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Travel How to get fom Hounslow to St Paulss Cathedral by bus ?  

Hi people I am a Hounslow nbeighbour too. I would like to know if everyone could help me finding the quickest way to get from Hounslow to St Paul's Cathedral in London by bus. Why bus ? coz I am getting rid of money and you all know the tube is more expensive. I have been looking for many ways to get there but cant find teh quickets one. Hope you helped me ? Thank you !

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Travel Hounslow to St Pauls Cathedral - by bus  

The best I can come up with is:
- 237 Hounslow - Shepherd's Bush Green
- 94 Shepherd's Bush Green - Oxford Circus
- 8, 25 Oxford Circus - St Pauls Station, OR 15, 23 to St. Paul's Cathedral

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