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Posted by Helen 25 May 2005 'Suggest a new Forum:' I think you should have a forum for people who want to grow things in London. Sounds ironic, but the gardening sites I've found are very full-on and not very city orientated. I say this because two years ago. in a rented flat, I was surprised how easy it is to grow little things in the garden. The garden 'makeovers' on the TV neglect to tell you that plants need water and light.

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Gardening Window boxes  

I've got no garden in my flat (because it's on the second floor), but I do have some deep window cills (is that how you spell them ?) which would fit some of those green troughs I've seen at B&Q. Beyond that. I haven't got a clue to be honest. But I'd like to try my hand at growing some plants and flowers and possibly some herbs for cooking. I have asked, but I think the people at my B&Q are really hot on drill bit sizes and rawplugs, but there's never anyone in the garden dept to ask ! I'd really be grateful for some advice.

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Gardening Pete: Window Boxes and Gardening  

Pete, since it's now May/June, your best bet would be to buy a couple of those green troughs, and a couple of bags of earth to put in them, and a tray of 'bedding' plants that you can get from Homebase or B&Q. These are very young plants that the vendors have grown from seed: make little 'wells' in the soil in your boxes, and place (don't push) the plants in them about 5cm apart. You're going to have to water them prob twice a day if it's hot: if the earth on the top is crusty, then they need watering. Good Luck !

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