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Foreign travel ? Friends can't get time off work, or don't want to go anyway because they don't like foreign food ? No problem. Say where you're thinking of going. Lay out your plans and ideas a bit Bet someone else wants to go too. Going on holiday with friends can be a real pain anyway.

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Holidays Getting away but with internet access  

I haven't had a holiday fo four years because I am a web developer and I can't leave my web sites unattended for two weeks.

Could anyone suggest SOMEWHERE where there would be a PC definitely, preferably sunny. Thanks

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you could take your laptop with you and then enquire about hotels that provide internet access, im sure there must be some. maybe ask in a travel agent, im sure they can advice you appropriately.

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Holidays Eygpt-Sharm el Sheik  

The ritz carlton is a great hotel. If you look for Longwood Holidays on the internet you could go for 14 nihgts @ 589 BB. It's beautiful there and there is internet access as they do conferences at the Hotel. There are so many hotels that i'm positive would let you use there facilities. Failing that try Dubai. Think of places where a lot of big business is done, so not Tahiti-SORRY

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Holidays Singapore  

Singapore most definitely has internet access and some hotels dont charge for the service. Part of the package. And its sunny and lovely throughout the year. BA is actually doing cheap flights to Singapore right now - thru Opodo I think.

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