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New Friends Is is possible to die of boredom?  

Hi there,
Been living in London a year now after moving here from Hull, I've met plenty of interesting folks but they're either travellers or just too busy to have friends!

I'm looking for some similar people to maybe hang out with explore London with.

I'm 25 into all kinds of music though mainly indie/rock (the kind of stuff that Virgin plays, though my taste is a little more extensive!). Very big on films everything from American Beauty to Kurosawa and beyond. At the moment I'm working on my first novel though I've just started sketching out the second one. Other than that I'm fascinated by Japan and I'm currently learning Japanese at SOAS.

Have a fairly wicked and often cynical sense of humour.

Anyhoo mail me if you want or you can chat to me on MSN messenger  Mail-me 

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