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Foreign travel ? Friends can't get time off work, or don't want to go anyway because they don't like foreign food ? No problem. Say where you're thinking of going. Lay out your plans and ideas a bit Bet someone else wants to go too. Going on holiday with friends can be a real pain anyway.

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Holidays Goa  

I saw a program on TV tonight (BBC2 i THINK !) showing a UK couple opening a bar in Goa.

It looks like it's become Costa del Sol ex-pat hell: early retired (mostly drunk) Brits passing the time moaning that it's 'not like home.'

Please tell me it's not like this.

Post reply -->London Holidays goaTerry 23 Mar
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Holidays Goa from an Indians perspective  

There are two sides to Goa - the european end and the non-european end. Me and my family had a christmas break at Goa (not that I celebrate Christmas!) and it was great. But this was on the non-european end and you dont find any drunken behaviour. I didnt even spot a pub in that area. We stayed at a resort which had a beach on its doorstep and it was great place to relax and read your book or whatever you wanted to do.

It was not a five-star resort, but it had all the comforts and my room was sea-facing. What more could I ask for?

And I didnt see any Brits or europeans. When we ventured into the city, it was normal indian life. Thats all I wanted and thats all I got. So, its not so bad after all. Just pick your resort carefully.

Post reply -->London Holidays Priya 16 Jun
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Holidays dental treatment in goa  

when I was in Goa recently with my beloved we visited a dentist there. Believe me it was the most inteligent decision taken by us on a holiday. The tour was free cosidering the amount we saved on dental treatment as compared to what we would have paid here. The dentist we visited was Dr Abhijit Sadekar, 22, Navelkar Trade Centre, opp. Azad Maidan, Panaji Goa. email  Mail-me 
I recommend him to fellow travellers when they visit Goa

Post reply -->London Holidays Steve richards 1 Jul
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I am visiting calangute in goa this month and thinking of having brite smile or lazer bleaching done. Do you have any knowledge of this ? I want to know if it is safe and could it damage my teeth in any way.

Post reply -->London Holidays linda g 2 Feb
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