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Doctor Sleep problem  

Recently I've been waking up a lot. I go to sleep OK, but I keep waking up in the early hours of the morning for no reason, and it's quite difficult to get back to sleep after that.

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Doctor re Sleep Problem  

Well it's quite common for people to go through a period of this, but if it continues beyond a few weeks, and other things are starting to go wrong such as loss of appetite and general loss of interest, then you need to go and talk to your GP as sleep disturbance of this kind can be an early sign of clinical depression.

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Doctor re Sleep problem  

The first thing to say is that not being able to get to sleep isn't a medical condition, it's normal and occurs quite frequently.

Being severely tired all day, and then waking every night 2-4am as if it's time to wake up with your head full of very anxious thoughts, but you can't quite focus on any of them, and you feel very afraid, but it's about a lot of things, not just one. If you have to think about it, it's not you. If this description fits you to a glove then you need to talk to your doctor

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