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Food Clarified Butter  

I hope I spelt it correctly. I went on a cooking course abroad recently, and I now know how to make it, but I think I'm right in thinking you can buy. Does anyone know where in London please ?

Post reply -->London Food clarified butterGemma 26 Aug
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Food clarified butter  

try ghee

Post reply -->London Food clarified butterBeverley 7 Sep
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You get it at Sainsburys

Post reply -->London Food clarified butterAsh 28 Sep
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Food Clarified Butter Is So Easy  

You simply melt butter in a pan but I pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. Then just pour off the clear liquid at the top leaving the solid material in the bottom. Best to use a container that is tall and thin

Post reply -->London Food Dudley 8 Nov
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