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London Local Traders

E.g plumber, electrician, nannie, gardener, home help, decorator, rubbish disposal, tree surgeon etc etc

Whether you are offering or looking for services, say where you are e.g Earl's Court or Stratford, and if you are offering services, how far you are prepared to travel.

Don't forget the contact no. or e-mail address.

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Local Traders Translation English-French or vice versa  

By qualified translator, native French speaker. I know a lot of you have houses in France. I can also make phone calls in French for you. Member of the Institute of linguists. MA in translation.  Mail-me 
I also teach French in E11 and surroundings.

Post reply -->London Local Traders english frenchsophie 13 Oct
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Local Traders Translation French - English  

I have approx 10 years in sales/marketing in French/English. My strengths lie in oral negotiations in French and English. If anyone needs my help particularly in the field of property negotiations or discussions, contact me.  Mail-me .

Post reply -->London Local Traders Ms.I Dempsey 2 Nov
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