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Belsize Park Small yoga classes for beginners in Belsize park  

Hi there. Does anyone know if there are any good small classes for yoga beginners in or near to Belsize Park? I went to a class today in a leisure centre but there were 30 of us and I was totally lost! Many thanks.

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Belsize Park Yoga Class in Belsize Park  

Hi Everyone.

I am teaching yoga classes in the Belsize Park every Thursday at 6.45 - 7.45pm. 7 drop in.

The classes are small and suitable for all levels including beginners. Please contact me for further information.  Mail-me  07740 300557

The classes are at:
Belsize Community Library
Antrim Grove
Belsize Park

Its a few minutes walk down the hill from the station.

Hope to see you there!
Charli x

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