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Dance Disco n Hiphop !!!!!  

does anyone know where can i learn disco and hiphop at the evenings ? anywhere in central london ...i will be really greatfull if anyone drop me few lines or email me at  Mail-me .

Post reply -->London Dance disco hip hopjohn 9 Oct
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Dance Me too!  

I'm the same as you. I've been looking for a while. Pineapple studios in Covent Garden do Street Dance. It's a great class but if you're a complete novice like me it can be a little daunting and fast -paced. There's also a place on the Fulham road - atticworks or something like that - it does classes but I haven't been yet! I was hoping to find somewhere local to me in Clapham, Balham or Brixton.

Anyone know anywhere round there?

Post reply -->London Dance Emma P. 4 Nov
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Dance hey hey !  

hey emma ! did you find anything yet ?? am desperate now .....wherever i see learn dancing thingies i call there without hesitation but unfortunately all of them are offering salsa or something else which i never heard in my life.whatever if you find anything would you plz inform me asap ? pleeeese !!!  Mail-me  .cheers!

Post reply -->London Dance john 9 Nov
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Dance hip hop  

The name of the place is Dance Attic at Fulham and they do great street dance hip hop classes almost daily except Saturday. Also Pineapple at Covent Garden and Dance Works at Balderton Street. Try typing into a Google search engine e.g. Ealing street dance hip hop.

Post reply -->London Dance 14 Aug
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