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Retired Interested in meeting 0/60s  

Just recently stopped working. Although I am taking two art classes and go out with some friends I miss the structure of work. I would be interested in outings, art galleries and museums. Also, I enjoy dancing and theatre. My e-mail is  Mail-me  Please get in touch. Always, Nina

Post reply -->London Retired Nina 1 Feb
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Retired Retired  

I am also in my 50's in a similar situation - grown up family and a husband who works very long hours, so I would really like to meet other people available for various daytime activities.


Post reply -->London Retired Gill Dingwall 7 May
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Retired Reply to Marsha  

Hi Marsha !
I live in Wimbledon and am looking for other to share time with ! Gym, conversation coffee,walking. I find that after one 'gives-up-work` it can be difficult to find new friends. But ! It just needs more creative approaches and this web-site is exactly what is needed to make contact with like minded others.

Post reply -->London Retired Jacqueline Bullock 6 Jan
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