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Food Tomato Tart  

One packet puff pastry
2 Kg tomatoes
Basil pesto

Roll the pastry into a disc about 40cm across and cover with pesto. Then arrange thinly sliced tomatoes, overlapping each other in concentric circles, and each circle overlapping the previous. Cook for 30 min at 190C and then 45 min at 150C. Don't add salt. Serve cool with dry white wine. It's a really simple dish, and the colour and flavour is fantastic.

Post reply -->London Food Tomato TartTad 21 Aug
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Food re Tomato Tart  

I think goes well as a starter with thin slices of roast beef and horse radish.

Post reply -->London Food Phil 10 Nov
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Food re Tomato Tart  

I tried it too. I think it's better with some cheese or creme fresh added, between the layers, as well as pesto, otherwise it's a bit rare and salty. Otherwise weel done for something a bit different.

Post reply -->London Food Thomas 10 Nov
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