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New Friends New Cross!!  

Does anyone live here, in the hood that is New Cross!I'm a 25 yr old female living here and am looking for new friends around this area of a similar age. I do like R'n'B (sorry to the girl below me i'm not deliberatley posting this because u said u didn't like R'n'B) to have a bit of a boogie too and u can do this down good old goldsmiths if anyone knows it!
that's it really :-)

Post reply -->London New Friends RnBclaire 15 Jul
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New Friends  

Hi, I'm not too far from you, I live just up the road in Peckham, i'm looking to meet some new people too, i'm a 24 yr old female, I like r'n'b and other music too and like to have fun, if you wanna meet up drop me an email at:  Mail-me 

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