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London Food Lemon Tart

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Food Lemon Tart: really tangy  

4 lemons
Half cup sugar
3 eggs

Pre-bake a 20cm flan case with short crust pastry for 20 mins @ 180C or use a shop-bought flan case. Meanwhile beat the eggs,sugar, lemon juice and zest of one lemon together and warm over a low heat to beat in 2oz butter.

Pour the mixture into flan case and bake for a further 25mins @ 180C. Serve cold. Better than Sainsbury's !

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Food re Lemon tart  

I've got a bit fed up with lemon tart, so I tried your recipe using oranges instead ( 3 oranges since they are bit bigger and the zest of 2 of them) and it worked just great and my dinner guests thought so too !

Post reply -->London Food Lemon TartNicole 10 Sep
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