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Dance BALLET CLASSES FOR ADULTS Swiss Cottage, Richmond  

PLEASE come and join in. I teach a Saturday morning adult ballet class. If you did ballet as a child and want to keep fit please feel free to come for ONE FREE ballet class starting 11th September at the Swiss Cottage Community Centre (normal fee is 6.50). Children's ballet classes also run on a Saturday. We have an excellent pianist - come and join us. For further information contact  Mail-me . Look forward to hearing from you

Post reply -->London Dance BalletAngelina Spurrier 6 Sep
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Dance Adult Ballet Classes  

I am interested in the Adult Ballet Classes.
Is that Swiss Cottage - North London?
Are you still running them.
Please mail me on  Mail-me 

Post reply -->London Dance Stephanie Jones 29 Mar
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Hi I have a ballet school in Kensal Rise, 4 Keslake Mansion Station Terrace Kensal Rise just opposite Kensal Rise train station. Adults welcome. We have adult classes on Mon and Wed from 7 to 8pm. Please call me on 078 66 32 00 25 or email me on  Mail-me  for more information.
I'm looking forward to see you there.

Post reply -->London Dance Ami Allan on 078 66 32 00 25 25 Jan
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Hi there,

I have a ballet school in Kensal Rise, please come and join us. We have adult ballet classes on Tue, Wed and Fri. Call me on 07866320025 or email me  Mail-me  for more information.

Post reply -->London Dance Ami 13 Aug
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Dance very interested  

I'm trying to contact you, but your number is incorrect. Can you please post again or post your opening hours and I'll pop in. Many thanks!

Post reply -->London Dance Lorna 5 Oct
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