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New Friends Pissup mates desired [east|central]  

East london, im 24(nearly 25), stable, ok for money just looking to meet similar folk(im straight btw) in the east london area for getting pissed.

Yeagh great eh, if you like the sound of me drop me a line, i can do moderate london tours for newbies and even a little tour of hackney for anyone who is interested. Happy to fall into another crew or take on a newbie to form my own, i like clubbin a bit, other stuff.

Oh a bit about me (though why i bother coz its all chemistry i dont know) im a funky student type (though i work) im a northerner, v tall, fairly ok with ladies but not looking to pull, into raving and all that egoless culture, fairly high tolerance for football though i dont actively like it (this means im happy to get pissed over a game). Happy to go with flow or create my own (see im creative ;), basically im looking for a crew

If your in a shitty situation email me and i will see what i can do (im a soft bastard [maybe its my age] but i would quite l

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New Friends hi u  

how are you? i was just wondering if you found any pissup mates from tposting your message here??

thanks for the reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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New Friends  

Hi, I'm 23, work at heathrow building the new terminal. I go out a lot on my own, heathrow area and sometimes london to go clubbing but it aint as fun solo. yeah looking for a crew or drinking mate to go to cool places. I like travelling, have been to australia on a backpackers holiday and am saving up to go somwhere else. anyway if theres anybody who fancies a sesh get in touch

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New Friends weh hey  

Ok 27 female in long relationship just moved to hackney/clapton, go to pubs a lot bit like u love gettin mashed clubbing raving etc......would like 2 meet drinkin mates in new area. I'm Irish so enuff said bet I can drink u under the table well I can handle a few- I only bet on sure things. One problem we might look like really funny drinkin partners cos I'm a short ass- if u like the sound of me drop me a line. I drink in Fitzgeralds and the dive bar across the road. Wha bout u?? mail me  Mail-me 

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