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Foreign travel ? Friends can't get time off work, or don't want to go anyway because they don't like foreign food ? No problem. Say where you're thinking of going. Lay out your plans and ideas a bit Bet someone else wants to go too. Going on holiday with friends can be a real pain anyway.

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Holidays Can anyone recommend a French cooking/language holiday in France please ?  

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Holidays Lyon!  

Try Lyon in France, it's known to be the gastronomic capital, with literally 100's of restaurants and enough markets to keep you occupied for a few months.
I recommend the Lyon Bleu language school, as it's a smaller school and they integrate local & national culture into the programme, which makes learning the verb conjugations a lot less painful! They also offer to find you accomodation with a family in Lyon.
maybe you can find some information on
bonne chance!

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