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Posted in 'Suggest a new forum' on 17 Jul by Zoe:Language exchanges. Am looking for a friendly native Spanish speaker preferably female) to practice Spanish with in exchange for helping them with English - thinking we could meet up for a couple of hours every week/ fortnight on a weeknight. Am in Streatham, so meeting up in Streatham/ Clapham/ Brixton would be good. Please reply if you are interested. I'm intermediate level spanish, and native English speaker with EFL teaching experience.Don' know of any other online forums for this. Think it would be good to have a separate forum for this?? What do you think?

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Language Exchanges Spanish / English or Hungarian  

I am a native Hungarian but my English is fluent. I would like to learn Spanish and am willing to teach conversational English for as many hours as you need in return for the same hours in spanish. I am a complete beginer in Spanish.  Mail-me 

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Language Exchanges Szia! I want to learn hungarian (magyarul).  

Szia. Én Farkas Ákos vagyok. Venezuela (dél-Amerika)ban élek. Én magyarul tanulok. Spanyolul és angolul beszélek. 20 éves vagoyk.


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