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New Friends Bad Badminton  

Hi! I'm pretty new to East London (and no one on these boards really seem to live here), and want to get back into playing badminton - I'm not very good, but I really need the exercise. If anyone was up for playing me, either in Newham, Greenwich or Islington (I work in one, live near one and live in t'other), that'd be great

Post reply -->London New Friends badminton sportMartin 14 Jan
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New Friends Even WORSE badminton....  

... but i'll score 100% for effort. i too need to get into fitness or a sport of some sort. I was thinking of Yoga, but would prefer to enjoy an active sport with good company. Greenwich sounds good to me as i a Mail-me 

Post reply -->London New Friends shayne 20 Jan
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New Friends Started Badminton?  

I'd love to play badminton. Am a bit unfit now, so you'll probably do loads better than me!Live near Greenwich, so that's a good place. Only thing is that I don't have my racquet, so need somewhere where I can get it on loan. Email me if u (or anyone else) wants to play.

Post reply -->London New Friends 21 Jan
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New Friends badminton in Greenwich  

Hi there
I just moved to Greenwich so I was wondering if you started playing around there already. If you have and you could use an extra member, please give me a shout!
Much like you I used to play quite a lot when i was younger but am out of practice! Give me a shout at  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London New Friends Laura 10 Jul
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