

I am a 26 year female currently working full time in marketing for a large FMCG company. I have many years of baby sitting experience in NZ and South Africa, looked after my own brother and sister when they were young and worked in a orphanage. I am friendly, lovable and very responsible and adore children so just looking for some part time work. Available to come and meet you and your family any night.


Post reply -->London Chiswick 11 Oct
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Chiswick Aerobics - Chiswick?  

Does anyone know of an independent (not associated with a gym) aerobics class in or around Chiswick? I am looking for a traditional high/lo impact class so that I can build up my fitness again. There is a gym across from where I work but their class schedule is completely inconvienient. So few seem to offer traditional aerobics any longer.
Ideally the class would be weekdays - early evening - from 5:30 - 6:30 to start and would be in central Chiswick - but willing to travel to surrounding area. Mondays-Thursdays would be ideal. Would like to go at least two nights a week.
Even if you don't know of a currently offered class is anyone else interested in this? If there were enough of us we could find a teacher and get a class started?

Post reply -->London Chiswick 15 Aug
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Chiswick I am looking to share a shop  

if any body has a shop who want to share. I sell natural salt lamps I just need small space where I can put a display please let me know if you have some space I would be gratefull thanks email  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Chiswick F Din 4 Aug
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Chiswick Not a good place  

I had a facial with extractions done there a few years ago, which was extremely painful and left my nose sore and red for a week! I thought I was going to be scarred! I have never had such a bad facial in my entire life!
My mother also used to dye her hair there, but she has stopped going because the last time she went to have her hair dyed, the colour came out patchy, as the person who was dyeing her hair was too busy talking on the phone to pay attention. And it wasn't cheap!!

Post reply -->London Chiswick Disgruntled 20 Jul
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Hi, everyone
my wallet droped while going to E3 bus stop or in the bus .all my my card under my name in there, GPB 50 if returned

Post reply -->London Chiswick omar alshabani 13 Jun
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Chiswick Large double room with en-suite available in Chiswick – available 25/06/10  

Offering a large, fully furnished, double bedroom with an en-suite bathroom in a fantastic 2-storey flat, which is perfectly situated just minutes from both Gunnersbury tube station (to central & north London), Kew Bridge mainline train station (into Waterloo) and also excellent road links to M4, A3 & A40.
Looking for one professional male/female, to share with one professional female in her 30’s – Preferably a non-smoker.
There is a large shared lounge and a separate kitchen containing all modern appliances.
One of the many highlights is that this flat is situated only 5 minutes walk from the River Thames, Strand-on-the-Green and Kew Gardens, and only 10 minutes walk from Chiswick High Road.
The rent is £786 pcm – this does not include bills which are split between both tenants.
Claire - 07973 875356 /  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Chiswick Claire Tuson 24 May
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Chiswick CHILDMINDER/ NANNY available  


I am a soon to be OFSTEAD registered/ CRB checked/ first aid trained mother, looking for a family who needs part time childminding in the Chiswick area. Who would be happy for me to bring my 8 month old son along.

I am available for after school pick ups, trips to the park, todler groups and childminding at your house or mine and occasional evenings or weekends.

please mail me if you have any questions


Post reply -->London Chiswick Julia 18 May
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Please could I have your phone number so I can speak to you over the phone


Post reply -->London Chiswick Mother 20 Jul
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Chiswick Childcarer/nanny wanted  

Hello, I am looking for someone with experience(nanny/carer/babysitter) to look after my 6 month old baby girl one evening or weekend afternoon /evening per week (max 3-4 hours). Must be CRB checked and prefer OFSTED. Located 5 mins from Chiswick railway station.


Post reply -->London Chiswick erina 10 May
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Chiswick chiswick Babysitter Available  

Hi Parents:)

I`m 28 year old polish resposible person. I`m looking for baysitting jobs in and around the Chiswick area (evenings, weekends).
I work at NAS school with autistic students. I have good experience with children.
CRB and referces available.
If you need me just mail:  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Chiswick Patrycja 24 Apr
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Chiswick local football club need new players  

if you are an experienced and reliable footballer or keeper and you want to join a 11 a-side saturday league team in hounslow then call jimmy on 07960611076 for full info. we play saturdays 2pm kickoff and training is on thursdays at 7.30pm. thanks  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Chiswick jimmy 26 Nov
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