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Food Mozzarella in London answer quickly please  

I'll be in London This Tuesday and I'm looking to bring home some good imported mozzarella preferably Buffalo a few stores l'm considering and I want advice from anyone who is been to them or lives in London which has the best mozzarella. I the stores are La Cave Fromage South Kensington
Neal's Yard Dairy, Lina Stores And Cheese Room at la fromagerie Please let me know what people think has the best buffalo mozzarella I need to know by Monday I would like to add This is for making pizza so if any of the stores has a Fior di Latte mozzarella People like better and think is better for pizza you can let me know that too. If thereís any one store that people think is a mentally better than these four feel free to suggest but I would prefer recommendations on which of these is the best.Thank you Get back to me soon I only have until Tuesday to decide

Post reply -->London Food Spencer Cowan 3 Feb
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Hi Everyone,

I am looking to set up an exciting fast food concept within London and would love to get some customer feedback on lunch and evening habits. The survey should not take longer than 5 minutes to complete!



Post reply -->London Food rikki 1 Oct
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Food MBA Project Questionnaire - Please Help  

Hello Everyone,
I am concluding my MBA at Ashridge Business School, and, as part of the research for my final MBA project, I am investigating about attitudes towards food consumption and Italian food in London.
I would be really grateful if you can fill in a questionnaire, which is related to my project. The questionnaire can be accessed via this link:

The form contains around 50 questions and should not take more than 10 min to complete.
All the responses will be completely anonymous and the data will be confidential.
Please feel free to share the link with ANY FRIEND OR COLLEAGUE that may be interested.
I plan to close the questionnaire and collect the responses on Thursday 3rd August afternoon.


Post reply -->London Food Alessio 31 Jul
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Food Vertical Farming  

I'm a student in Global Business and as part of my third year, I have the opportunity to study Vertical Farming.
It will help me a lot if you could take 5 minutes to answer the following survey.
Thank you very much :)

Post reply -->London Food 14 Mar
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Food Online paid study on food consumption habits  

Hello everyone!

We are conducting an brand new online Study on food consumption habits.

We are looking for female living in London from 35 to 55 to take part in this PAID research study.

E-mail us at  Mail-me  for more info

Post reply -->London Food SIS International Research 20 Jun
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Food Free £5 off Deliveroo

Post reply -->London Food Tori 18 Apr
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Food Acton Central Food Market  

From Saturday the 2nd of April, there will be a Fine Food Market in Acton Central (W3) running every Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm.
Every week it is possible to find a range of over 30 traders offering organic vegetables and honey, free-range meat, poultry and eggs, freshly baked artisan bread, cakes and savouries, gluten-free products, crafted local beers, international street food and more to discover!

Post reply -->London Food 31 Mar
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Food House of Roxy  

Hi, i have now hired House of Roxy for a Christmas Party. Has anyone been here before and can you please advise what it is like? I heard they do nice Tapas food. What are their Cocktails like? Thank you

Post reply -->London Food 5 Dec
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Food anyone interested in trying mauritian food?  

hi guys,
we're hosting a food event in the Strand, WC2E this Sunday.
5 course Lunch and cocktails are included and we have a special price for the last remaining 5 tickets at just £20 each,
If you're interested feel free to contact me on:
Speak soon x

Post reply -->London Food Selina, Yummy Choo 22 Oct
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Food Londons first home food-growing social enterprise starts  

Connected Roots is a food growing social enterprise that operates across London. We install and maintain food growing plots in and around people's homes. Everyone wants to eat fresh, chemical free food but not everyone has the time or knowledge to do so, this is where we come in.

You donít need a plot the size of an allotment to grow your own; in forgotten pockets of space around your home, we come and install everything you need to grow - from the soil to the seeds. We provide growing guides and a point of contact to avoid pitfalls and we also provide weekly maintenance should you want us to. Get us round for a FREE consultation (email  Mail-me ), you'll be surprised by what you can grow and amazed by the taste of your own food.

Post reply -->London Food Matt Franks 22 Mar
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Food Brixton Attic  

Brixton's burgeoning food scene is set for another boost with Brixton Attic, a pop up restaurant fusing flavors from around the world, think fine dining with a twist; fun, accessible...but still full of surprises.

Created by two chefs with a burning desire to create a new eating experience in Brixton, their 24 years in food and Michelin star background is being reshaped to bring a reboot to the culinary world.

Six courses, a cocktail like you've never had before as part of a unique night for only £40.

Add Brixton Attic on Facebook/Twitter to see menu and book tickets

Post reply -->London Food 9 Mar
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Food Free Wine Tasting Sessions in London  

Do you love your wine and fancy attending a completely free wine tasting session?

We are a new PR Company called four22. We are holding various free wine tasting sessions in Central London on Tuesday Feb 5th, for people to sample some wine we represent. It will be completely free and volunteers will even get a nice bottle of plonk for their time.

So if you love your wine and are interested, get in touch to reserve your slot or for more info. We can be reached at  Mail-me  or on 02074278484

Post reply -->London Food Priti Patel 24 Jan
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Post reply -->London Food 3 Dec
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Food Olympic pop-up restaurant chef oppertunity  

An opportunity has arisen for a chef to work in an Olympic pop-up restaurant with a London catering company.

Located alongside an official Olympic entrance in central London, the pop-up is hosting a range of Olympic inspired evenings, catering for breakfast, lunch and dinner reservations for three weeks; in the centre of Britainís most prevalent event this summer.

The restaurant has been acclaimed in Time Outís ĎTop 5 events to experience in Julyí and the catering company have received charmed reviews from the London Evening Standard, The Guardian, Time and Leisure and extensive media attention from London culture magazines since launching early this year. This opportunity is unique, invigorating and exciting. Only those with a culinary passion and keen work ethic need apply.

For further details contact 079211 87161

Post reply -->London Food Jimmy 11 Jul
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Food Any girl interested in Indian vegeterian food??  

Hi my name is jeet.
am indian and looking to go out with someone preferably a girl/lady for dinner.
it will be a good way to be friends and on top have a taste of indian food in a restaurant.
if any1 interested pls drop me an email  Mail-me  and will take it from there.

Post reply -->London Food jit 30 Apr
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Splash Media is currently looking for competitive cooking couples (friends/partners/colleagues/relatives) to take part in a primetime food series.

If you love to cook and fancy making some money out of your skill then now is the time. Whether you make the best cupcakes or your family canít get enough of your homemade stew, this really could be the opportunity of a lifetime to turn your homemade cooking into a profitable business.

Weíre looking for people with a flair for cooking whoíve also got a business brain.
To find out more or apply please call
0207 255 5401
or e-mail us on  Mail-me 

(Applicants must be over 18 and available for 2-3 days filming between April and July)

Post reply -->London Food Cookstomarket 8 Mar
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Food Caribbean Cooking,  


I love the taste of Caribbean Cooking but struggle on cooking it, does anybody know of any courses\classes that teach on how to cook it around Harrow or near by.

Thank you


Post reply -->London Food Becky 25 Feb
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Food Food of love tour London  

Hi just wanted to ask has anyone heard of the food of love tour sounds really good , I wanted to sign up but mot sure, activity is on any feed back would be most welcome thanks Molly:)

Post reply -->London Food Molly 5 Feb
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Food Authentic traditional Polish dumplings in London  

Max Pierogi offer a great alternative to London's daily diet. Vegeterian Polish dumplings:
1.cheese pierogi (vegetarian dumplings: white cheese, potatoes, onion)
2.mushroom pierogi 3.sweet fruit pierogi 4.spinach pierogi
Delicous for starters, breakfast, lunch and dinner or even (our sweet variety) dessert.

We supply restaurants, cafes, bars, parties and catering companies

Home delivery in the London area (24 hours notice)

For more information please call us on 07515143146 or email:  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Food Roman 26 Jul
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hi, pls i would like to learn cake making and decorations in london, ealing broadway within a week from 24 of august 2011 fior a week. cos i will be there for vacation.

where is the place.

Post reply -->London Food 18 Jul
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hi, i am looking to learn how to bake cakes for all occaions please does anyone know somewhere in luton bedfordshire area where i could take a course. thanks

Post reply -->London Food fumi 18 Jun
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Food sugar craft courses  

hi, i have recently moved down to London, staying South East near Blackheath, I'm trying to find a sugarcraft course in the area or west end near where I work to continue by sugar craft interest
please email me on  Mail-me  if anyone knows of any suitable courses

Post reply -->London Food Pinnie Dhinsa 15 May
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Food London Dietitian  

Hello everyone,

If you're looking for dietary or nutritional advice in London then check out this dietetian, she really helped me achieve my goals -


Post reply -->London Food Rachel 2 Apr
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Food Spanish clementines direct from the tree to your step door.  

I would like to share a fantastic web where you can order clementines and oranges with no post harvest treatments. Direct from the tree to your home / office.

Looking in the Internet I saw "Clementina" web site... clementines and oranges direct from the tree to my home??? I had to try...and I tried...and I loved it!!!

Fantastic taste of clementines, juicy and....mmmmmmmmmm

If you like real tasty citrus, do not miss this chance.

Post reply -->London Food 27 Dec
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Food Learn to cook the fun way  


I am organising cooking class for those who are keen on learning more about the Korean/Japanese food and culture. You will learn how to cook a dish and taste the food at the end.

If this sounds like what your looking for then please write me an email - email2609at yahoo dot com.


Post reply -->London Food 11 Aug
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Food HELP!!  

Hey all...iam looking out for caking decorating courses and have been searching the internet for few days now...can some1 plss help me out here...iam planning to do it in the month of july...please can some1 mail me the details of a good course with reasonable fees at  Mail-me  ...thank u!

Post reply -->London Food Shyna Rayeez 4 Jul
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Food Italian Cookery  

Would you like to discover the secrets to make a proper pasta?
Did you know that the "tagliatelle alla Bolognese" are without meatballs?
Did you know that the "Pasta alla Carbonara" is without Parmigiano cheese?
Would you like to learn some simple genuine regional italian recipes?
If so, do not look further!
Impress your friends with your cooking skills!!
Italian cookery lessons at my place or at yours.

Contact me for further details.

Post reply -->London Food 28 Jun
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Post reply -->London Food Leigh 8 Jun
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Im looking to do a cooking/food styling course in London, one that is long enough to credit me and short enough to not scare any potential employers away. If you know of anyone looking for assistants or any leads please mail me! Thank you :)

Post reply -->London Food Coco 18 Mar
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Food Private Chef  

My name is David Gillott. I have worked in various Michelin star restaurants in London.

I would describe my style of cooking as modern European although I also like to take influences from the Orient. Cooking is my passion and I love to share it with others.

My business provides:

- A fine dining dinner party in your own home
- A high quality hamper for your picnics
- Delicious home-cooked for your freezer
- Cookery Courses for you and your friends
- Catering for Corporate Events i.e. Functions, Buffets
and Canape Parties

Contact details:

Website -

E-mail -  Mail-me 

Telephone number - 07793026502

Post reply -->London Food David Gillott 2 Jan
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