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Foreign travel ? Friends can't get time off work, or don't want to go anyway because they don't like foreign food ? No problem. Say where you're thinking of going. Lay out your plans and ideas a bit Bet someone else wants to go too. Going on holiday with friends can be a real pain anyway.

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Hi, im 26yrs, Irish, female, who is planning to go backpacking in Feb 2005. I am able to take 6mths off work and am ready to explore the life of a backpacker. Planning to visit Asia, Australia & New Zealand BUT no set itinerary & always open to new suggestions.
I am looking for a travel buddy, who feels like me, wants to get away from London, out of the office, and a break from the boyfriend, only joking HA HA!. So if you feel similar to me then emails back & letís meet up to arrange our trip together cool! I'd also love to hear from people who already backpacked who can give me some sound advice.
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Hiya, good move you will have a blast, traveling is great! I lived in Australia for 2 years, and loved it. If you want a cheap option most people do the 'east coast experience' from sydney to cairnes. Which works out pretty cheap about £300 - £500 for 3/4 weeks coaching it up and hostel stays and for around £80 you can fly back. All the backpackers travel agents do personalised itinerys. A must see:- Byron Bay, Fraser Island 4-wheel jeep holiday, sailing in the Whitsunday Islands and barrier reef trip from cairnes. Hope this helps - have fun!

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