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Control of garden pest and houseflies by non-chemical methods

If you are a urban dweller or rural, doesn’t matter. The pest in garden or open field is having existence in entire world. The chemical methods at the first instance are proving hazardous to the environment. The houseflies are becoming nuisance everywhere in housing colonies, flats, individual houses and elsewhere in the areas like fish market, cattle sheds or mutton stalls. If you apply chemicals then there is threat for human lives or living beings. It is not mandatory to use chemicals at the first instance. For example, if you wish to control sucking and rasping pest in open field sticky traps are the best option which saves the money of the farmer to a extent of forty percent of amount he contributes for chemical pest control. On the other hand person living in houses to control pests in their garden or houseflies cannot afford to go for chemical pesticides. They can use these non-poisonous sticky traps without any fear. In this context, we would like to introduce ourselves as s

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