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New Friends Tall men  

Are there any men in London who are tall, big built and manly?? I haven't met one since I moved here and I wondered if they exist down here. I would love to meet a real alpha male who could look after himself! Good looks would also be a plus, ages 25 to 40 is fine! If you fit this description and are a generally ok guy, please get in touch!

Post reply -->London New Friends tall menMia 28 Jan
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New Friends Im average height  

but I'm definately big built and 'manly'. Most blokes seem to want to be skinny and look like they're gay nowadays (at least in london) must be a new fashion (and they're all starting to wear mullets too - what's all that about???)

Post reply -->London New Friends 9 Feb
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New Friends Im fNew Friendsing enormous!  

Hello Im Al, 6'6 rugby player type, looking to meet people in London (im in Clapham at the mo) and im a total stunner! vanity will prevail! oh and im 25. Mail me if you so desire on  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London New Friends spannerman 8 Apr
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New Friends Hello!  

so describe yourself then......

Post reply -->London New Friends Mia 11 Feb
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New Friends Iam Tall  

HI.. I am 1.85 m tall, black hair, dark eyes, and will be moving to london soon... computer engineer... medium build..

Post reply -->London New Friends antonio 4 Mar
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