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Horses and Ponies  

Can be used for those wanting a sharer for their horse or pony, those looking for a horse or pony share, those wanting to buy or sell horses and ponies, horse tack,horse boxes and trailers and riding clothing, enquiries on stabling, livery or riding schools and much more, including information/advice or questions needing answering.
Horses and riding are a big love/hobby of many (including myself) so tyvm in advance for your consideration :o)
There has been 4 horse related posts within 2-3 days (including this one and one i made last night plus one someone else posted today and another a couple or so days back) - ADDITION:- Added since original post (up to 31st January 2006):- and more than 10 new, since this original post too, so it seems this would really get a lot of use ;o)

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Should we remove this post ?