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Feeding, sleep ( or lack of it for your part ), frustration, want to meet with other mums locally, childminders, doctors. Virtual grandmother.

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Hi, I have a 1 1/2 year old easy going daughter. I am moving to Whetstone and will need help with childcare - 2 days a weekdays , an evening and sometimes Saturdays/ Sundays
Can you help?
Please e-mail me at:  Mail-me 
Thank you

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Mothers with Babies childcare whetstone  

Hi Shelly i live in Whetstone i moved here 6months ago, i have a dd shes just turned 2, im currently a sahm, i may be able to give you a little help with your childcare, as it will be good for my dd to have someone to play with! when are you moving???  Mail-me 

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