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New Friends Sunday Hyde Park. 1pm. Its happening!  

Hi all, the weekend is only a few hours away. I hope you all have a good one.

Sunday is definately on. Around 30 people have said they will be coming along and a few will bring friends. Even if half that turn up, since its the weekend and anything can happen. It should still be a good one to remember.

The tube station is hyde park corner on the picadilly line, so you will need to take the south east corner.

I will be outside the main gates on the south east side, which is next to the mens and womens toilets on the right hand side.

I will be there waiting from 12.45. I will be wearing a white top and blue denim jeans and trainers, so hopefully be easy to spot.

We will all sit down on a small hill near from the enterance, it will be next to a statue. I can't remember what the statue is, maybe a guy on a horse.. who knows. But if you are running late, I will have my mobile on! We won't be far anyway.

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New Friends  

Today and Saturday are looking to be great days for the weather, now Sunday is saying it might rain. So when we meet up, I will try to have a suggestion on where to go, if the heavens open!

Please bring something to sit on, as if it rains saturday evening, then the grass might be wet!

Also, don't forget to bring any sandwiches or refreshments (don't worry, food to buy is near by), and some sun cream (don't want you burning!) as we might be in the sun for a long time.

Feel free to bring any friends, the more people the better :)

Finally, I'll be bringing a frisbee for people to play, and if someone does bring a ball (round/oval) great!

My number is : 07940 178677. Should you wish to contact me.

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