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Belsize Park where can i get a manicure in belsize  

Post reply -->London Belsize Park manicurehayley 22 Aug
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Belsize Park  

Hi I am looking for the same thing. Please if you get lucky and find where to have a manicure, pedicure etc let me know. thanks

Post reply -->London Belsize Park gala 15 Oct
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Belsize Park Holistic Hair & Beauty Services  

I've never had a manicure there, but I've had waxing done. Very happy and will definitely go back there for my beauty treatments.

Sorry I dont remember the beauticians name but I have the bus card. Phone number 020 7431 5525 and its at 7 Belsize Village, NW3 4AX.

Hope this helps!!

Post reply -->London Belsize Park Pip 26 Jan
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