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New Friends Roller blading in greenwhich park  

yes i've just bought some roller blades but feel a bit silly zooming round on my own so if anyone else owns a pair and fancies going to greewhich park in the summer evenings or anypark south east then let me know
claire  Mail-me 

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New Friends Bike not blades, but could pur-chase...?!  

Hi Claire, I live in Greenwich too and am trying to hook up a few friendships down there as I am fairly new to the area. My housemates are fab, but have long established social circles and do running/jogging which I try to avoid! (Red tomato effect is not my bag!) I tried skating a while ago and quite liked it. Would need to buy some to join you, but like the idea. I have a bike as am planning to do the Londonn to Brighton this year....Urghhhh!! Moi? But would like to make the most of the summer evenings and get on with some fun exercise and possibly a few drinks. Or try out a few eateries in Greenwich? Am 27, work in Victoria/Westminster. What about you? Send me a mail if you'd like to get together for a coffee or a drink and chat about possible skating escapades in the park!  Mail-me  or

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