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New Friends Well this is a pleasent little group...  

Hi guys, i'm Atif, from Ilford area (East London, ok ok Essex - happy now!). I've been away for a while (Amstersam - since you ask!!) and had a really great time with my girlfriend.
I'm looking to make some new friends, girls, guys whatever! I was at the AKA bar get together, so if anyone remembers me from there, drop me an email  Mail-me .
I'm asian (Pakistani), 23, 5'11", shrt dark hair, err.. blood type O (can't think of anything else!?)!
I'm into all the things mama told you were bad. But still maintain a little discipline (just enough).
So, who'd like to get together and get pissed?

Post reply -->London New Friends IlfordAtif 29 Jul
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New Friends ROGI  

hi there it my mail [ Mail-me ] i am looking for massage girl

Post reply -->London New Friends rogi 8 Feb
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