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Food Roast beef and English mustard powder  

Somehow I've got into my head that you can seal a joint of beef by rubbing Coleman's mustard powder into the surface before cooking it. Has anybody ever tried this, and doesn't it make taste of English mustard (wjich I hate ?) Ta

Post reply -->London Food Roast beef English mustardTim 22 Aug
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Food re Cooking Beef  

Rolling a cooking joint in English mustard is a traditional way of sealing the joint. Curiously, it doesn't end up tasting of mustard atall. Flash cook the joint for 8-10 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 250+ then reduce to 200 for 30-60 mins depending on the joint

Post reply -->London Food Roast beef English mustardJamie 18 Sep
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Food Beef and Mustard  

Mustard rapidly looses it's flavour on cooking so it will not taste after you have cooked a piece of beef that long. I fyou add mustard to a sauce and you have added too much just cook for a minute or two and taste. It will soon lose it's flavour

Post reply -->London Food Dudley 8 Nov
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Food Sealing Beef  

In fact you don't need to use mustard atall, just use plain flour: it works just as well (in fact I think better.)

Post reply -->London Food Julian 29 Dec
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